Wednesday, January 28, 2009


amazing what a guy does for a gal. we, the female species, are always crying out "i am woman, hear me roar!", yet when a really sweet, cute fella comes along, we are the most useless embodiments of jello. we melt, we become totally helpless and do things we normally don't do..........well, most of you out there know the drill.

what am i talking about?? well, you see, my beautiful 23 year old daughter recently dumped her boyfriend of 3.5 years, met and started seeing another guy who she thought was the cat's meow, then dumped him, then, just a week ago, met another cute guy and has already done the jello thing. now, being 55, i don't understand today's "young people's dialogue/vocabulary". she claims this young man is NOT her boyfriend. they are NOT dating. but they ARE talking. ok, i talk to hundreds of people a week, but i am not "dating" them. he has spent the last week having a "sleepover" at my daughter's apartment, but they are not "dating". sigh.

anywho.........this adorably cute young man, who is also 23, had a little speeding problem and has to do some community service. since we use mostly community service people as workers at the SA, my daughter called me on friday of last week to see if i could get him in as a CS worker. it was already after 8:30 am, which usually means we have already taken all the CS workers we can use for that day. i told her to have him come on over and i would try to talk MW or DD into taking him and keeping him. when i asked both of them, they both said NO. they had already turned away 3 guys and couldn't take him. so he made plans to come back on monday and tuesday and be there early enough to get in.

monday morning i got there at my usual time of 8:45 am, and there were about 6 guys and 3 gals standing out back listening to DD. he told them he would take all of them, but that we couldn't take anyone else. i looked at each guy and figured out which one was my daughter's "friend" and introduced myself. he is very sweet, doesn't cuss, doesn't smoke, has great manners and i really like him. he has black hair and blue eyes, my weakness (no i am not after my daughter's friend, lol).

ok, to my reason for this entry.........

i have worked at the SA for a year and 2 months, and my daughter has NEVER come over to the store and brought me lunch, taken me out for lunch or even asked to come have lunch with me. this guy was at the SA for 2 days, monday and tuesday, and my daughter called me both days and asked me if i wanted something to eat, as she was bringing this guy some lunch and was going to sit and eat with us. now, i could have complained that she only did this because of him, which is the total truth, but i am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. i placed my order with her and sat down and ate lunch with the 2 of them, lol. i offered to pay her back, but she wouldn't let me. so, see how a guy can turn my daughter from a gal who never buys lunch for anyone unless it is their birthday, to a gal who, because of a guy, has brought mom lunch 2 days in a row. now, he wasn't there today, so i didn't even get a call from her asking if i wanted something to eat, lol. but it is ok. i vaguely remember being young.........and loving the attention of a male suitor. she will eventually get the stars out of her eyes, and realize he is just a guy.

i noticed that not only have i lost a lot of commenters, but i have also lost one of my followers. this really saddens me. i feel i have failed my friends out there in blogland by not writing something interesting for them to read. my poetry journal, Somewhere In Time, has failed as well. i truly miss all my readers and commenters. i don't feel whole anymore without all of them. i do thank those who have read and commented, and even those who have read and not commented. i just don't know what to do to make my blog more readable, more enjoyable. if you have any suggestions, please, feel free to drop me an email at, or add a comment. i will take all suggestions into consideration.

of course, i worked today, and OF COURSE, there was drama. after being ruffed up by the sandpaper tongues of MW and YO, i was complimented by my boss, DD. he is about to embark on a cruise over the next couple of weeks, being on vacation. he told me he was counting on me to help keep the peace, and not let the others bother me with their cattiness. in other words, don't call me on the cruise

there was a hush hush meeting this afternoon with DD, AD and KW. something about KW being in trouble because of something MW complained about her. KW left right at 5, seemingly very upset. KW had been angry with EJ, the other young cashier, all afternoon because she didn't come tell her she was at work. petty petty petty...........................

my online friend, Ne, got me hooked on a yahoo group called (link below) this group offers items for free as long as you are willing to go and pick them up. i have gotten some nice things and have also offered some things that were picked up by others. recently a woman asked for food for her children. she could be a scammer, but it doesn't matter to me. i have been blessed with lots of canned goods that i will never get around to eating. i belong to a co-op that supplies me with lots of food. so i emailed her and asked if her whole family would eat rice, canned green beans, canned corn, canned carrots and boxed mac and cheese. she emailed back that they would love to have those items. so i put together a box of those items and some gatorade, and will let her pick those up tomorrow sometime. it made me feel really good to help someone in need, and whether she is scamming or not, i have done what i felt was right. it is between her and God if she is not needy. i have been on that side of the fence a lot over the last 5 years, and now that i have been blessed with more than enough food, i feel it is my duty and my desire to help someone else.

it is a really rainy, dreary night, so i should sleep really good. my house has a tin roof and it sounds so good when it rains on it.

today's quote: A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. (Herm Albright)

i better sign off before i have written another novelette.

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Nelishia said...

Well, as you can see I'm still a reader. That story about your daughter totally shows her age and how our experience from living as long as we have can see right through all the other pretense.
I had to laugh right out loud because even though Dirk and I went out for two or three months to dinners and walks in the park and to church, I still didn't think or even realize we were dating as I constantly told him that it 'wasn't like that' and I always wanted to make sure that 'we were on the same page'. I just didn't date. HA joke was on me. We laugh our butts off about it now. I even wrote him this letter about just wanting some space. But I meant it. And he gave me about three weeks and he wrote me a letter. After that, we really, really were dating. J-E-L-L-O hahaha

There's always drama at your crazy job. The characters involved are going to make it so.

Giving away food now after being on the other end is such a huge blessing just to be in this place. I can't find a co-op to belong to in NW Georgia. We'd really love that.

Have you made it over to Facebook yet? If you do add me to your friend's list please.

Sybil said...

That was some good news at least about your daughters latest "find" long may it last as he seems a nice guy... We have a freecycle over here as well I think it is an ideal way to get rid of things we don't want but others need and visa versa...I signed up a while ago but I had so many alerts that I had to give it up especially when I went on holiday or my in box would have een overflowing. Must go now and get the lunch strated making mince for todays lunch when my sister and brother in law come over..
Much Love Sybil xx

JoHn'S wOrLd said...

Hello, im a new reader and enjoy reading your blog,Just continue to write about your dailey hapenings.if you get a chance stop by my blog.I just saved yours to my favorites and will follow it Have a good day at work on thursday,hope you get your lunch lol

ADB said...

I'm pleased your daughter is happy with her current young man. Long may it last...

Oh, I nipped over to your poetry journal. I wouldn't be too downhearted about your perceived lack of readers. Not everybody comments - a lot of people nowadays skim by on the feed reader.


Jimmy's Journal said...

At 23, she should be sorting throught the rank and file because not everyone is a keeper.

I wouldn't be overly concerned as women have a tendency to see who their other girlfriends date or marry and usually gauge their choices appropriately. It's a culling process.