Thursday, January 15, 2009

I HAVE HIT 55........


Well, it is official…….I am 55 years old……….

Actually I think my actual time of birth was around 2:40 pm, but who cares, right???

I have worked hard to get to this point in my life. I used to look back and wonder what on earth had I accomplished. Then, after participating in Guido’s meme, I realized I had done quite a bit in my lifetime. The most treasured accomplishment is my daughter, who has gone from an out-of-control teen to a beautiful, responsible woman.

I don’t have any real plans for tomorrow, but I do have to pick up my paycheck and pay the rent. My daughter is working, so I won’t be able to “do” lunch with her.

I might call my ex-downstairs housemate, Betty, and ask her if she wants to go somewhere to eat. Everyone else is at work…..sigh…….I just don’t want to lay around and be lazy all day. I want to start making some memories on my birthday.

Today I was a bit lazy, but ended up accomplishing more than I had planned. I woke up late (around noon) and went to Sonic to eat. After eating I decided to get my car emission done so that I could go tomorrow and get my tag decal. I was afraid my car wouldn’t pass, but it did. As I was driving BACK over to Sonic to get a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade Slush, I had to pass the tag office. I decided to go in and see if it was going to be a long wait. I walked right in and was seen immediately. In 10 minutes I was $61 poorer and had my tag decal. But I am now legal for another year.

I came home and got lazy again. I played on the computer for awhile (actually, I spent over an hour trying to fix the meme and post it, just to have the computer eat it and I started over, taking another hour or 2).

For supper I fixed a couple of nice sized Black Angus organic ribeye steaks with a side of steamed green beans and red potatoes in a garlic sauce. Of course, I only ate half of one steak and half of the veggies before my stomach felt full, so I stopped eating and saved it for later.
I just finished eating a probiotic yogurt for my stomach and am about ready for bed. I guess turning 55 isn’t all that exciting after all……..sigh.



Sybil said...

Well...would you believe that we share our birthdays. !!!! but mine are a few years agead of your I am 64 I said to a friend who cares it's just an extra grey hair !!! I have had a great week been out every day sinse last Saturday for lunch with various friends best present anyone can give cooking for a week !!
Hope you have had a brilliant day.
Much Love Sybil xxx

Cindi said...

your dinner sounded wonderful...yummy! What's in a number anyway...older wiser I say! Have a happy happy days ahead! ;)

Nelishia said...

I want this to be a happy fun exciting year for you with no bad drama. I enjoyed emailing with you last night too. Your cooking sounds sooo good. 55 is something I look forward to. I'm 47 already so I'm on my way. I hope you find someone to celebrate everyday with.

Many hugs and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH to you Miss Wakins, uh, er Watkins, :)-