Thursday, June 10, 2010


some of you might remember my kitty, coatie. i have had her since she was about 3 months old, back in 2001 or 2002. so she is about 8 or 9 years old.

last saturday i left for work and she was fine. when i came home for lunch 4 hours later, she was in a very sad state. i picked her up and hugged her, and gently dropped her on the bed, and she collapsed. she rolled to her back and couldn't get up. i put her on the floor and she collapsed again. it appeared she couldn't walk on her front legs. i feared the same that took my kitty spooky, back in 2006......kidney failure. i called work and told them i would not be returning that day, and rushed coatie to the emergency clinic about 30 miles away. they took her back immediately, checked her out, and then came and had a talk with me. the only money i had with me was enough to pay the visit, if no tests were made. but they suggested that blood work be done to determine if it were something toxic, poisonous or blood related. i called my fiance and told him i was at the vets and he told me if i needed money or to use his credit card, to call him back. i approved the blood work and then called him and had him fax over his credit card information.

the blood work proved only one thing: coatie was perfectly healthy. there was only one way to determine the cause of her weakness and inability to MRI. not having pet insurance, or the money to have the scan done, and not wanting to ask my fiance to foot the bill which could mount to the thousands of dollars, i told them i couldn't have that done. they suggested that it could be several things: 1)
feline vestibular syndrome, or idiopathic vestibular disease (basically, vertigo caused by a shift in fluids in the inner ear) 2) a stroke, caused by a deeper cerebral incident or 3) a brain lesion or tumor. they suggested i take her home, watch her till monday, and contact my personal vet. monday i called the vet and took them the emergency vet's medical notes and the test results, and they emailed me back telling me the same her for 3 weeks, and if she worsens, bring her in, but if she improves, just keep track of her progress, since it is probably the vestibular disease. i sat by her bed for 4 days. she weakened, then rallied. she had cat fits in her sleep, fighting some sort of demon. i had to hand feed her, hand water her, and place her in the litter box. i cried the entire time, so afraid she would not improve.

she is my little kid, since my real daughter has moved out. i couldn't stand being without her. on tuesday evening, she actually got out of her bed, and walked (though wobbily) to the bathroom where her water and crunchy food are. then she sat down and looked at me like "hey, i could use some help here". the next morning she rallied, and actually sorta ran in front of me. she currently is able to walk all over the house, and use the litter box, eat and water herself. she still has fits while sleeping, which makes me wonder if she is possibly having seizures. either way, she doesn't appear to be in any pain, and still has a good bit of catitude, as well as personality. keep her in your thoughts.
i hope to be on here more often, as long as i can keep a wifi signal. hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.



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