Friday, January 23, 2009


i wanted to post before i went to bed and it is already so late.

we had our office Christmas party tonight at logan's roadhouse grill. it was fun, but we had problems just like last year. i got my steak, supposedly medium well, and it came medium rare, so i sent it back. by the time i got it back, everyone else was packing up the rest of their meal in styrofoam containers, so i put mine in one as well and brought it home for either lunch tomorrow or supper tomorrow night.

i dressed in my goth attire, and was actually complimented by 2 people. i didn't wear my black/pink wig, but did wear a black do-rag with white skulls all over it. we had fun throwing peanuts and joking around.

there was one incident where one of the volunteers, Mrs M, who was sitting beside me, stuck her arm all the way over my plate of food to get the salt, dragging part of her sleeve over my baked potato. i grabbed her arm and yelled "stop, you are all in my food. that is just rude!". she thought i was kidding i guess, because she kept on reaching for the salt. i repeated that it was rude and the other people at the table just stared at me. hell, it was MY food, not theres, and it WAS RUDE. i don't care who it is, i don't want their stuff in my food. i forgave her and we hugged. then she almost did it again..............sheeeeesh!! i guess it is because they are KUNTRY FOLK. you just reach and grab what you need, lol.

for those of you who pray, please keep another of the volunteers, Mr. B, in your prayers. he found out today that he has colon cancer and has to undergo more tests tomorrow to see if he is able to have the surgery. he is a big man, and plays santa claus every year for lots of groups and charities. so please, keep him in your prayers and thoughts. thank you.

gonna scoot for tonight. gotta work tomorrow.


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It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I had an ex that use to reach over and take my food off my plate - you talk about RUDE! I would of bit her. My thoughts and prayers shall go up for your fellow co worker. Hoping your able to enjoy your steak. Take care and enjoy your weekend,