Wednesday, December 30, 2009


i hope everyone had a truly amazing Christmas, like i did. i spent time out of town with my beloved, and the time was magical. upon returning, my daughter offered up an invite for dinner at her new house with her and her bf. we had a lovely dinner that she cooked (her bf likes gravy, and my daughter hates gravy, so she doesn't make gravy. i offered to and her bf ate 3 helpings of it, as well as took the rest to work with him the next day). i got some really nice things for the new apartment, as well as cleaning supplies (my daughter bought a buggy full of cleaning supplies for herself, and just bought 2 of everything, giving me 1).

my life has gotten so very busy these days i just don't have the time to keep a blog. plus, one of my main reasons for keeping a blog was for therapy. when i would get depressed, i would blog. now that i seldom feel depression, i seldom blog.

so, i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone out in blogland a

be safe, and if you DO drink, don't DRIVE, have a designated driver.


Monday, December 21, 2009




Monday, September 28, 2009


just a note to let you all know......i am going to have to move......the wicked evil mayor/landlord is making me move out after 3.5 years here. rent is paid up to date and has been paid on time for the last 2 years. claims he is selling the house and needs to do repairs first, but yet he has a FOR RENT sign out front for the downstairs apartment. i would love to fight it because i know i am within my rights, and he is a jack donkey.

but i am ready to move on from this awful man. he has done nothing but harass me the whole time i have been here about this petty thing and another.

my daughter came across an 89 year old man who is very active and needs to rent out a house he has on his 20 acres. the rent is about $100 more than i can afford, but i have spoken to him at length and am hoping and praying he will come down on the rent for me. so if you pray, keep me in your prayers. the house is adorable, and just perfect for me. it has a nice yard, and dozens of pecan trees. and i love pecans. it is also way back off the road, and there are no houses but the landlords, within walking distance.

so i might not be online much due to finding somewhere to move to and if i get that house, i might not have internet.


Friday, September 11, 2009


Diversity, a common word
Love one another, seldom heard

Then tragedy strikes, bonds the races
Fear, grief, anger, tears on different colored faces

Time elapses, memories fade
Compassionate efforts no longer made

Forgotten and abandoned, left far behind
No longer love, compassion can we find

I do not ask you to relive the hours
When many loved ones perished in the twin towers

I only ask you remember the cause
And take a moment in silence to pause

If we forget those who died on that day
Then terrorism has won, we have lost our way

©Regina2006 (revised 2009)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MY NAME IS SARAH (graphic..adults only)

My name is Sarah
I am only three,
my eyes are swollen shut
I cannot see.

I must be stupid,
I must be bad,
what else could have made
my daddy so mad?

I wish I were better,
I wish I weren't ugly,
then maybe my Mommy
would still want to hug me.

I can't speak at all,
I can't do a wrong
or else I'm locked up
all the day long.

When I awake I'm all alone
the house is dark
my folks aren't home.

When my Mommy does come
I'll try and be nice,
so maybe I'll get just
one spanking tonight.

Don't make a sound!
I just heard a car
my daddy is back
from O'Charlie's Bar.

I hear him curse
my name he calls
I press myself
against the wall.

I try and hide
from his evil eyes
I'm so afraid now
I'm starting to cry.

He finds me weeping
he shouts ugly words,
he says its my fault
that he suffers at work.

He slaps me and hits me
and yells at me more,
I finally get free
and I run for the door.

He's already locked it
and I start to bawl,
he takes me and throws me
against the hard wall.

I fall to the floor
with my bones nearly broken,
and my daddy continues
with more bad words spoken.

'I'm sorry!' I scream
but it's already too late
his face has been twisted
into unimaginable hate.

The hurt and the pain
again and again
oh please God, have mercy!
oh please let it end!

And he finally stops
and heads for the door,
while I lay there motionless
sprawled on the floor.

My name is Sarah
and I'm only three,
tonight my daddy
murdered me.

(author unknown)

There are thousands of children out there just like Sarah.

Support the fight against child abuse.............


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


my very intelligent, as well as beautiful, daughter, 23 years old, just made me proud once again. she has been attending classes all last week to be able to take her LIFE INSURANCE LICENSING EXAM. she studied hard every day and at night. she told me she didn't think she would be able to pass the test, as she didn't comprehend some of the information. i told her i had faith in her ability to soak up the knowledge and would do well on the test. AND SHE PASSED!!! she took the test tonight (tuesday) and called me to tell me she passed. now she can sell life, auto, home and renter's insurance. i am doing the happy dance, but heck, i bet she is doing the happy dance with a bunch of her friends.......partying. you go girl!!!



Sunday, August 16, 2009


well, i guess most of you figured i had lost my way back to blogger-land. i sorta did, but you know what? i followed those moldy old breadcrumbs and they led me right back here.

i have been remiss in my duties as a hostess here on my blog.....for that i apologize. i have gotten so wrapped up in my POETRY SITE life, as well as my personal life (yep, i do have one), i just plain got too tired to try to keep up this blog. i hope i can be back here on a more regular basis, keeping up with the friends i made here so long ago.

i have been named an assistant administrator on the poetry site, and that keeps me fairly busy. i also recently won NOSTALGIAN OF THE MONTH for the month of July, and won a nice $25 gift certificate to while shopping, i realized i had never made it out of the jewelry dept. of the site, so this is what i chose for my purchase...................

i even have some money left over on my gift certificate. i really enjoy being on the poetry site, and have met many truly talented people. my most recent "poetry crush" is a man from spain. his words are truly inspirational, as well as true to today's "human condition". i have always had such a love for poetry, and that is why i feel so at home there on the site. i have only had a couple of people who feel they have to spend their time criticizing others works, and i have more or less put them in their place, telling them to take their criticism or even their "helpful hints" to a more private forum. i am hoping that soon i will be able to publish a book of my own poetry. i also would like to work with several others on the site to publish a book of collaborative poetry.

i have also had a hayday shopping at j.c. penney. i get these $10 coupons where you can buy anything in the store that is $10 or more and get $10 off. so far, with the accumulation of several coupons, and with a huge sale with additonal discounts, i have gotten the following:

1 blouse = 85 cents (regularly $70)
1 blouse = free (regularly $65)
1 oven mitt = $1.20 (regularly $8) (had to purchase something else to get the blouse)
1 sterling silver bracelet = free (regularly $28)
1 22-inch sterling silver rope chain = $4 (regularly $80)
1 sterling silver cross with 5 centered cubic zirconia stones = $3.20 (regularly $85)

6 items worth $336 for under $10!!!!!!

i have lost a total of 30 pounds since may, but i am floating back and forth on 2 of those pounds. i think it must be water least that is my story, and i am sticking to it, lol. i am still not dieting, but watching how much i eat, and still parking furthest away from a store and walking, not picking up stray candies in dishes at retail stores, and not preparing more than one helping for my home meals. i am also traveling some, like to savannah, and augusta, and not eating all the local foods when i do eat. the fresh salt air seems to help me get my head clear and my body detoxified.

my daughter, the insurance agent, saved me a bundle on my auto/renter's insurance package. i am paying $20 a month less for full coverage auto,
and renter's insurance than i did on my old coverage for just minimum auto coverage. she went to classes this past week to get another insurance license and takes the exam on tuesday...........i am praying she passes the test. i am so proud of her.

work is the same......the 2 wicked witches keep casting their evil spells on the rest of us, and we keep trudging on toward some unseen goal. we recently had a problem with our paychecks and i received a check for 81 cents (thank goodness i got another one the next day for the rest, lol).

my landlord has been leaving me alone.....for the last 2 months or so. i found out why...he is running for office again, and is campaigning.....i hear no one is running against him. i sorta hope he wins, so that he will have plenty of work to keep him busy and out of my hair......

coatie, my kitty, is doing fine. fat and sassy.....well, mostly fat and lazy, lol. i brought her a new baby blanket home from work (a blue microfiber blanket.....soooooo soft) and she won't get off it, lol. the outdoor kitties come and go. i don't feed them much anymore. fluffy had a litter of kittens on the side of the house and the caretaker was weed-eating and scared her. while trying to move them, she dropped the 2 black ones off in the yard and they almost died. i think they were sick anyway, due to the bloody residue next to their little hineys. the other one was somehow tangled up in a root and its little foot was purple and almost gone. i massaged the foot till i got the blood flowing, and it regained its color. fluffy moved them the next day, so i have no idea if they survived or not. gray is till limping, and her foot looks really bad. but she won't let me catch her.

i have finally gotten over the bronchitis i had for almost 3 months. i still cough up my morning hairballs for about an hour, then i am set for the day. of course, yesterday i felt a cold coming on. sneezing, itching/watering eyes. never ends.

i appreciate those of you who have stuck it out with me. and to the new folks who have joined me, thank you too. i will try very hard to keep posting here as well as on my poetry site.

everyone have a blessed week next week...................


Saturday, July 4, 2009


the fourth of july is supposed to be a day of celebration, but my day didn't start out that way. i awoke at 6 am with a severely congested head, the bronchitis i have had for the last 5 weeks, and a really bad panic attack was about to occur. i knew i had to do one of two things......get out and walk or get in the car and DRIVE. i grabbed my clothes, dressed, for some reason grabbed my camera along with my purse, and headed out the door. i walked through the front door and knew i had made the right choice. the usually warm, humid air of morning was crisp and cool. a bird followed me from the house to the car, and stayed just a short distance out of my reach. i did manage to start off my "photo trek" by snapping the little critter right over my head. thank goodness i didn't get covered in bird poop.

i headed for the country, realizing there wasn't much country anymore, mostly new buildings, houses, strip malls, convenience stores..........but i was determined to help quell my panic attack by shooting something with my camera. following are the results of my trek.

1) The bird.

2) Heading south, following the rails.

3) Where am i going?

4) Forsaken barn.

5) Small town USA.

6) Small town justice....newly remodeled court house.

7) Store fronts in the morning haze.

8) Old time religion.

9) Forgotten history.

my panic attack quickly disappeared and i had a blast finding something to shoot in the early morning hours. wish i could do this every morning..........

i hope you enjoyed my trek.


Friday, July 3, 2009

hoping everyone out there in blogland that celebrates america's independence has a wonderful fourth of july. be careful of the firecrackers/fireworks, and don't eat too many hotdogs and hamburgers.



i wanted to share this poem with you here at blogger. he is a dear friend i have met on the poetry site where i have become a member. i was awestruck when he emailed this to me. he is such a talented man in so many ways. he writes beautiful poetry, heavenly short stories, and sings and plays a guitar as well. i have met several of the people on the site in person, but may never meet this wonderful man............he lives in ireland.


Upon this mortal orb we live

with friendship, hope and love;

Under Heavens veil of darkest night

and twinkling stars above.

How could we have ever known

what fate would have in store?

It was decreed that we should live

on different foreign shores.

Your sincere heart beguiles me,

and the smile on your beautiful face;

My spirit will always be with you
somewhere in time and space.

Friendship is a special thing,

it will last throughout the years;

I always will be here for you

through laughter and the tears.

You are the one who lifts me up

When I am feeling low;

You give me strength to carry on

With the charms you now bestow.

To you I give a promise,

although we are apart;

this bond will never be broken,

you remain within my heart.

*SF (6-30-09)

thank you my friend...........

Thursday, June 18, 2009


SYBIL!!! i see you on my sidebar. do you have a blog, and if so, how do i find it?

sybil and i talked via skype the other day, and it was wonderful. she is the most adorable, warm, friendly person i have met on here. (and she had the cutest accent)

i cannot wait until i get over this stupid bronchitis so that i might continue talking to sybil and others on skype.

since i have been away from this site (only a few days), i have managed to collect a couple more followers............welcome, and thank you for coming here to read my insanities.

i just came back from going to pick up some clothing items from a fellow freecycler. she said in her email that there was a HUGE bag of women's clothing. when i arrived at the house, she wasn't even close when she used the word huge. it was a silver lawn bag stuffed full of clothing. it was so heavy, i couldn't even pick it up. i had to drag it down her steps and out to the car, then roll it up into my car, lol. i was so hot and tired when i got home, i didn't feel like taking it out of the car. i cannot wait till i can go through it. like i need more clothing, lol.

i came over here to my blog to catch up on other's blogs, but when i saw that i had new followers and one of them was sybil, i was all excited. so now, i will bow out and go read blogs.


Monday, June 15, 2009


I wanted to straighten something out for my anonymous commenter on my entry "It's Official....I Have a Stalker". In the comment "anonymous" made it sound like I was leading this stalker on. The poetry site where I am a member isn't set up like Blogspot. Every single post that is made, whether it be poetry, prose or just chatter, is sent via email to every single member of the site. Before opening the email you have no idea whose post it is. You have to open it to see whose work it is. So I am not going back to HIS blog. I am simply opening emails. And the courteous thing to do is for every post, make a nice comment about their work. I have even refrained from doing that, so that HE cannot mistake what I am saying for a sign that I like HIM.

So, my little anonymous "friend", you are very much off course in stating I might be leading HIM on. If he has any ideas that I like him in any way, shape or fashion, those ideas are all in HIS head.

Sometimes in this ole world people who are lonely, depressed and down on their luck hang on the words of others. I think this man has just misunderstood my writings, and the comments that I made back when I WAS commenting on his work.

Hope that straightens it out for you, "ANONYMOUS". (since you didn't reveal who you are, are you a stalker of mine as well?????)


Friday, June 12, 2009


i joined a poetry group online back in december of last year. i only joined because a dear online friend kept sending me invitations, and i gave in to her requests. after landing there, i made friends with almost every member immediately. it was like finding a home, a place to belong. i have even met a couple of the people from the site, and they are even more wonderful in person than online.

mostly the site is about poetry, some prose and even photography. some even write blogs, much like here on blogger. there is a forum, there are numerous groups you can join for different aspects of the poetic world, and the membership keeps growing.

when i joined it seemed that the men were drawn to me like a moth is to a flame. i made a small handful of female friends, but the men almost immediately wanted to give me their personal email addresses, their cell and home phone numbers, etc. no, it isn't what you are thinking. they are not horndogs, just needing to get the perspective of a female on their poetry and prose (you don't have to believe me if you don't want to, lol). i have made some good friends on the site, both male and female. i try to read each entry and make some type of comment. since the membership has grown, i cannot keep up with all the posts, so i read and if i like it or want to comment on it, i do. if i don't understand it, or don't like it, i just don't comment.

one gentleman, who by the way is single (divorced), and has teen daughters living with him in his small apartment in pittsburgh, PA, writes, i guess you would say, mediocre poetry. he has a childlike mentality on life (which really isn't all that bad if you think about it), and he is looking for love. i have never given him any reason to think i am interested in him. i comment on his poetry or prose, but don't get all mushy about it.

in a comment on one of his posts, i made a reference to "wishing someone would write a poem to me, wink wink". of course, i was meaning my significant other, and not this gentleman. but this gentleman, jim, thought i meant i wanted him to write me a poem. so he did. i didn't even realize he had mistakenly thought i wanted him to write it. it all seemed innocent enough. that was back in february of this year.

ok, fast forward to may of this year. i was catching up on reading poetry from may and early june and ran across another poem of jim's...........with my name in it. i panicked. it was another "love" poem. ok, what should i do? i asked a couple of online friends and they said 2 different things. one said i should just ask him. the other said i should just ignore it. i chose to email him and ask him if it was me he was writing about. he admitted it was. he said he liked to write something new for someone every now and again to bring a smile to their face. ok, now this is freaking me out. i thanked him and let it go., i was reading emails from the site, and BOOOOM!!! there was another romantic poem..........with my name in it. OMG..........OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!! i have a stalker!!!! my significant other stated i was a flirt.........and that was why it happened in the first place. but of course, that isn't true (bats eyelashes).

i have enclosed the 3 poems for your "pleasure", lol.

For Regina

Poem By Jimsmith

I was introduced to this
Gal Named Regina
It became some would call
A blind date for us

For we have been set up
By a neutral friend
And some family members
It would be a good Idea for us to meet

We went to the Olive Garden
For a special dinner
She had a rose tuck in her hair
Her eyes shining in the night

Her hair blowing in the wind
I just knew once I heard
Her soft voice
That she was all sugar and spice

On the inside right to the heart
She was all dressed in red
A knee length dress
Lovely earrings and beautiful make up

Not a fault I could find
She was attractive beyond my mind
I would have waited for hours
For this moment in time

The line was long
We had to wait for an hour
To be seated at the restaurant
Therefore, we sat down at the bar

Had ourselves a few drinks
Too, get the conversation started
I ask her for information
About her family relations

Shared our lives tales so far
She told me of her roots
And I told her mine
Of being that steel city Kid

Coming from a big family
Living in the city
I found Regina was a talker
Therefore, I lessoned to every word

She was fascinating to me
So light and warm hearted
That is the way she started
Expressing her love of children

As she told me of her experience
Of working as a fulltime nurse
At a local child care center
That’s when I knew Regina

Was so special
The kind of gal I would
Like to date again
So at the end of the dinner we

Departed she left her number
On a napkin so I could call her
Some time like tomorrow
To extend my hand in friendship

For you know we all need good friends
That is what makes the world go around
And with a smile we departed
She went to her car

I went to mine
For we both had a goodtime
With a hug and a wave of a hand
We said our goodbyes

Tags: friendship, hope, in, love, respect

Wonders of her love

I stand at a distance
No showing my interest
She has a kind heart
In my world she could be apart

Wonders of her love to be
Spending lots of time with me
Walking hand and hand you see
Talking about everything

What the future holds
We do not know
We live for the moment
And I show it

Wonders of her love to me
Could bring me to live so happy
Regina is a wonderful gal
I had made her look good in pearls

If you could of seen her face light up
When I put the pearls around her neck
It took me back to when I was young
And I saved 10 percent of my income

for a day like today
to show her in a way
She will be mine forevermore
It was my plan

Since I could stand
To cherish this special woman
The one that stolen my heart
For years to come we will never part

I just could see it in Regina's eyes
She was taken by surprise
Now she knows what she means to me
She is one of a kind

One that was meant for me
So Regina If your out there
Please give me a call some day

Tags: forevermore, love, regina, special

She is blessed for success

There she was standing
Over at the corner
Dressed for success
In her pants suit

I do believe she looked so cute
With in her smile I was transfixed
Her eyes sparkled oh they shined
I remember the day she became mine

She was waring her beautiful wedding dress
She was blessed for our success
Regina I am glad you came around for me
You became an excellent cook and a good wife

I cherish you in every way
In our modest home I know you will stay
Because you trust in me all the way
Sometimes you only think it's these words

Of choice that brought you to me
It sure was the happy times we shared
In the lonely mountains in the log cabin
Way deep in the woods

Where we explored our love
Oh if I could only dream this dream true
How happy I would become
To have a special lady beside me

Regina I can't begin to tell you
How much you mean to me
Your my love my everything
The glory of the stars and strips

have nothing over you
You just sparkle in my mind
All of the time
I can't get you out of my head

I hope you feel the same way about me
For you know I built us a house in a tree
Thats how modest I can be
So Regina come stay at home with me

Tags: be, come, lady, life, my, of, special, wife


Thursday, June 11, 2009


today was a beautiful day. not just because the sun was shining brightly and everything was green, but because i got my money back.

i went to lunch and headed straight for "Big Chic". when i walked in, the first thing the woman said, with a smile, was "What the heck do you want?". i jokingly said back to her in a "mean" tone, "MY MONEY, WOMAN". she pulled it out of her pocket and handed it to me. she said she hadn't touched it other than to fold it. i told her i trusted her. (when i finally looked inside the envelope, the money was turned around backwards, so i knew she had counted it, but it was all there)

i bought my lunch, thanked her again, and told her i couldn't give her any of the money for it was rent money, but i would like to do something for her. i told her i make jewelry and could make her something. she said no, i said yes, so she said maybe a pair of earrings. so i will make her several pair, lol.

so, there ARE still good people out there and their stories should be told.



Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There is a reason
That the sun comes up every day
(Even if it hides behind the rainclouds)

There is a reason
That we awaken from deep sleep
(Even if it is from a bad dream)

There is a reason
That though we feel depressed and devastated
(And would rather give up, and die)

There is a reason
We stand up and move forward

Just as there is a reason
I got up from the computer and dressed

There is a reason
I went to my car and cranked it up

There is a reason
I stopped at the General Storage office
(Asking if they had found an envelope of money)

There is a reason
I didn't cry and give up when they said "No".

There is a reason
I went to my dental appointment at 5:00 pm
(Even though I knew they would tell me my two
teeth would have to be pulled instead of fixed)

There is a reason
I stopped at the Dollar General on the way home
(To ask if they had found an envelope of money)

There is a reason
I didn't scream and throw myself onto the floor
(When they, too, said "No")

There is a reason
I took the long way home
(Even though the traffic was horrendous)

There is a reason
I remembered I had stopped at Big Chick
(Two nights ago to get some good fried chicken fingers)

There is a reason
I walked to the counter and spoke to the nice lady
(Who is the same one who waited on me two nights ago)

There is a reason
I asked if they had found an envelope with...............

There is a reason
She nodded her head "Yes" even before I could finish my sentence

There is a reason
God gave us tears and the ability to thank others

There is a reason
For honest, hard-working people

There is a reason


Big Chick is a mom-and-pop owned establishment; sort of a hole-in-the-wall eatery. it isn't a restaurant, for there are no chairs or tables. you order your chicken, and you leave. this woman is part owner of this place, and she is in the flour/milk mixture day in and day out, trying to eek out a small profit and keep the business afloat. she found my envelope of money, marked "RENT" and figured it was mine, since i had been the last customer in the place and no one else had come in since. she took it home, hoping i would return and ask for it. she didn't know me from Eve, and had no way of getting in touch with me. had i not gone to the dental appointment, had i not taken the long way home, had i not remembered that i had stopped there to get supper 2 nights before, i would still be out of my rent money......$250. part of the reason this is such a miracle is that this little chicken place is right in the middle of a shopping plaza that constantly has homeless men, drug dealers, scum bags, gang members hanging out all the time. a friend of mine from church lost her husband to a druggie who killed him for $4 and some change. there is a sort of biker bar about 100 feet from the front door of the chicken place. so there is absolutely no reason why that money should have been still there on the floor when the owner walked around to clean off the soda machine. absolutely no reason that someone hadn't walked in, saw the envelope and picked it up, having themselves a great night out on the town, or a drugged night on the corner. no reason.......except for one................GOD IS IN CONTROL.

thank you to each and every one who held me in their thoughts and prayers during this terrible nightmare. of course, i do not have the money in hand yet. she took the envelope home and kept it for me. she will bring it to work with her tomorrow and i can come pick it up. i asked her for her telephone number so i could call, and she gave me her complete name, her home/work/cell numbers and her address. so i am pretty sure i will be getting the money back.



Tuesday, June 9, 2009


not sure if i will be around much for awhile. i discovered something today that has totally devastated me...............i have lost $250 of my rent money. it is gone. disappeared. i have looked in my whole purse, and in areas around my house where i put the envelope that says "rent". nada. nowhere. and i cannot actually remember where i last had the envelope. i got paid on the 4th, cashed my check, divided the money between "rent" and "storage" and kept some out for emergencies. the last time i remember the envelope is when i paid my storage fee. i may have left the envelope there with the money in it. then i bought groceries on sunday, the 7th. i had to get out a five dollar bill to pay for the non-food items, but don't remember taking it out of the "rent" envelope. it could have fallen out, been left on the counter, which i never do, but it could have happened, or someone took it from my purse at work. doesn't really matter how it disappeared, just that it did. i was already a little down due to being a little under the weather (i think jo gave me something via the internet, lol), but now i am really depressed. i get paid again on the 18th, but then my rent will be 3 days late and i will be charged a $50 late fee. sigh............i am going to go and cry for awhile. so if you don't see me on here, this is why.


Monday, June 8, 2009


hello everyone............i have wifi, at least for now.

well, i got a nice little typed letter from our landlord right before he left for vacation through the 15th. in this little letter he tells me that he is going to have the fire marshall out when he comes back from vacation to inspect the whole house. he is doing this to try to evict me, for i had some things stacked up against the wall near the window with the air conditioner unit (craft tubs with craft supplies inside) and he said that had to be moved, it was a fire hazard. i plan on mentioning to the fire marshall that every single window in this house but one in my bedroom, is painted shut, which is a definite fire hazard.

he also stated that i could, under no circumstances, store belongings or food in the house. ok, so i guess we have to starve and go naked and sleep on the floor, right? he stated that i could not store anything in my car as he took very seriously the view of the community on his property. i work at a place where people are always giving me things, and i bring home those items as well as items i purchase. i cannot afford to have ALL my furniture moved into the house, thus i have nowhere to store these items. they are in boxes in my car, and in the house, neatly placed. i cannot believe this man is the local mayor. he is an idiot. he has no idea how poor people live, nor does he care. he was born with a pewter spoon in his mouth and doesn't realize there are people in this world that have little to nothing and live paycheck to paycheck. but i cannot afford to move out. it is cheap, as long as you can put up with the sh*t. and believe me, he can dish it out. i had mentioned to him that i had bought a freezer that was on the side porch, and to not unplug it. he said the power bill was huge and he was checking with the power company about the amount of increase. duh, freezers do up the power, but not THAT much. it is just summer hours, and summer rates. plus, the air conditioner runs 24/7.

i forgot to mention that a day before i got the above mentioned letter, i got a post-it note on the outside of the front door asking me why there were horse flies in the downstairs common area. hell if i know! i don't have any in my apartment, so i have no clue why they are gathering in the downstairs. maybe because something died in the ceiling of the downstairs (my floor) and the flies are finishing it off. geeeze louise............

i want another vacation............i had so much fun on my last one.........

i have lost most of my kitties. they are either dead or have moved on to greener pastures since i was gone for almost a week. there is still Tommy, the tom cat, and Whitey, the, um, white cat, lol. i am so original, aren't i.

my daughter will kill me for printing this in here, but she recently bought a house, at age 23. i am very proud of her and wanted to show it off.

i have lots to say, but am tired and sleepy. i guess i better go to bed. so sorry i haven't been a good friend and blogger. i will never get caught up with everything until i get a full time wifi signal. keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


well, some bloodhound, by the name of guido, came snoopin' at my rabbit hole and found me home. thanks guido. i have been missing in action for numerous reasons........the most obvious one is the fact i haven't had wifi connection but sporadically, and then only for about 3-5 minutes at a time, which drives one crazy(er) trying to post something. another is the fact that i have spent a lot of the actual online time i have had on my poetry site. i have met some really nice people on that site and we have become friends and i have actually met a couple of them. truly wonderful and talented people they are. we got along fine, just like we had been friends forever.

another reason i have been MIA is that i have been on vacation. i love a job where you work part time and get lots of full time benefits. i took one of my two paid vacations and went toward savannah and augusta. had a blast, but now i need sleep, lots and lots of sleep. i have 3 more vacation days before going back to the house of hell, and i intend to sleep at least one of those 3, lol.

my downstairs roomie has moved completely out and the apartment is once again for rent. i heard through the grapevine that the mayor may be selling the house, which frightened me, so i decided to look for a new apartment in the area. i went to lunch with another of my ex-downstairs-housemates, betty, and she said the apartment next to her was available june 1st. she called the landlord to set up an appointment to see the place, but he didn't answer. she left a message. i went by my daughter's place of work and she and the whole office knew the landlord of the new place, so she called him and DID get him and set up an appointment and i went to see it. ewwwwwwwwwww. it is so frickin tiny. the whole apartment could fit into my kitchen, lol. it was going to be repainted and appliances put in, but it was still not for me. and the front bedroom is the biggest and it faces the busy downtown mcdonough street with lots of noise. the rent is $75 more a month than mine, and you have to pay separate gas, electric, water, sewage and garbage pickup. no thanks. now i just hope the mayor isn't selling this house.

speaking of the illustrious mayor...........when i came in from my vacation today there was a note on the stairpost. it was the mayor's scribbling and it asked me who broke his mother's beautiful antique vase and why? hell if i know, i have been on vacation and i don't go into the "shared" part of the downstairs. so i have no clue who or why. maybe his own mother's ghost did it, to get his attention. maybe he should ask george, the caretaker.......he is the one who goes in down there all the time to fix things, get things, etc.

i am so tired from the trip, and i cannot wait until bedtime..........oh, wait, i can go to bed anytime i want, lol.

sorry i haven't been keeping up with everyone. my thoughts are still with you all and i hope that someday soon i will have all the wifi connection i can use...............but until then, i will be here when i can and will try to keep up.

hugs to everyone out there that still remembers who i

Thursday, April 9, 2009


my friends, i have missed you. i haven't had a wifi signal in the last few days, so have been unable to comment, post or read. i have a decent signal tonight, so will attempt a post.

there is no way i will be able to catch up on reading blogs. i will pick up anew and start reading from now. that is, if i continue to have a wifi signal.

life has been good to me, other than the pollen. i have yellow filled lungs.

work is same ole same ole. i have met several new friends on the poetry site that i stay in contact with via phone.

i have 4 cats now that i feed outside, whitey, tommy, gray, and fluffy. i fixed them a really big crockpot full of chicken thigh tenders, and they all love me, for now, lol.

my downstairs neighbor is still moving out. she was supposed to be out last sunday by midnight, but she is still moving boxes out and a few pieces of furniture. i am actually going to miss her now. we have become a little closer since she has had to move. i guess having to eat her words humbled her a little. she has been giving me items that she doesn't want to take, mostly little things, but what i don't want i will either freecycle or take to work.

something happened recently that sorta unnerved me. my daughter's boyfriend somehow found my blog link and read a post about him and my daughter. he showed it to her and she proceeded to read the whole blog, all 111 entries. she seems a bit miffed at me, but i went back and read them all and didn't see any that would really be bad for her to read. she didn't like the fact i used her pics on my sidebar, but i am proud of her and want to show her off.

i said all that to say this...........MY BABY GIRL HAS BOUGHT HER FIRST HOUSE....AT AGE 23. i was a little older when i bought my first place. but i am really so proud of her. she makes almost 3 times what i do, and now is buying a house. atta girl!!

well, i probably have much more to tell, but my sleepy eyes and groggy brain won't let me think. so i am going to attempt to post this and go to bed.

take care and if i don't get back online before then, have a HAPPY EASTER.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


It has been quite awhile since I posted here. A lot has been going on. But mostly the reason I have been MIA is I haven’t had a wifi connection. It seems that the only time there is a wifi connection is during the daytime hours Monday through Friday, usually 10 am till around 5 pm. And guess what? I am at work during those times. I am currently typing this in Word and since I am off work tomorrow (Thursday), I hope to post this.

Work has been pretty much the same………DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. We hired a new girl, whom I will call KG. It appears she has problems at home (like the rest of us don’t) so the fact that she has been late 3 of the 5 days she has been there, and she called out on her first full day of employment, doesn’t seem to be a problem with the boss and other employees. I guess it is because she is 23 and has children. Sigh…………

I got the most beautiful doll at work today. Her hair was a mess and her dress was dirty, but she is a porcelain beauty. Dark brown curls surround her face and the nape of her neck, and she has long pigtails tied up in golden ribbons with white flowers atop each tail. Her dress is mint green. I have such a weakness for beautiful porcelain dolls.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of the many people I have met online. He is a regular on the poetry site of which we are both members. He is a truck driver who covers the entire United States. He just happened to be in a nearby town and contacted me to see if I wanted to meet him. He is a Christian and a really nice gentleman. I thought it was really a wonderful experience to meet someone I had known from online. Most of the people I have met from online have been really nice, but a few have been real nut cases. You just never know who you will meet, but it is always nice to have friends from all over the world.

I will probably find it almost impossible to catch up on everyone’s blogs when (or if) I ever get back online. So be patient. I will do the best I can on getting back up to speed.

I hope everyone is doing well and is ready for a wonderful spring. I have been pollinated. Everything is yellow, including my lungs.

I am going to close for now and hopefully I can post this on Thursday.

Well, it is now Friday, and I just got a wifi signal, so am posting this now.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i have been fighting a bout of depression the last week. i think some of it has to do with being sick. i mentioned i had the flu about a month and a half ago. well, i had forgotten that before the flu, i had walking pneumonia. the flu hurts so badly, and the fever i had of 102.9 for a couple of days, i became delirious.......and forgot all about the pneumonia. it wasn't until one of my co-workers said yesterday that my breathing didn't sound right. i remembered hearing my own labored breathing the day i took the snow videos. you could hear it on the video.

it was then i realized, i still have pneumonia. i have been taking mucinex expectorant, and i think i am beginning to mend now. thank goodness.

i recently got an email from a dear online friend telling me she was giving up her blog and possibly her computer. due to our friendship, and wanting to keep her anonymity, i won't mention specifics. actually, i don't really know specifics. but i do know someone hurt her badly, as well as angered her. so i would like to just say something here. i am usually tough skinned, and often dish out hard truths. but usually only when asked. if you have to comment on someone's blog and feel the need to "set someone straight", first, make sure it is something you wouldn't mind hearing directed at you, and if it isn't necessary, don't say it (or type it). writing on the internet is difficult, for one cannot see facial expressions, body language or hear voice inflections. you might be totally missunderstanding the other person. so be kind to one another. most people can take constructive criticism, but if you offer it up, make sure you do it with a spoonful of sugar. makes it go down so much smoother.

work has been pretty much the same.......the divas running the show. i did something i didn't want to do today, but felt it necessary. i don't like tattling, but when it might eventually affect me or my boss, or even the company, i feel something should be said.

there is a volunteer who has a very dominant personality. i can't say i don't like her, i just don't like the way she takes over. she acts more like the boss than our boss does. i found out today she is a wrestler, lol, so i was admonished to watch my step (by another employee), lol. she seems to think that i think she is stupid, or not bright enough to know how to help out around the store. that isn't it at all. i just don't like her "changing prices" or "making deals" or even "making promises". even i cannot do most of that, and i get paid to work there. anyway, today i had to go and get me something to drink. i knew i wasn't going to get an afternoon break, so i told RC and RE, who were standing next to the counter, that i was going to leave them in charge and i was going to get some more ice water. while i was in the kitchen, the phone kept ringing and ringing. no one picked it up. when i got back to the register, the volunteer was standing up at the register, talking on the phone. yesterday one of the CS boys was getting some twine and scissors from behind the counter, with me standing right there, and he and i both were jumped about him being there. and this volunteer was on the phone, asking RC questions. i realized she had ANSWERED THE PHONE, which is a very very big mistake around there. if you are not a paid employee, or don't have permission from DD to answer the phone, YOU DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE. i mentioned it later to RC and she didn't seem too upset over it. she even commented that RE sometimes answered the phone. and he does, and he is just a volunteer.

well later i mentioned the incident to DD. he was NOT happy at all. but since i asked him not to mention it to RC or the volunteer, he said there wasn't much else he could do about it, but that if the big bosses called and she answered, he could lose his job. he did say that RE sometimes answers the phone, but has his permission. i didn't mention the fact that AD had given the same volunteer permission to sit in DD's chair at his desk and use his computer. but i still think he needs to mention something to her, or she will keep overstepping her boundaries.

i know i don't have but a few stragglers left here in blogland, but for those of you who are praying people, i would like to ask for your prayers for a couple of volunteers at work. it is a husband and wife, and they have volunteered for about 8 years there. he recently was diagnosed with colon cancer, which they went in and removed all of, but while testing him, they found that 18 of his 20 lymph nodes were also infected with cancer. they are going to try chemotherapy. we have been taking up money at work because they have become so far behind on their bills while being in the hospital and home recuperating. their water bill alone is over $200. he usually plays santa claus every Christmas at different functions, and for a local photographer.

so please, if you would, keep them in mind. his wife cannot do much without him. she has no skills other than grandmotherly love, and she doesn't drive.

i am going to close this novelette.


Friday, March 6, 2009


first, i would like to announce that i added another link to my last post about the breast cancer award badge. guido at Atlantic Lines sent me the link to Lahoma's journal. she passed Christmas of 2007, but she lives on in her journal, and in our hearts. to be inspired by a woman with a lot of grit, go to that entry and check out her journal.

now, the following is a poem written by Sharon Frye, a new acquaintance from the new poetry club i joined. i have read hundreds of poems on the new site, and many have touched me in many ways. but, though short, this little poem packs a wallop. so much said in so few words. this is exactly how i have felt the last few days, and i don't see any let up. i have Sharon's permission to share this with those who still read my journal.


God only knows why I’m down here

In this darkened and horrible place,

Swallowed by the whale of depression

And longing for light on my face

I’m down in this pit of a belly-

Of a monster so giant and vast,

If I can crawl up thru the bile

I’ll hang onto something that lasts.

I’m tossed thru the waves by this monster

And spit out in the sea for a spell

Then swallowed and gulped like a rag doll

Back into the caverns of hell.

(by Sharon Frye)


Thursday, March 5, 2009


Thank you to Cindi, over at "Wishing For My Turn" ( for promoting breast cancer awareness by having an Award Contest. Being the winner of the contest, I am to now to send out to five deserving people my winning Award Badge.

My choices for this award are:







(Lahoma is no longer with us, but her wonderful spirit and "never give up" attitude exhibited true strength in her fight. Though no longer with us here on earth she is ever with those who knew her)

(after posting this entry, guido, over at ATLANTIC LINES, sent me the link to Lahoma's journal. though she has been gone since Christmas of 2007, her journal life lives on. visit her journal and see how she lived, laughed and loved. this is the link:

Please read these four (five) ladies' stories. Their strength and attitude will amaze you.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


first, some pics of my house in the snowstorm........

those who have been with me for awhile will recall my crazy downstairs neighbor. she is an alcoholic, smoker, and toker. she stole from me a year or so ago, and though i have forgiven her, i haven't forgotten it. i have often wondered if she would stick around much longer. ok, i even wished she would move.

over the last few months she has spoken to me more often. she even asked for my phone number so that she could call me when something bad was happening. a man was breaking into houses in our area, and the police posted pictures of the man all over town, so she was afraid he would come after us.

yesterday she asked me some questions. walked all the way up my steps and knocked on my bedroom door. i was in the bed, um, unclothed, and sleeping. i awoke with a start and told her to hold on. i dressed and went out into the hallway to talk to her.

she asked me how far i had ever gotten behind on my rent. i couldn't remember, but told her i thought it was one whole month behind. she then told me that she had lost her job with the realty company (which wasn't much anyway, but still a job) and she was behind on half her rent. the landlord had told her that she had till friday of this week to come up with the full amount of the arrears, and then the full month's rent for this month was due a week later. we talked about what her options were, and they are pretty much like mine were when i was having trouble paying my rent on time. she says she can move in with her daughter, but her daughter is quite moody and currently lives with her boyfriend and her 2 children. my neighbor is a lot like me in that she cannot get a place that requires a credit check because of bad credit. that is one of the main reasons i have been putting up with the bully of a landlord and the heat and cold in winter and summer. i could never get a place with my credit for as cheap as i live here. so i just deal with the mayor/landlord.

my neighbor later said that she had gotten her gas bill for this month and even though she freezes most of the time downstairs, her bill was $180. she said the landlord had put the bill on her door 2 weeks ago and she never paid it. mmmmm, that means it was the first bill we both got, mine was for $98 for 2 months. hers was almost double............geeze. i told her that that wasn't this month's bill, it was the first bill. which means.......she has to come up with $250 by this friday, as well as $180 for the first 2 month's gas bill, plus a week later, $500 for her rent for this month. yep, i would say she is in trouble. she said she was going to take a couple of days to think about what she wanted to do, and not act in haste. yet, when i went out today i noticed there were 3 boxes on the front porch with a stack of small newspapers. so i guess she is going to move. i really cannot see that she has any choice, but hey, i went through the exact same thing and by the grace of God, i am still here.

i actually feel very sorry for her. i even offered to ask my assistant director at work if they could help with her rent. but that was before i found out she still owed last month's gas and the 2 months before. there is no way we could pay that much out to her. the average is $100-$200 per person per month.

so, though we have had some words and have fallen out a few times with each other, i will be sad to see her go. after all, we were starting to bond again. i wish her the best and hope she finds somewhere to live that makes her happy.

i went to work on monday. i even called my boss on his cell phone at 7 am to ask if we were going to be open, and he said yes. but when the YO and i were the only ones besides DD to show up, and the big boss called and wanted to know why we were open, DD came around and told us we were closing. we had a store full of customers, and DD asked them to go ahead and finish up shopping, but that we were fixing to close. i worked from 9 am till 10:35 am and DD said since i came in and was working even on a bad snow day, he would sign me off at noon. so i will get paid for 3 hours work, when i actually only worked 1.5 hours. good boss. i was already scheduled off on tuesday.

i guess i should close for now. i am tired, my neck hurts, my head hurts, i am coughing, and i have to work tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


cindi, over at WISHING FOR MY TURN ( is doing a fantastic challenge. she asked me to post something directing each of my readers to her blog to enter this challenge. now i know that some of my readers have had breast cancer, and this may be a little sensitive for you. but if you feel you can, please visit cindi's blog and enter the challenge. she is trying to bring about more awareness for this dreaded disease.

thanks to each of you for reading this, and i hope you will TAKE THE CHALLENGE.

oh, and hey guys, you can do this one toooooo!!

hugs to all.........


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


well, i guess this ole blog will soon be non-existent. i have noticed that i have LOST another follower. and i am like the skinny person who cannot afford to lose another pound..........i cannot afford to lose another follower. sigh...........

i worked today, but nothing major happened as far as drama. but something bad did happen.

i went to lunch around 2:15 pm. i brought my lunch so didn't need to go out to eat. i sat in the breakroom the whole time, 45 minutes. not once did i hear of anything happening out front. but when i started back to the register, there was something going on out in front of the door. i rushed up to see, and was told that an elderly woman was coming into the building with a younger woman, and the younger woman had opened the door and held it for the older woman, but the older woman tripped on the curb and hit head first into the door. she went down and stayed down. they called 911 immediately and they didn't arrive until 25 minutes later. there were 2 people trying to keep the woman calm, comfortable, and down on her back. an independent ambulance service must have heard the call and rode by to see if a county ambulance had arrived yet, and when they hadn't, she stopped to offer assistance until they did. DD asked me to go and get a bag of ice, so i did. RC asked me to have all customers go out the side door, as well as enter there. i had a volunteer brace open the side door for entrance into the store. the ambulance finally came and took her to the hospital. i tried to get a look at her, but she didn't look familiar to me. poor thing. i just hope she doesn't sue. sigh. but as long as she is ok, i guess that is all that matters.

DD was pacing the floor, not knowing what to do. you could tell he was afraid that someone was going to sue. we got through it all. and the big wigs came today, i guess without warning. they had the CS guys move all the hanging signs from the ceiling to an even line. i call it busy work, lol.

AD's daughter, L'il K. brought her little 8 month old chihuahua today. i don't usually like chihuahuas, but i really bonded with this little one. she is a little pudgy thing, and when i took her in my arms, she snuggled up into my hair and tried to go to sleep. i carried her around like that while i worked, for a little while. she followed me when i put her back into her box. i had to put her back again and close the inner office door. every time she saw me, she would run up to me and beg me to take her. i couldn't resist.

then, one of the CS guys finished his time there, so went home, got his pomeranian, and brought her up there. of course, i had to hold her too, lol. she smelled like a dog, though, l0l. she wasn't as friendly either.

so i guess i dog sat today, l0l. it was fun.

well, i am not feeling well. i have a horrible headache, and for the last 2 days, every time i get a horrible headache, i have a nose bleed. so i am going to go and lay down. the presidente is talking, but i ain't listening.


Monday, February 23, 2009


i figured today would be a dull, quiet day, being monday and us not having any sales at work. man was i ever wrong.

RC worked with me again today. we get along most of the time, and did so wonderfully today. but she did something again today that truly shocked me. now, the RC stands for Resident Christian. she can do no wrong, and never does.......humph.

things were going well in the morning. there were numerous customers milling around, looking at things, talking amongst themselves. one of my favorite customers, P, was there when we opened. shortly after we opened one of the CS guys brought up a brand new DVD player with remote. he placed it on the table up front with the TV's and VCR's. P walked over and said she would like to get that DVD player, as soon as someone priced it. i told P that if no one bought it during the day, i was going to buy it. RC walked over and said she hadn't seen it before, she would take it to the back in a minute and have Miss S. price it.

P walked off and continued shopping. another customer walked up and picked up the DVD player and asked me how much. i called RC over and told her someone else was interested in the DVD player. RC said again that she didn't have any idea how much as she didn't know anything about it, that she would have to take to the back and get a price. in the meantime, one of the 3 women that were together shopping brought a beautiful floral centerpiece over and asked how much. i knew already since dozens of folks had looked at it, but thought it was too pricey. i told her it was $19.99. she went off. omg, no way that is worth that. i made mention that at the craft store where i used to work, one like that would sell for $59.99 or more. she haughtily said, "well send it back to _ _ _ _ _ where it belongs and someone will pay that for it". she then continued to gripe about how high the prices were on things. when RC came back over to the register, i told her that everyone thought the price was too high on the floral piece. well, RC then said "well i am sorry, that is what i was told to price it at, since it is well worth more than that". then the customer said "i guess i am just going to have to stop shopping here, things are too expensive". RC said, "well, if you feel that way, maybe you SHOULD shop somewhere else". well, then all 3 of the customers that were together started mouthing off out loud across the store to each other about how rude RC was. of course, RC took offense since she can do no wrong, and bantered back with them, telling them if they didn't like the prices or the people, they should shop elsewhere...................ruh roh. then, one of the women asked again if anyone was going to price the DVD and RC grabbed it up, took it to the back and got Miss S. to price it. she came back with it priced at $19.99, which, for a brand new DVD player with remote "ain't bad". the woman went off again about the price, and then P came over and told me she would buy it for me and give it to me if i wanted it, and i told her no, i didn't need it. the 3 women started up again.

one woman said she could buy a brand new one still in the box for that price (which she couldn't, unless it would out of rufus's trunk on the corner up the street). RC told her it WAS brand new still in the box, and the customer said "how do you know it was in the box? where is the box?"

ok, this is where RC went off. she said it was in the box in the back, but we don't put out boxes with the merchandise. and if she didn't like the way we priced things, it was best for her and her group to leave. double ruh roh.

the 3 women walked away, got over in a corner and were talking amongst themselves. RC just happened to have to go to that same corner to place some merchandise out, and the women were talking loudly ABOUT RC, but not TO RC. RC wheeled around, said something nasty to the 3 women, and one spoke up and said "i wasn't even talking to you, you need to just shut up!"

ok, it was time for me to go to the back and get something more to drink.........and tell the director that he might want to go up to the front. he said he knew about the situation, that RC had already told him about it. ok. chicken doodoo.

i went back to the front and all 3 of the women came up to me and asked me the "rude" woman's name. well, even though i know they were sorta in the right, i didn't want to be the one to give out her name. so i told them they would have to talk to the director, and i would call him out there if they wanted me to. they did. so...........i called DD on the intercom, asked him nicely to come to the register, and RC walked out of the office where DD was, said he was in a meeting, and did i want her to come assist me with something..............HELL NO, you are the problem. sheeesh. i gave each of the women our business card with our director's name on it and told them they would just have to call him and talk to him about the situation. they all bought something, treated me like a queen, patted my hand and thanked me for being so kind and helpful and they would be back, but only because of the nice way I treated them. whew..........

so once again, it was not ME that caused a problem, it was the one employee one would never think it could be.

sometimes i wish i could find another job, but it would be something as bad or worse no matter where i went. i am just glad to have a job............

oh, by the way, during the melee about the dang DVD, i went over and grabbed it off the table in front of DD, RC and P, and said i would buy the dang thing for the full price on it, for it was well worth it. so when things quieted down, i asked RC to come ring me up for the DVD and she said she was so sick of that dang DVD that i could have it and don't ever mention it again...........


now i have to get some DVD's, lol. i don't have a single one, lol.

the rest of my day went very well. actually, my whole day went well, lol.

thanks for letting me rant and rave over my job. i know you are all tired of hearing about it, but you know, this is my way of venting, and even if i don't get any comments, or only a couple, at least i won't go and kill somebody or something because i did vent and got it out of my system.....


Sunday, February 22, 2009

WHAT THE.................???

I would be remiss if I didn't ocassionally report the atrocities at work. So, briefly, this is what happened on Saturday.

RC, Miss S., and MW were at work with me. RE, a volunteer who comes in later in the day if he doesn't have to work, loves the Georgia Bulldogs and usually gets all the shirts, caps, belts, etc. that come through the store with the Bulldogs logo.

There is a customer who is a bit pushy about "giving" her things for free or at a greatly reduced price. She and RC are usually close buddies, having been to lunch together numerous times, the customer, Mrs. J. usually buying. Mrs. J. doesn't like MW at all, and vice versa.

Well, Mrs. J. came in, and brought a Georgia Bulldogs jersey up to the counter to show me. It was white, with red accents and the GA Bulldogs logo. It looked brand new, but was the regular shirt price instead of "new shirt" price, so Mrs. J. was ecstatic that she found it. She also found a little breath freshening kit in the back of the store in a little bin where we keep lotions, mouthwashes, etc. She said she was going to buy that and give it to DD, our boss, who we all have to admit has really bad breath.

I was working the register and Mrs. J. was talking to me about different things when RC came up to the register and noticed the shirt. She glared at me (black-eyed glare) and asked why on earth did i think it was right for me to sell that shirt or even offer it to anyone. Mrs. J. was standing right there. I told her that I "didn't offer it", that Mrs. J. said it was on the shirt rack with the other shirts. RC took it away from Mrs. J. and told her it wasn't for sale. I was appalled. If I had been Mrs. J., I would have insisted that I be able to purchase the shirt or there would be H to pay. I had several customers after that, so turned my back to the situation between RC and Mrs. J., but after I finished with my customers, I turned around and apologized to Mrs. J. She shook her head and said she didn't realize she was doing anything wrong. I told her she wasn't, that if an item is hung out on the rack and has a colored tag in the neck, IT IS FOR SALE!! Then Mrs. J. told me that RC even took away the little mouth freshener kit. She said it was in her drawer in the back and she didn't know how it got out on the floor. Sheeeesh!

There has been talk about RC and the male volunteer, RE, having a fling. RC is a hoity toity "Christian Lady" who lost her husband several years back and says she will never love or marry again. Now RE is a whole different ball game, lol. He is a sexual deviant (of course, it is mostly kidding around, but he does love his sex) and though he claims to be a Christian, one can sometimes doubt it. He and RC go out to eat alot, and when asked if they are an item, they say they are just friends. But after the way RC reacted to the new GA Bulldogs shirt which she planned on giving to RE, I have to wonder just what is their relationship. Of course, it is none of my business.............even though RE sends me all the really funny and um, dirty, emails. I know, I shouldn't be that way.

Well, back to work tomorrow to see what else is gonna happen. I am over the flu, but there is a little faery sitting in the back of my throat with a feather, constantly tickling the back of my throat. I wish she would move on...............

Hope everyone out there has a great week.