Saturday, July 4, 2009


the fourth of july is supposed to be a day of celebration, but my day didn't start out that way. i awoke at 6 am with a severely congested head, the bronchitis i have had for the last 5 weeks, and a really bad panic attack was about to occur. i knew i had to do one of two things......get out and walk or get in the car and DRIVE. i grabbed my clothes, dressed, for some reason grabbed my camera along with my purse, and headed out the door. i walked through the front door and knew i had made the right choice. the usually warm, humid air of morning was crisp and cool. a bird followed me from the house to the car, and stayed just a short distance out of my reach. i did manage to start off my "photo trek" by snapping the little critter right over my head. thank goodness i didn't get covered in bird poop.

i headed for the country, realizing there wasn't much country anymore, mostly new buildings, houses, strip malls, convenience stores..........but i was determined to help quell my panic attack by shooting something with my camera. following are the results of my trek.

1) The bird.

2) Heading south, following the rails.

3) Where am i going?

4) Forsaken barn.

5) Small town USA.

6) Small town justice....newly remodeled court house.

7) Store fronts in the morning haze.

8) Old time religion.

9) Forgotten history.

my panic attack quickly disappeared and i had a blast finding something to shoot in the early morning hours. wish i could do this every morning..........

i hope you enjoyed my trek.


Friday, July 3, 2009

hoping everyone out there in blogland that celebrates america's independence has a wonderful fourth of july. be careful of the firecrackers/fireworks, and don't eat too many hotdogs and hamburgers.



i wanted to share this poem with you here at blogger. he is a dear friend i have met on the poetry site where i have become a member. i was awestruck when he emailed this to me. he is such a talented man in so many ways. he writes beautiful poetry, heavenly short stories, and sings and plays a guitar as well. i have met several of the people on the site in person, but may never meet this wonderful man............he lives in ireland.


Upon this mortal orb we live

with friendship, hope and love;

Under Heavens veil of darkest night

and twinkling stars above.

How could we have ever known

what fate would have in store?

It was decreed that we should live

on different foreign shores.

Your sincere heart beguiles me,

and the smile on your beautiful face;

My spirit will always be with you
somewhere in time and space.

Friendship is a special thing,

it will last throughout the years;

I always will be here for you

through laughter and the tears.

You are the one who lifts me up

When I am feeling low;

You give me strength to carry on

With the charms you now bestow.

To you I give a promise,

although we are apart;

this bond will never be broken,

you remain within my heart.

*SF (6-30-09)

thank you my friend...........