Thursday, January 8, 2009


i am going to try this entry one more time...........maybe the fourth time will be a didn't work on wednesday night, so let's try thursday night............

last night i had the most amazing experience.........NO, NOT THAT!!!

due to severe weather, a huge ancient oak tree fell across the street in front of my house, clogging traffic for hours as well as taking out all the power/phone/cable lines and 2 telephone poles. i was at work, but a couple of customers told me about it.

i assumed that the power would be back on by the time i got off work, but in the back of my mind i thought about getting home and not being able to cook supper. so i stopped at taco bell on the way home and got a taco salad with an extra side of sour cream and guacamole. when i got home the power WAS still off, so i fumbled my way into the house, stumbled around lighting candles for a little light, and sat down in flickering candlelight to eat my salad.

i adorned the salad with all the condiments, stirring blindly. when i placed the first bite into my mouth, i was amazed at how wonderful it tasted. every bite was a new taste sensation. i guess when we can see to eat, we expect certain things out of each bite according to how it looks. eating blindly makes your sense of taste come to life. it was the most amazingly delicious taco salad i have ever had. guess i better start eating every meal in the dark, lol. oddly enough the lights came back on with 2 bites left, and when i looked at what was left, it looked horrible. so of course, it didn't taste as good as the previous "bites in the darkness".

i was off work today (thursday), but had a good bit to do. i got up hungry, so decided to get dressed and go get something to eat, then go pick up the yarn that a freecycler was holding for me. when i got out on the road i couldn't decide what i had a taste for. then i realized i was heading toward mrs. winners. i got their 2 piece lunch deal with a sweet tea in the drive through and went back home to eat. afterwards i went to pick up the yarn. wow, the neighborhood where this woman lives is gorgeous........and very high class. i found the yarn on the front porch and left a note of thanks on the door.

on the way to locust grove i stopped at my second favorite store, bargainville, and got a toy for coatie and some skull shoelaces.

i then went to the post office in locust grove and got my mail, then to the outlet mall. i found the perfume called SODELARENTA that i like so much at perfumania. it was $31 with 20% off that. it would still be close to $30. i just can't afford to spend that on myself.

i drove over to petsense and got coatie a couple of catnip filled mice. all i gave her for Christmas was the scrub brush, so i felt i owed her, lol. i then went to the grocery store and was going to pick up some ice cream or frozen yogurt and a diet 2-litre soda, but walked out with $40 worth of groceries. i came home and tried to get all the stuff in the fridge and freezer.

i snacked on some dill dip and chips, watched some tv, tried to get my computer to stay on (they were still working on the power lines and it kept going on and off) and then went to the food pantry to pick up my monthly supply of food.

on the way to the pantry my stomach started complaining again like it did last sunday night. i got to the pantry at 5:25 pm and they don't open the door until 5:45 pm, so i went to the volunteer door and went in, asked to use the bathroom, then came out and asked if i could just stay inside, close to the bathroom. they allowed me to, so i filled out my paperwork and sat down. none of the volunteers showed up to open the door or start the process until almost 6 pm. so i was glad i was inside out of the windy cold and close to the bathroom.

i saw several people i know and had some conversations with them. one is sandra, a really sweet hispanic girl i met at the hands of hope clinic. she was telling me about the trouble she has been having with them, especially kay. kay is the one who i have been having so much trouble with, too. sandra told me that she thinks kay was either fired or asked to leave when the new administrator took over. THANK YOU JESUS !!!!!!! then sandra told me that janet, the founder of the clinic, had lost her husband last week. i was shocked. i never met him, but janet is such a wonderfully sweet woman, i hate that her husband is no longer with her. i have to find a way to get in touch with her. i hate to do it by email.

i came home and checked my food to see what needed to come inside and be put in the fridge/freezer and carried it in. i left the non perishables in the trunk. i got some really good stuff this time as far as frozen/refrigerated food. i got a huge bag of frozen fried chicken fingers, 3 large bags of microwave steamers vegetables and a nice coconut pie. since i was having tummy trouble, i didn't try to fix any of the chicken fingers for supper. i just fixed a small ham on rye sandwich and had a slice of the pie. and the tummy continues to rumble.

all in all, it was a pretty good day, other than the tummy troubles. i figure i had a stomach virus on sunday and monday, and then ate that delicious taco salad on wednesday and got my tummy started again. oh well, the salad was well worth it, lol.

coatie has enjoyed her catnip mouse. i gave her one catnip mouse, the feathered mouse and the feathered ball, but all she likes is the catnip mouse. go cat is a druggy.

i have to return to hades tomorrow (meaning work). i don't really dread it, i just don't relish it. but i do have a couple of things coming up to look forward to. 1) my birthday is january 15th and 2) my boss is hosting our Christmas party on january 22nd. yep, Christmas party. he does it every year. but who cares as long as we go somewhere nice or fun or both, and it is FREE? we all chose logan's roadhouse again this year. it was so much fun last year. only problem is, we can't have the private room we had last year. so we have to throw our peanuts a little less hard so that they won't hit unsuspecting diners in the other sections. i am looking forward to it. i think i am going to wear a red sequined one-shouldered top with black satin tuxedo pants and jacket. last year i dressed up and most of the others didn't. i want to be snazzy.

i will be off on my birthday, but don't know what i want to do. if i have any money i might treat myself to a shampoo/haircut and buy that perfume, lol.

i better get this posted before i lose my signal.



Sybil said...

Goodness what a great time you sure had. And all that food...will keep you going for ages... It will be good to go out for the Xmas dinner all be it a bot late..enjoy, Also your birthday see it is one day after mine !! I will be going out for lunch almost every day next week..various friends never know what to get for my birthday so I suugest we just go out for a pub lunch we get great pub lunches sover here in the UK.
Keep smiling,
Much Love Sybil xx

Jeannette said...

That sounds interesting, eating in the dark, maybe I should try it lol

Lisa said...

Hmmmm...maybe my cooking would taste better to hubby if I made him eat in the dark or blindfolded.