Sunday, January 11, 2009


Finally I got it to look like I want it to. What am I talking about? My framed picture at the top. I wanted a fancier frame, like I had before, but the site’s logo was etched across the bottom of each frame, and I had to airbrush that out. The first framed picture I had on there was the perfect frame, but you could see the airbrushing. On this frame, though not as fancy a frame, you cannot see the airbrushing……..well, not unless you look really close. Either way, I am satisfied with this effort. I might change it later if I find something I like better. I would like for it to fit the frame of the blog title, but haven’t figured out how to do that yet. And I AIN’T doing it tonight, lol. (Ok, so I lied.........I went back and changed the frame lines around the title of the blog to match the background, so they appear not there, but they really are, lol.)

After my last entry, I did go and lay down for a nap. It turned out I was out for some time. I wish I had more energy. I think it is mostly because my blood sugar levels are higher than they should be. I tested tonight after supper and it was 233. Not good at all. I might test before eating in the morning to see if it is any better while fasting. I just want to sleep all the time. And lately, when I have the chance, I do.

I had thin sliced barbecued pork chops tonight, along with a salad with bleu cheese dressing. It wasn’t as good as it looked. Maybe I should have turned out the lights and tried eating it……….and I have bad indigestion.

My sinuses have really been bothering me today. I think one of the reasons is the nut downstairs is smoking like a chimney in winter. I smelled it in the den, in the bedroom, out in the foyer, and in the kitchen. I DIDN’T smell mary jane wanner this time, though.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. But I did want to tell about what happened on Saturday.

It was very dreary Saturday, drizzling now and again, sun coming out for maybe a minute, then going back to drizzle. The wind blew a good bit, and it started getting colder. But none of that stopped the customers from shopping nor the donators from donating. I was surprised to see the assistant director come in, since she never comes in on Saturdays. But she had a lot of paperwork to do and knew the director wouldn’t be there to bother her, so came in to get it done. Her husband came in with her and volunteered his time helping the cs guys unload donations and load furniture purchases. We sold a lot of big furniture items, as well as received a lot as donations.

I was about to go on break when a truck backed up to the front door and the assistant director’s husband and some of the cs guys were preparing to unload a huge sofa and loveseat. It was beginning to sprinkle so they were trying to get it inside out of the rain. The resident Christian came up and started yelling at them that she didn’t want it in the store, she wanted it in the trailer out back. Then she started yelling at the guys that she was very unhappy that there was a huge bedroom suite sitting right there in front of the register and she hadn’t authorized it to be put there. She started barking orders at the assistant director’s husband as well as the cs guys, and the assistant director’s husband got really po’d. he is a little round short man, very redneck, but with a heart of gold. He had had enough. He went and complained to his wife about the way the resident Christian had spoken to him and treated him, then she got upset. By this time I was going on break and my little adopted daughter cashier was relieving me. I went to the very back to sit down outside with some of the cs workers and suddenly the assistant director’s husband came out back fussing and fuming that he was NOT going to be talked to that way, and neither was his wife. I asked what had happened after I came to the back and he said that a woman had wanted to buy the sofa and loveseat off the truck and have the man deliver it to her house. We had had this happen once before, but in that case, the person wanted to pay the owner for the furniture, and not us. But this time, the woman was willing to pay us for the furniture and give us $150 for the set. The resident Christian adamantly said “NO”. The assistant director told her she thought it was be ok, and that way they wouldn’t have to bring it in and set it up and then reload it. That is when the yelling started and after some back and forth arguing, the resident Christian told the assistant director SHE WAS IN CHARGE when the director wasn’t there and she said it had to come in and be priced, not sold off the truck. (I think she is a little confused about the difference in the terms ASSISTANT DIRECTOR and EMPLOYEE.)

The assistant director, who is also a short little redneck bombshell, went off on the resident Christian. Both the assistant manager and her husband said that come Monday, heads were going to roll. Oh boy………..tomorrow is MONDAY!!!! Better get the bowling pins set up………

Earlier in the day one of the really sweet male cs workers was sitting in the breakroom talking to me while we were both on break, and he said that come lunchtime he was going home and not coming back. I asked why and he said that the mean ole woman in charge was being bitchy to him and the other cs workers. She yelled at him for loafing around that morning and he had just gotten out of his sister’s car and was walking to the building to sign in. Then she yelled at them all for sitting down. They had just unloaded several cars and were sitting down to transfer the clothing from the black garbage bags to our clear plastic bags while waiting on more cars to come around to unload. I told him to just ignore her and do what he was doing and let it go.

A little while later I went looking for the mean woman to ask her something and she was out by the big truck sitting on the curb with the resident Christian. I was told by the yank ogre not to bother them. I found out later that the cs workers were all talking about leaving because of the mean woman and the resident Christian took her out there to talk to her and give her a tongue lashing. All the cs workers stayed till the end of the day, so I guess whatever the resident Christian said, it worked.

Just glad that I wasn’t part of any of that which went on that day.



Sybil said...

WEll it might well be a VERY interesting Monday morning...I can hardly wait to hear what the outcome is...She certainly deserves whatever is coming her way...only hope the director agrees...I think if she were removed there would be much more harmony in the shop and in the back room as well.... Whatever happens dear friend just stay in the background and be like the three wise monkeys. !!
Much Love Syil xx

ADB said...

Keep us posted, Regina, sounds like there'll be a ten-pin bowling alley down your place of work lol

Jimmy's Journal said...

I think the picture frame came out excellent. I wish I knew how to do that.