Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i figured you all needed a good laugh, cause i know i sure do.

i slept most of the day sunday after having such a rough saturday. i went into the kitchen to do something and when i came back out i screamed. a couple of weeks ago i bought a stuffed child sized man, named Tucker the Trucker. he is dressed in denim overalls and checkered shirt, is smoking a cigar and has on a baseball cap with his name on it. he doesn't really look real, but sitting in the right place, could scare someone off. as i came out of the kitchen, i caught Tucker in my peripheral vision and my mind registered a man sitting there in the chair. for about 3 seconds my heart stopped, lol. then i laughed at myself. well, that just wasn't enough. it happened 3 more times that night. i finally learned he was just a stuffed ole goat, lol.

i became really sick last night (sunday night) and was up and down all night with my stomach. so i didn't go to work today. i guess i am supposed to go to work tomorrow. i don't know what the schedule is, but i am going to go, and if i am not scheduled to work, i will ask to stay, and if they say no, i will go and buy myself some breakfast and come back home and go back to bed.

my daughter called today to tell me that she got my coupons for the tv converter boxes. she is going to go with me to buy the one i am going to get. i was really happy they came, finally. i have been applying for them since february of 2008. almost a whole year to get them. sheesh.

it is late and i guess i need to get in bed, even though i again slept all day today.

have a great week everyone.



Sybil said...

I think I might have let out a screem as well if I had seen him sitting there...and then laughed at myself...mind you you also gave me another laugh.when you said you had been up and down to the bathroom all night with your stomach...I had a vission of you trying to get there without it !!! I know I have a warped sense of humor !! Hope you do get to stay at work today. It is really better than staying in bed !
Love Syil xx

Donna said...

There's been a lot of that "stomach bug" thing going around in my area.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I would of probably thrown something at the poor thing. Hoping your feeling better after a day of sleep. Take care and enjoy,
P.S. I enjoyed "Turning The Page" and not leaving "A Page Unturned" LOL!

Lisa said...

LOL, that is so funny about being startled by Tucker!! I bet that was quite funny.

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well - hopefully that's all gone now and you are feeling good.