Friday, January 16, 2009


i hesitated to post this entry due to how the masses out there may feel about what i am going to say. i usually don't get involved with political or religious discussions, for often they turn ugly and feelings get hurt, people get angry. but i just wanted to voice an opinion......MINE.

i didn't vote for Obama. neither did i vote for McCain. I will not divulge who i voted for, for it is irrelevant here. so either way the election went, i was going to play the "wait and see" game. i am a registered but non-practicing democrat. i lean more toward the republicans the older i get. i have heard pros and cons on both of the candidates. i DO believe that, though i feel he may be very qualified as president, Obama was voted in mainly due to his ethnicity. is it time for an African-American president? maybe so. but not JUST because he is African-American. i am hoping that Obama can lead us into a better future, but like i said, i was, and still am, playing the "wait and see" game.

but something on our atlanta local news disturbed me somewhat. there is a woman in the metropolitan atlanta area that designs and manufactures "good luck" charms. one in particular has the word "luck" on one side in regular english letters, and in braile on the opposite side. Barack Obama carries one of those charms in his pocket. it was recently reported that he has a thing for good luck charms, so one of these specific charms was sent to him and has become his favorite, and he plans on having it in his pocket on the night of the inauguration.

now, being a Christian, i suddenly stopped to i want a president running this country of ours on LUCK? of course i cannot push my own beliefs on others, but i would much rather know that he depends on more than a bauble in his pocket. now this is where i might get some flack from this post. many Christians might say that having a good luck charm isn't a bad thing. well, i fully believe that if one has Salvation, Faith, and knows Christ and His powers, they don't need anything else. i don't believe in "luck". i believe in allowing God to work in my life, to direct me and lead me in the paths He wants for me.

again, i guess there is little i CAN do now, except "wait and see".



Sybil said...

Well Regina I kind of agree with you on this one...However even christians sometimes keep their fingers crossed, say Bless you when someone sneezes, has something that they have carrid around with them for many years and it becomes a kind of talisman,even send on "sends on" because it has been sent to them... So I don't truly believe that Obama or others nacessarily actual believe in the Good Luck part !! I certainly hope not !!
As it happens I think Obama will make a good president, he appears at least to listen to ohers I just pray that the people he is surrounded with are Christians as well.
Much Love Sybil xx

Cindi said...

It's your blog, say as you wish regardless...FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM...2nd I hope he carries us well, we do have to wait and see, each newly elected President makes me hesitant!