Tuesday, January 6, 2009


what on earth is going on in this world? how often has this happened and no one has a clue? HOW can it happen and no one have a clue? there were days when my daughter was a teen that i wanted to strangle her, but if she was gone more than a minute longer than she was supposed to be, i was finding answers. and it shouldn't matter that the child was "adopted" and a "problem child". heck, all kids are problematic at one point or another. i just can't understand how anyone, but especially a child, can go missing and no one even have a clue.


EL DORADO, Kan. (Jan. 6) - The Kansas parents who failed to report their 11-year-old adopted son missing nearly a decade ago are "people of interest" as authorities search for him nationwide, a sheriff said Monday.

Investigators only recently learned Adam Herrman was missing and are focused on finding him, Butler County Sheriff Craig Murphy said. Adam was 11 when he disappeared in 1999 from a mobile home park in Towanda where he lived.

Authorities would not say whether they believed Adam, who would now be 21, is alive. "We are working it as if it is a death but we are not leaning one way or the other," Murphy said.
Doug and Valerie Herrman adopted Adam at 2 1/2 years old, and he had been in foster care before that. The parents have not been arrested or charged with any crime, and Murphy said no charges would be filed while investigators focused on the search.

The family's attorney, Warner Eisenbise, said his clients did not harm the child. He said the Herrmans are innocent of any wrongdoing other than not reporting their son missing, which is against Kansas law.

"He was a problem child. He ran away frequently to the point of exasperation," Eisenbise said. "My clients feel very guilty that the last time he left they didn't make an attempt to locate him. Every other time, the police were called or he wandered back. They assumed he found one of his siblings or went back to his biological parents."

Murphy said investigators have not confirmed whether Adam had a history of running away. The family has cooperated with investigators, he said.

The Herrmans now live in the Wichita suburb of Derby, in neighboring Sedgwick County.
Adam was homeschooled when he disappeared, Eisenbise said.

Murphy said a search of the empty lot where the family's mobile home once stood gave investigators one answer they sought, but he did not elaborate other than to say no human remains were found.

Murphy's office did not receive a missing persons report until contacted recently by Sedgwick County's exploited and missing children's unit. He declined to say who tipped them off. It was not clear exactly when they learned of the boy's disappearance.

Investigators have not found any confirmed data on Adam's whereabouts since 1999.
Murphy asked the public for help and issued a plea to the missing boy himself: "If Adam Herrman is alive out there — and he would see this — I would ask him to contact us immediately."

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Lisa said...

Unbelievable. People go to more effort to locate their missing pets than these irresponsible people did to find him. I don't want to rush to a conclusion but I find it very odd they didn't report him missing - sounds like they are hiding something. I hope he did run away and is alive and well though.

Paula said...

As Lisa said I hope he is alive and well. I was just flabergasted when I read this.

Sybil said...

It is hard to believe anything so horrendous as that story,,,quite unbelievable...I pray that if he did wander he found a safe haven and will come forward.
Much Love Sybil x

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Somethings never cease to amaze me - this would be one of those things. What's wrong with this world today. Thanks for sharing this. Take care,

Jimmy's Journal said...

That's sick! Problem children are easy to deal with but not reporting the child missing for ten years raises eyebrows, to say the least.


Jeannette said...

There is simply no accounting for people. I am as bemused as you.