Sunday, January 25, 2009


this, is a pig. and what does that have to do with anything?? i had something that belongs to this pig........riblets. let me explain.........

i slept in today since it is the only day i will have off for the next 4 days. my daughter called and woke me up around 12:30 pm. we decided we'd meet at applebee's for lunch at 2 pm. i got ready and headed that way. she called me back while i was on my way to tell me she was going to be a little late. i went on to applebee's and sat for 30 mintues in the car. she got there and we entered. i wasn't sure what i wanted, but i usually get the riblets. after perusing the whole menu, i went back to the same ole same ole......riblets. i got the platter instead of just the basket. and i was glad i did. as usual, they were fantastic. but since the bones are different from most ribs i have eaten, i was curious. so i came home and did some research. i still am not sure where they come from. some say they are the lower part of the ribcage, others say they are from the neck. i guess it doesn't matter, just as long as they don't come fom baby piglets. i couldn't handle that. i was going to post a picture of a cute piggy on this page, but just couldn't write about eating riblets and looking at an adorable little piggy. so, i went for clipart. sorry piggy piggy. but you sure were good.

my daughter and i had a great time. the waiter, wyatt, was a hoot. he is around 30 i would guess, long hair and a great personality. he would sit with us, talk to us, and joke around. we even talked about reviving a band.........yeah right, lol. an old rocker and young rocker together, on tour, hahahahahaha.

amanda and i talked about her new "male friend" (she won't let me call him a boyfriend, yet). he is about as useless as her previous one, but she seems to like him. he DOES work, but as a waiter at red lobster.........oh come on, amanda, get a REAL DUDE IN YOUR LIFE. there is nothing wrong with being on a wait staff, but if you are planning for a future, like with a wife, kids, home, cars, etc., you are going to have to do better than JUST being a waiter. after all, she is already working on her career, and thinking about getting another job to help her pay her bills. one thing i can say about her.......she is a go-getter. and she deserves a man who is the same.

we had good conversation with no fights or arguments. we are both maturing.

one of amanda's friends walked by the table, and i remember her from amanda's high school. they exchanged conversation briefly and the girl left. a friend of mine from when i worked at the craft store saw me, and she came over and sat down with me and talked for about 5 minutes. i thought it funny that my daughter thought she looked like paula deen of cooking and restaurant fame (lady and sons restaurant in savannah, GA). her party was leaving, so she said goodbye and left.

all in all, it was a good afternoon.

my computer is not keeping a good wifi signal, so i don't know if i will be able to return later, so will say "have a good week" here in case i don't get back.


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Paula said...

I have never been to an Applebees (did I spell that wrong?) Always wanted to since they built one on the south side of san antonio. Now I just have to go. Glad you enjoyed your day with your daughter.