Saturday, January 17, 2009


what a day this has been. it started out really bad, turned good during the day, then went downhill afterwards. when i arrived at the store, the gate was still locked and there were cars lined up outside the gate. RC and a couple of the CS workers were trying to open the lock. it appeared to be frozen. i finally drove my car over the curb, along the grass and into the back. but i forgot i didn't have a key. so i sat there and waited on someone to get around to the back and unlock the doors.

as i entered the building, everyone who had already gone in was saying someone had been hit by a car. i asked around and found out that one of the CS workers, SWH, had pulled his car around to turn into the driveway and while sitting waiting on traffic to clear so that he could turn, a woman, apparently not watching what she was doing, crashed into the back of his car. he has an older model, solid steel frame car, so i figured he was probably ok. but then i heard that she had never even hit her brakes, so it was a bad impact. they took SWH to the hospital. i later saw the 2 cars, and the woman's was probably totalled, even though a later model car, and his was smashed in on the back left quarter panel. it is totalled for sure. we never heard how he was, but the officer at the scene came up to borrow a broom and said he was complaining of his legs hurting, so they transported him to the hospital. i hope he will be ok, and hopefully he will get a newer and better car out of it.

things finally settled down. the day started out slow, but soon people started getting out in the cold weather to come in and shop. things went well, even though it got busy at times. shortly before lunchtime, RC came up to me at the register and asked if i wanted to have lunch with her and Miss S. they had brought some spaghetti and thought i might like some. i told them if they had enough i would be glad to join them.

about 20 minutes later KW came up, sounding a little miffed, and curtly told me to go on my lunch break. i asked her if she had gone yet and she said no, but for me to just go straight back to the breakroom. so, i did. when i got back there RC and Miss S had a cake lit with birthday candles. they sang happy birthday to me and i blew out the candles. then, we sat down to lunch of spaghetti, salad, soft bread and then chocolate cake with white chocolate shavings all over the icing. it was really good and very thoughtful. while i was still eating, KW came back to the breakroom and seemed quite flustered. she said that a man up front was cursing her out and telling her that i had told him he could get a voucher for free items in the store. i told her i never said that. the man had come up to me as i was getting ready to leave for lunch and asked me where he was supposed to drop off donations. i told him to drive around to the right and to the back. then i turned to go to lunch and he chased me down and asked if he could get a voucher for his donations. well, we give RECEIPTS for tax purposes for donations, so i ASSUMED that is what he meant, a receipt. i told him if he asked for one, they would give him one. he never mentioned wanting to get anything for free. he was really angry at KW and told her he wanted to see me. i told her i wasn't done with lunch, to take one of the big CS guys with her up there and tell the man that he can get a tax receipt for the donation he made, and then he needed to leave the store and not come back. i guess it must have worked, for she went back to the front and didn't come back to tell me anything more on the subject.

there was one other incident where a woman bought a table without looking at it fully first, and then when they took it out to carry to her vehicle, she didn't like the way it looked and wanted her money back. i told her we didn't give refunds, but she could pick out another table. she did, but there was still a $2 difference. she fussed about not getting her money back again, then went over and picked out a floral arrangement which was $3.99 and i put in 1.99 as what she owed and she said she wasn't paying anything more. so i voided the arrangement, and she still was fussing that she didn't want to exchange it for anything, she wanted her money back. so i called RC over and she told her the same thing i did. the woman said she would just get something else, but kept saying that everything was nothing but sh*t anyway, and when RC heard her say that, she GAVE the arrangement to her, just because she had said it was a piece of sh*t. she took it anyway, lol. so i guess RC killed her with kindness.

when we were ready to leave, i started counting the money and KW, who hadn't offered to help before, came over and started counting the money with me. when we finished, it came up $20 short. we counted it again, then called RC to the front to count it, and we still came up $18 short. KW started saying we could check her for the money, she never carries cash on her. she called DD on her cell and told him. he, of course, said to bag it and leave it till tuesday when we open again. now, this is my opinion, and my opinion only, but 1) when i close and count just by myself, i am usually right on the money or at least within a dollar over or under. 2) i felt that KW jumped to saying we could strip search her, check her purse, etc. TOO QUICKLY and was too adamant about it. it just seemed a little suspicious to me. i know she has had some serious money problems recently as well. so don't strike me dead, Lord, it is just a suspicion.

we closed up and went to our cars and KW, who ran for the door as soon as i took the money to the safe, was still sitting in her car. she asked if we could stay with her for a little while, as her car wouldn't start. so we did. i told Miss S and RC they could go on since they had so far to go. but they decided to stay with us. KW finally got her car started and we all left. i had brought the rest of the spaghetti home with me so ate some for supper.

the day ended on a sour note when i called my daughter to see if we were going out to eat or get together on sunday or monday. she was at home, but had company. i asked her if she had plans for tomorrow and she told me she did, that a friend was in from out of town and was staying with her for the next 2 days. ok, i understand that. then i asked her if she was feeling better and she said yes. i asked her if her boss had fussed at her the other day when she came out and told me it wasn't a good idea for me to come in, as he was in a bad mood. she said no he didn't. i asked if he was still being a jerk and she practically screamed at me that she never said he was a jerk. i told her that she had cried and told me he was in a bad mood, and she said yes, that is what she had said, but never said he was a jerk............well, if a boss is making my baby cry, HE IS A JERK. so maybe she wasn't crying because of him. either way, the call didn't go as well as i thought it should have. after i got off the phone with her, i called Betty, my ex-neighbor, and we made plans for lunch on monday. it is supposed to be nasty weather tomorrow, so i figured Betty didn't need to get out in it.

oh, i ran into my current downstairs neighbor as i was going to work this am, and she was very cordial. i asked her if the landlord had figured out where the water was coming from when it leaked down into her apartment. she said it hasn't happened again. then she told me there was a squirrel or rat living between my floor and her ceiling, as she hears it rolling something, maybe a nut, around, then a bowl or something. it might be my cat, but i wasn't going to tell her that, lol. then she had to leave to walk to the church and see her grandson play basketball.

i have written another book. sorry.


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Sybil said...

Sorry I have almost forgot what I was going to say !! I just went onto you have that on your 'puter ? it is a great way to speak to one another all for free...anyway I have just gone on and was speaking to a friend who I have just persuaded to go an as well. It is great fun to be able to speak. I must get my friends in New Zealand on...speaking for free can't be bad.......anyway you sure see life in that workplace of yours !! never a day the same is there !!
Hope you have a nice lunch with your friend today and enjoy..I think it is good that although you miss meeting your daughter she knows you well enough now to say she can't meet up this her age friends are everything !!!
Much Love sybil xx