Thursday, January 22, 2009


the wicked ole MW showed her true colors today. she brought a whole lot of food from home. salsa, sour cream, crackers, tostitos, a crock pot full of "taco soup" (never heard of it) and a homemade cake. i figured someone was having a birthday that i didn't know about. when my lunchtime rolled around (i try to go around 1:30 -2:00 pm) my backup, EJ, was in the kitchen eating with MW, RC and CG. i asked her when she would be done with lunch and she said she had just sat down for was 2:10. i was furious. that meant it would be 3:00 before i could go to lunch, getting back at 4:00, and we leave work at 5:00. i didn't say anything to DD, but when he came up to the front and asked what was wrong, i told him. he went to the back to see the circumstances, and came back up front to relieve me for lunch. the big boss was coming today, so i hated for DD to have to cover for me, but he insisted. so i went to lunch.

when i went back to the kitchen, i went straight to the fridge and got out the salad i had planned on eating for lunch. i sort of figured that someone would ask me to have some of what they had brought, but no, i was never even spoken to while i was preparing my salad. they all just continued to eat and talk amongst themselves. so i took my salad and went to AD's office with AD and L'il K. we closed the door to be more private. later on in the day, RC came up to me at the register and sorta apologized about the lunch situation........the part about me not being offered anything. she said that if SHE had brought the food, she would have offered me some, but since MW had brought it, she didn't feel it was her place to offer it to me. i later found out i was the only person who did not have the soup. but after MW was gone and took her soup with her and when i finally took my last 15 minute break around 4:15, i helped myself to a big piece of the cake. it was good. my salad made me sick........but i actually think it was the anger at the situation that upset my stomach. i work with a bunch of 3-5 year olds i think.

the really bright spot to my day was when K, an ex-employee, came into the store with a styrofoam container and asked me if i liked onion rings. i told her i loved them, and she opened the container and asked me to share them with her. ok, now seldom do i talk like this, but those dang things were nearly orgasmic. i am not kidding. whatever they put in the batter is the most wonderful tasting stuff in the world. they were extremely greasy, but man oh man, they were good. now i am going to have to go to uncle sam's (the restaurant) and get some at least once a week........cholesterol, watch out.

writing here in blogland has become less and less fun. i don't know why i have lost so many readers unless i have just become boring or long winded or both. i appreciate each and every one of you that does stop by and leaves a comment. but since i have joined nostalgiaramblings, i have really enjoyed writing again. it is a small online community and they all make you feel so at home. it is a community of poetry and prose writers, as well as those who enjoy other arts, such as photography and fantasy painting. i am not sure what i am going to do yet, but it is very possible that i will give up blogger, and spend my efforts on nostalgiaramblings. i would miss all of the folks i have met here in blogland, but i just feel i need some sort of feedback from people to keep my writing going. so, anyway, that is where i am right now, but things might change in the matter of a few minutes, so stay tuned and i will let you know what i plan on doing.

i am going to close now. may each and every one of you that still stop by from time to time have a truly blessed thursday (or whatever day it is in your part of the world).

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Sybil said...

Morning it is Thursday morning here !! I think..I am not long out of bed so think perhaps my head is still lying there...What a wild wet morning it is here..wee Dee my dog has come in absolutely soaked...poor wee fella glad I don't have to go outside when I have to go !!!
sorry about the upset at lunch yesterday, but as usually there is always an upside you mighht not have enjoyed the onion rings so much if you had had a big lunch !!!
Do hope that you keep up your blog writing as well of course as your other blog whilst you are enjoying it..but you know there is an old saying.. "New friends are silver, but old friends are gold"
Have a good day Keep smiling
Love Sybil xx

Lisa said...

I am getting caught up on your most recent entries. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling Blogger anymore. I try to stop by as much as I can but I know I fall short and for that I apologize.

MMMMMM...onion rings, love them!! How nasty not to include you and offer you some of the food. She is a nasty person and I doubt that will ever change.

ADB said...

Hello Regina,
It's always good to see your postings, and although I may not always comment, I do try to make the effort to read. Hope your day was a good one, with possibly more of the (erm) onion rings

Indigo said...

It does seem like a gathering of kindergarteners. Grade school children are the only ones I know of that, don't bring enough for everyone. Sort of like bringing a few valentines in and leaving several of the kids feeling unloved. I know I'm rambling, but I think that behavorior is truly uncalled for.

As for Blogger, I'm sorry I haven't been able to drop in as often as I should dear one. I am reading you. Your comments on my own journal as a bit of warmth in my day. (Hugs)Indigo

Nelishia said...

I would so hate working in a situation like that and it seems you have to deal with more your share than about anybody I know. It seemed for awhile when I was working, I'd end up with people like that around me. It's sooo good to find people who like you for you. After so much rejection at work and bullying you can get depressed and sick. Life is too short. I wish you'd be able to work someplace where they truly appreciate you. If you do decide to leave blogger, don't forget me. I'm one of your longtime friends who met you through Lahoma. I've lost my love for blogging since coming over her.

Throw a party and invite them all maybe? I don't know. Somebody needs to teach these people manners and civility.