Friday, January 9, 2009


did you know that i am eligible for a free phone and 68 free minutes a month???? why haven't i heard of this program before?? tracfone, which is the service i had before i got my a t & t pay-as-you-go phone, offers a free new phone and 68 minutes to low income people in my area. different areas and states have different options, but heck, i only use my phone about an hour a month. i could keep my current phone and not have to use it as much, and get the free one and use it for the short calls i have to make from time to time. how cool is this?? i think i am going to sign up. you just have to be below the poverty level (aren't we all?) and receive some sort of government assistance, which we get food stamps (not much, but it helps to qualify for this). i am not proud that i have to accept assistance, but i feel i have worked hard all my life and helped assist others through my tax dollars, so now it is MY turn to reap some of the rewards.

today was a good day at work, even though my back hurt like the dickens all day (a southernism). only one customer gave me some grief, and she always does every time she comes in. i was finishing up with the customer ahead of her and she kept trying to interrupt me and i kept ignoring her, she kept interrupting, so i told her to please wait till i finish with my other customer. she started fussing then that i should talk to her more politely and blah blah blah. i finished up with my customer and she then stepped in front of me and looked me in the eye and in her haitian accent, told me i had to talk to her slower, as she had a headache, and couldn't concentrate, and that i should be nicer to her instead of hateful. i told her i treat each customer with respect, but don't interrupt me while i am finishing up with another customer, for that is disrespecting me and my other customer. then she suddenly changed to as nice as she could be. maybe it is a problem that occurs when she gets these headaches. anyway, i was nice to her when it was HER TURN.

i got two really cute things at work today that i have to tell about. one is a huge stuffed mother tiger holding a tiger cub. the other is a cute little black purse with real handcuffs as a handle. i also got some more yarn that the resident Christian saved me, as well as a shrunken head/skull the cs workers saved for me. also, another of my good customers brought me a big glow-in-the-dark skull with a hinged mouth. really cool stuff.

my stomach is still giving me grief. i thought it was a stomach virus, but would it hold on this long?? it has been since last sunday that i have been sick. who knows, could be anything.

well, time for my nightly tv shows and working on my baby afghan (no, i am not pregnant, i am just making one in case someone either does have a baby or if someone wants to buy one).



Sybil said...

How great that woudl be if you can get the free phone..Go for it gal..
Anything one can get these days is a help. we have had a real cold weather since befoe Xmas and the government are giving us on benefits a cold weather payment of £25 this week. hows makes keeping the heating on 24hrs. a day less of a worry.
Glad work went ok..even the "odd" customer..I hope that maybe you being nice to her made her day,,

Lisa said...

If you qualify for the phone I would say by all means get it. A shrunken head???? Was that from the Haitan lady?

Indigo said...

I agree with everyone else, if you qualify I would try to get the phone. It sounds like it would definitely make your life easier. Sounds like you were able to obtain some nice treasures today. (Hugs)Indigo