Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i have been having so much fun over at NOSTALGIARAMBLINGS that i totally ignored my blogger blog duties tonight. sorry to my readers..........

i worked today and the day went fairly well. but it was horribly cold and windy. on 2 different occasions i tried to open the back door to call for one of the CS guys to come help me and i couldn't open the door. the wind was so fierce, it barricaded me in the building. the poor CS guys were even looking for ways to stay warm, so they took an old deep cooker barrel, and filled it with flammable items and started a nice drum fire. i told them they all looked liked homeless people out in the wind and cold. when the fire died down, they all came back inside. they once again had a home.........

i had a craving for zaxby's boneless wings today, so i weathered the windy cold and went to zaxby's and got me some, dipped in barbecue sauce. they were sooooooo good. it was well worth the adventure.

it is still extremely cold tonight. i am not sure what the temps are, as i didn't watch the news at 11, but with the wind chill figured in, i am sure it is near or below the freezing mark. i actually turned on the gas furnace tonight, as well as 2 electric space heaters, and have on sweats, but i am still cold. yep, you heard me say i am cold. first time in over a year i have said that. i intentionally didn't have my gas connected last year, and i almost froze to death.

well, it is now history. but there is much more history in the making to watch for. mr. barack h. obama is officially our 44th president. whether i voted for him or not, i wish him well and hope he can get our nation back on its feet.

i am so looking forward to spring........not just so that i won't have to wrap up in heavy clothing and turn on heaters, but because i really want to do some spring cleaning. i want to get things in order so that the rest of the furniture can be moved from the storage unit to the house. i have to do some throwing out before this can happen.

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i have joined a poetry/art site. i realize that it may seem a bit pretentious, but when i stopped getting comments from as many people on my blog, it caused me to not feel as compelled to write. on this new site, the comments are almost instantaneous. and they critique the poetry/prose, good or bad. a writer needs that. someone to bounce ideas off, and to get feedback. i don't really feel i am being egotistical about it, just needing opinions of others on my writings.

well, it is getting late, and i really do need to get into bed........mainly because it is so much warmer over there, lol.

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Lisa said...

I am looking forward to spring too. It takes so long to get ready just to go outside with all the bundling up I have to do...grrr, I hate it!