Friday, January 30, 2009


what a day what a day what a day!

it turned out windy and cold today. temps will be getting colder over the next 48 hours. brrrr.

today was a little bit interesting. of course, there is always the drama at work. today it was 2 customers who were saying i was rude. long story short, i was a little curt with the woman because she was trying to put her basket of items behind the counter with a large picture she wanted. being busy with customers, i quickly told her they had to be put on the side or on the top of the counter. i wasn't rude, just didn't take up time with her since i was busy. she had to complain that the others let her put things behind the counter. then she said she wanted to make sure they would be safe and not sold to someone else. i quickly told her, while still waiting on customers, that if she wanted to guarantee that they would be safe, she would need to get in line, pay for them, and put them in her car.

nothing more was said, and i finished up my line of customers and the complainer was getting some dishes to purchase. i went to the back to get boxes for her dishes, and RC told me that 2 ladies told her that i was rude to one of the women. i went out and asked the first one what i had done that was rude and she said i wasn't rude to her, but to the other woman. i then confronted that woman and she said i was just plain rude to her. i told her i wasn't meaning to be, that maybe she misunderstood what i was trying to convey and she continued to say i was just rude.

i went back to the front and waited on some more customers and had one lady tell me she really liked me, i was always so pleasant and tried to be so helpful. so i guess it just depends on who you are talking to as to if i am nice or rude, lol.

later on AD's husband came up to me and was telling me that he actually confronted the woman who had complained about me and told her that she must be mistaken as to who was rude to her, for i was one of the nicest, jolliest, and helpful employees they had there. she continued to complain about me to him, and then stated that she and RC were friends and she was always nice to her. sigh.............

all this over someone who is spoiled and used to having their way being told "NO" for the first time.

good to know i have the assistant director, her husband and her daughter all on my side.

i also had a little disagreement over the phone with my landlord, the illustrious mayor. when i got my bill from him for the gas service, it itemized the bill and it subtotalled $98.14. but the total was $158.14. that is a $60 difference. since that $60 wasn't listed on the actual bill, but was included in the total, i figured it had to be the $60 cut-on fee, which i have already paid to the landlord 2 months ago. i had no intentions of paying this fee again, so only included the $98 in my payment. i knew i was going to hear from the mayor about it. so, today, i went to the city hall and paid my rent, electric bill and the gas bill ($98). the mayor was on the phone so i paid his secretary as usual.

as soon as i got back to work, my cell rang. it was the mayor.........and of course, he was complaining that i hadn't paid the entire gas bill. i told him i HAD paid the entire bill, that the rest was the connection fee and i had already paid it and wasn't paying it again. he yelled at me over the phone that yes i was going to pay what i owed.

i told him to look at the bill closely and then we would discuss it. he got out the bill and perused it while on the phone and then said i was right, it WAS the $60 connection fee, and yes i HAD already paid it. then he said that he had paid $158.14 just a little earlier in the day, so they OWED HIM $60 back, since he had already paid that when i paid him. it was nice hearing him say i was right, lol.

then when i got home from work the mayor had left me my rent and electric bill for february. there was a note at the bottom thanking me for pointing out the $60 overcharge and telling me he would be contacting me soon about inspecting the apartment. here we go again...........

for some reason i am extremely cold tonight. i don't usually get cold. i think my circulation is really bad. that is what happens when you get old.

i have a lot of things to do tomorrow. i am hardly ever off on saturday, so am taking advantage of being off 2 days in a row to get things accomplished. i have groceries to buy, freecycle items to pick up, onion rings to eat (gotta have some of those orgasmic onion rings, lol) and laundry to wash. i figured i would work really hard to get things done on saturday so that i could sleep on sunday. da boss is out of town on a cruise for over a week, so i am scheduled to work monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. i hate working 3-4 days in a row. so is life...............

better scoot for the night.

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Sybil said...

Morning, Some days are like that arn't they...but glad that the MD seems to be able to see through peoples complaints..that is good. Also glad that you moticed the mistake in your rent..and that the mayor agreed it always pays to check everything. do hoep you have a good sleeping the days away...LOL hope the weather will be nice for you. It is getting very cold again here so they weather forecast says. and snow on Monday..yuck I hate cold weather...roll on spring. But I do see the signs the buds are on the trees and the wee birds are tweeting away in the morning when I let Dee out around the signs arethere we just have to look out for them
much love for now Sybil

`°*ஜღ Moka ♥ღஜ*°´ said...

hi!! passin by.... your blog is so nice... hope you visite me too!! bye