Thursday, May 28, 2009


well, some bloodhound, by the name of guido, came snoopin' at my rabbit hole and found me home. thanks guido. i have been missing in action for numerous reasons........the most obvious one is the fact i haven't had wifi connection but sporadically, and then only for about 3-5 minutes at a time, which drives one crazy(er) trying to post something. another is the fact that i have spent a lot of the actual online time i have had on my poetry site. i have met some really nice people on that site and we have become friends and i have actually met a couple of them. truly wonderful and talented people they are. we got along fine, just like we had been friends forever.

another reason i have been MIA is that i have been on vacation. i love a job where you work part time and get lots of full time benefits. i took one of my two paid vacations and went toward savannah and augusta. had a blast, but now i need sleep, lots and lots of sleep. i have 3 more vacation days before going back to the house of hell, and i intend to sleep at least one of those 3, lol.

my downstairs roomie has moved completely out and the apartment is once again for rent. i heard through the grapevine that the mayor may be selling the house, which frightened me, so i decided to look for a new apartment in the area. i went to lunch with another of my ex-downstairs-housemates, betty, and she said the apartment next to her was available june 1st. she called the landlord to set up an appointment to see the place, but he didn't answer. she left a message. i went by my daughter's place of work and she and the whole office knew the landlord of the new place, so she called him and DID get him and set up an appointment and i went to see it. ewwwwwwwwwww. it is so frickin tiny. the whole apartment could fit into my kitchen, lol. it was going to be repainted and appliances put in, but it was still not for me. and the front bedroom is the biggest and it faces the busy downtown mcdonough street with lots of noise. the rent is $75 more a month than mine, and you have to pay separate gas, electric, water, sewage and garbage pickup. no thanks. now i just hope the mayor isn't selling this house.

speaking of the illustrious mayor...........when i came in from my vacation today there was a note on the stairpost. it was the mayor's scribbling and it asked me who broke his mother's beautiful antique vase and why? hell if i know, i have been on vacation and i don't go into the "shared" part of the downstairs. so i have no clue who or why. maybe his own mother's ghost did it, to get his attention. maybe he should ask george, the caretaker.......he is the one who goes in down there all the time to fix things, get things, etc.

i am so tired from the trip, and i cannot wait until bedtime..........oh, wait, i can go to bed anytime i want, lol.

sorry i haven't been keeping up with everyone. my thoughts are still with you all and i hope that someday soon i will have all the wifi connection i can use...............but until then, i will be here when i can and will try to keep up.

hugs to everyone out there that still remembers who i