Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well, here I am, older, and sleepy. But boy what a day it has been. I wanted to sleep in a little later than I had set the alarm for, but after resetting it from 9 to 10 am, I became wide awake and decided to get up around 10:30 am.

I had planned to jump up, get dressed and rush out into the world, run my errands and then stop at Mrs. Winners to pick up lunch. But after I got up, I got lazy. I ate a bowl of cereal, then sat and watched some courtroom shows on tv, then got online for a little bit, reading emails. I was surprised to see that all of the “sites” that I have signed up for online sent me birthday greetings, and one of my long time online friends sent me a birthday ecard. It was nice. I figured that would be the highlight of my day.

I finally got myself motivated and started out to my car. It was cold and windy, but the sun was out. I always look at my tires when I go out to my car, and when I did today, the front passenger tire looked low. The front driver side tire was already low. So I decided that on the way to pick up my check from work, I would stop at McDonough Tire and Auto (where they treat women right) to get them to check my air pressure in my tires. They were nice enough to do all 4 of them, and didn’t charge me.

Though you probably don’t really care, it is easier for me to use code names for my fellow co-workers. So here goes:

Mean Woman = MW
Resident Christian = RC
Yank Ogre = YO
Director = DD
Assistant Director = AD
RC’s Friend = Miss S.
My Adopted Daughter = EJ
The New Young Cashier = KW
Community Service Workers = CS
Electronics Volunteer = RE
Librarian Volunteers = (him) CG; (her) LG

Then I went on to work to get my check. As I was walking from my car to the building, one of my good customers, Mrs. H., came up to me and told me she wanted to do something for me for my birthday. I told her I wasn’t working today, but maybe we could do something another day. She said she would see me tomorrow. When I walked into DD’s office, AD was in there and she yelled my name, ran and hugged me and asked me what I was planning on doing after I left there. I told her I was cashing my check and paying my bills, then on to Mrs. Winner’s for lunch. She asked me if I had been to the new little sub shop right up the street. I told her I hadn’t, so she said she would like to take me out to eat. I told her it wasn’t necessary and she huffed and puffed and told me she would do what she wanted to, lol.

Then she gave me a little silver gift bag with several little items in it. One was a pencil with a girl’s cloth head on top, with braids. There were two sets of air fresheners that are skulls that clip onto your air vents in your car. There were 2 packs of the little envelopes that contain flavoring for your water….which she knows I love. And last, but not least, something I have to share with the whole store……..a money marking pen that attaches to the register. I have begged her and begged her to get us another one, so she did, and she said it was mine, but we all had to use it, lol. There has been a 2 drawer metal file cabinet sitting in the holding room for several months. It used to be AD’s, but she took it out of her office to use somewhere else. Well today, she decided she didn’t want it anymore, and gave it to me, as another birthday present, lol. I got one of the CS guys to help load it in my car. Now getting it out and up my stairs is going to be a trip.

YO came up to the office and told me that someone was looking for me. I went around the store looking for whoever it was, and she wasn’t there. I found her in the back….it was Betty, my ex-downstairs neighbor. She wanted to take me to lunch, but I told her the gang there was taking me out. So we plan on going out to eat sometime Sunday or Monday.

After much huffing and puffing from MW not wanting to relieve EJ, Miss S took over for her so that the 3 of them could take me to lunch. We all went together in KW’s car, and we had a blast. Of course, we had to get in a little bit of gossiping about the other employees and how 2-faced they were. I know, not a good thing……..and I guess we were really only telling the truth about them, but shouldn’t have even brought them up. Then poor AD got a call from her hubby and they were fussing back and forth about something and we all kept laughing at her, lol. She wasn’t amused, lol.

We came back and AD’s husband was there with a dog crate full of puppies. They were able to find homes for 2 of them. I wanted one of them, but of course cannot have a dog.
I already have an attack cat, lol. But they were all so cute.

To show you how mean MW is, she was in the break room while I was waiting on the girls to get ready to go to lunch, and DD came in, pacing, looking worried. I asked him if he was ok, and he said he had a lot on his mind. Then he told me not to keep the girls out too long, as he needed them back in the store. I was a bit miffed, since it wasn’t MY idea to go out to eat in the first place, and all the others take off and go to lunch with customers and each other and stay gone for over an hour. There is no fairness there
Anywho…I told DD that heck, it was them that were taking me out, and I had no control, and after all, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY. Actually, neither MW or DD told me happy birthday. They were both mean, lol.

I went to cash my check, paid my car insurance, paid my post office box for another 6 months, checked my mail (all junk), and went to Bargainville. I bought a couple of sets of pillow cases that match a set of sheets I bought there awhile back, as well as a clothes pin hanging bag that I intend to use as a plastic bag holder. I stopped at Sonic to get my daily dose of DIET CHERRY LIMEADE SLUSH, ROUTE 44 SIZE, for $1.05. They messed up my order……how difficult is a drink??? Sheeeshhh!

I went to pay my rent, then stopped by my daughter’s place of work and her co-worker and friend told her I was in the parking lot, so she came out to meet me saying her boss was in a really bad mood and it was best I didn’t come in. So we stood in the cold wind and talked a minute. She had forgotten it was my birthday, but I told her it was ok. Then she started crying, saying she had a lot on her mind. She wouldn’t go into it, but it broke my heart to see her cry. I hate when my baby is unhappy or hurt. I am sure it has something to do with her old boyfriend, or maybe even a new one. Who knows. Maybe she will tell me when we go out to eat.

When I finally got home there was an envelope on the stairwell post for me. It was the dreaded gas bill. I was a bit surprised when I opened it. It was cheaper than I thought. But after looking at it, the landlord wrote a note saying it had to be paid IN FULL by 1-31-09. The bill was for $158 for 2 months. After a closer look, that amount includes the $60 I have already paid to him for the connection charge. And I AM NOT paying it again. So he is going to be surprised when he gets my payment for $98 instead of the $158. I am not privy to the downstairs tenant’s gas bill, it is separate, but as hot as she likes to keep her area, I am sure it is higher than mine. It is going to be tough coming up with the whole amount at one time. And with only 2 weeks notice……but I will manage somehow.

I guess the reason I have lost most of my readers is that my posts are TOOOOO LONG.
Heck, you should be in a face-to-face conversation with me, lol.


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Indigo said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! Sounds like it was an enjoyable one. (Hugs)Indigo