Thursday, June 18, 2009


SYBIL!!! i see you on my sidebar. do you have a blog, and if so, how do i find it?

sybil and i talked via skype the other day, and it was wonderful. she is the most adorable, warm, friendly person i have met on here. (and she had the cutest accent)

i cannot wait until i get over this stupid bronchitis so that i might continue talking to sybil and others on skype.

since i have been away from this site (only a few days), i have managed to collect a couple more followers............welcome, and thank you for coming here to read my insanities.

i just came back from going to pick up some clothing items from a fellow freecycler. she said in her email that there was a HUGE bag of women's clothing. when i arrived at the house, she wasn't even close when she used the word huge. it was a silver lawn bag stuffed full of clothing. it was so heavy, i couldn't even pick it up. i had to drag it down her steps and out to the car, then roll it up into my car, lol. i was so hot and tired when i got home, i didn't feel like taking it out of the car. i cannot wait till i can go through it. like i need more clothing, lol.

i came over here to my blog to catch up on other's blogs, but when i saw that i had new followers and one of them was sybil, i was all excited. so now, i will bow out and go read blogs.


Monday, June 15, 2009


I wanted to straighten something out for my anonymous commenter on my entry "It's Official....I Have a Stalker". In the comment "anonymous" made it sound like I was leading this stalker on. The poetry site where I am a member isn't set up like Blogspot. Every single post that is made, whether it be poetry, prose or just chatter, is sent via email to every single member of the site. Before opening the email you have no idea whose post it is. You have to open it to see whose work it is. So I am not going back to HIS blog. I am simply opening emails. And the courteous thing to do is for every post, make a nice comment about their work. I have even refrained from doing that, so that HE cannot mistake what I am saying for a sign that I like HIM.

So, my little anonymous "friend", you are very much off course in stating I might be leading HIM on. If he has any ideas that I like him in any way, shape or fashion, those ideas are all in HIS head.

Sometimes in this ole world people who are lonely, depressed and down on their luck hang on the words of others. I think this man has just misunderstood my writings, and the comments that I made back when I WAS commenting on his work.

Hope that straightens it out for you, "ANONYMOUS". (since you didn't reveal who you are, are you a stalker of mine as well?????)


Friday, June 12, 2009


i joined a poetry group online back in december of last year. i only joined because a dear online friend kept sending me invitations, and i gave in to her requests. after landing there, i made friends with almost every member immediately. it was like finding a home, a place to belong. i have even met a couple of the people from the site, and they are even more wonderful in person than online.

mostly the site is about poetry, some prose and even photography. some even write blogs, much like here on blogger. there is a forum, there are numerous groups you can join for different aspects of the poetic world, and the membership keeps growing.

when i joined it seemed that the men were drawn to me like a moth is to a flame. i made a small handful of female friends, but the men almost immediately wanted to give me their personal email addresses, their cell and home phone numbers, etc. no, it isn't what you are thinking. they are not horndogs, just needing to get the perspective of a female on their poetry and prose (you don't have to believe me if you don't want to, lol). i have made some good friends on the site, both male and female. i try to read each entry and make some type of comment. since the membership has grown, i cannot keep up with all the posts, so i read and if i like it or want to comment on it, i do. if i don't understand it, or don't like it, i just don't comment.

one gentleman, who by the way is single (divorced), and has teen daughters living with him in his small apartment in pittsburgh, PA, writes, i guess you would say, mediocre poetry. he has a childlike mentality on life (which really isn't all that bad if you think about it), and he is looking for love. i have never given him any reason to think i am interested in him. i comment on his poetry or prose, but don't get all mushy about it.

in a comment on one of his posts, i made a reference to "wishing someone would write a poem to me, wink wink". of course, i was meaning my significant other, and not this gentleman. but this gentleman, jim, thought i meant i wanted him to write me a poem. so he did. i didn't even realize he had mistakenly thought i wanted him to write it. it all seemed innocent enough. that was back in february of this year.

ok, fast forward to may of this year. i was catching up on reading poetry from may and early june and ran across another poem of jim's...........with my name in it. i panicked. it was another "love" poem. ok, what should i do? i asked a couple of online friends and they said 2 different things. one said i should just ask him. the other said i should just ignore it. i chose to email him and ask him if it was me he was writing about. he admitted it was. he said he liked to write something new for someone every now and again to bring a smile to their face. ok, now this is freaking me out. i thanked him and let it go., i was reading emails from the site, and BOOOOM!!! there was another romantic poem..........with my name in it. OMG..........OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!! i have a stalker!!!! my significant other stated i was a flirt.........and that was why it happened in the first place. but of course, that isn't true (bats eyelashes).

i have enclosed the 3 poems for your "pleasure", lol.

For Regina

Poem By Jimsmith

I was introduced to this
Gal Named Regina
It became some would call
A blind date for us

For we have been set up
By a neutral friend
And some family members
It would be a good Idea for us to meet

We went to the Olive Garden
For a special dinner
She had a rose tuck in her hair
Her eyes shining in the night

Her hair blowing in the wind
I just knew once I heard
Her soft voice
That she was all sugar and spice

On the inside right to the heart
She was all dressed in red
A knee length dress
Lovely earrings and beautiful make up

Not a fault I could find
She was attractive beyond my mind
I would have waited for hours
For this moment in time

The line was long
We had to wait for an hour
To be seated at the restaurant
Therefore, we sat down at the bar

Had ourselves a few drinks
Too, get the conversation started
I ask her for information
About her family relations

Shared our lives tales so far
She told me of her roots
And I told her mine
Of being that steel city Kid

Coming from a big family
Living in the city
I found Regina was a talker
Therefore, I lessoned to every word

She was fascinating to me
So light and warm hearted
That is the way she started
Expressing her love of children

As she told me of her experience
Of working as a fulltime nurse
At a local child care center
That’s when I knew Regina

Was so special
The kind of gal I would
Like to date again
So at the end of the dinner we

Departed she left her number
On a napkin so I could call her
Some time like tomorrow
To extend my hand in friendship

For you know we all need good friends
That is what makes the world go around
And with a smile we departed
She went to her car

I went to mine
For we both had a goodtime
With a hug and a wave of a hand
We said our goodbyes

Tags: friendship, hope, in, love, respect

Wonders of her love

I stand at a distance
No showing my interest
She has a kind heart
In my world she could be apart

Wonders of her love to be
Spending lots of time with me
Walking hand and hand you see
Talking about everything

What the future holds
We do not know
We live for the moment
And I show it

Wonders of her love to me
Could bring me to live so happy
Regina is a wonderful gal
I had made her look good in pearls

If you could of seen her face light up
When I put the pearls around her neck
It took me back to when I was young
And I saved 10 percent of my income

for a day like today
to show her in a way
She will be mine forevermore
It was my plan

Since I could stand
To cherish this special woman
The one that stolen my heart
For years to come we will never part

I just could see it in Regina's eyes
She was taken by surprise
Now she knows what she means to me
She is one of a kind

One that was meant for me
So Regina If your out there
Please give me a call some day

Tags: forevermore, love, regina, special

She is blessed for success

There she was standing
Over at the corner
Dressed for success
In her pants suit

I do believe she looked so cute
With in her smile I was transfixed
Her eyes sparkled oh they shined
I remember the day she became mine

She was waring her beautiful wedding dress
She was blessed for our success
Regina I am glad you came around for me
You became an excellent cook and a good wife

I cherish you in every way
In our modest home I know you will stay
Because you trust in me all the way
Sometimes you only think it's these words

Of choice that brought you to me
It sure was the happy times we shared
In the lonely mountains in the log cabin
Way deep in the woods

Where we explored our love
Oh if I could only dream this dream true
How happy I would become
To have a special lady beside me

Regina I can't begin to tell you
How much you mean to me
Your my love my everything
The glory of the stars and strips

have nothing over you
You just sparkle in my mind
All of the time
I can't get you out of my head

I hope you feel the same way about me
For you know I built us a house in a tree
Thats how modest I can be
So Regina come stay at home with me

Tags: be, come, lady, life, my, of, special, wife


Thursday, June 11, 2009


today was a beautiful day. not just because the sun was shining brightly and everything was green, but because i got my money back.

i went to lunch and headed straight for "Big Chic". when i walked in, the first thing the woman said, with a smile, was "What the heck do you want?". i jokingly said back to her in a "mean" tone, "MY MONEY, WOMAN". she pulled it out of her pocket and handed it to me. she said she hadn't touched it other than to fold it. i told her i trusted her. (when i finally looked inside the envelope, the money was turned around backwards, so i knew she had counted it, but it was all there)

i bought my lunch, thanked her again, and told her i couldn't give her any of the money for it was rent money, but i would like to do something for her. i told her i make jewelry and could make her something. she said no, i said yes, so she said maybe a pair of earrings. so i will make her several pair, lol.

so, there ARE still good people out there and their stories should be told.



Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There is a reason
That the sun comes up every day
(Even if it hides behind the rainclouds)

There is a reason
That we awaken from deep sleep
(Even if it is from a bad dream)

There is a reason
That though we feel depressed and devastated
(And would rather give up, and die)

There is a reason
We stand up and move forward

Just as there is a reason
I got up from the computer and dressed

There is a reason
I went to my car and cranked it up

There is a reason
I stopped at the General Storage office
(Asking if they had found an envelope of money)

There is a reason
I didn't cry and give up when they said "No".

There is a reason
I went to my dental appointment at 5:00 pm
(Even though I knew they would tell me my two
teeth would have to be pulled instead of fixed)

There is a reason
I stopped at the Dollar General on the way home
(To ask if they had found an envelope of money)

There is a reason
I didn't scream and throw myself onto the floor
(When they, too, said "No")

There is a reason
I took the long way home
(Even though the traffic was horrendous)

There is a reason
I remembered I had stopped at Big Chick
(Two nights ago to get some good fried chicken fingers)

There is a reason
I walked to the counter and spoke to the nice lady
(Who is the same one who waited on me two nights ago)

There is a reason
I asked if they had found an envelope with...............

There is a reason
She nodded her head "Yes" even before I could finish my sentence

There is a reason
God gave us tears and the ability to thank others

There is a reason
For honest, hard-working people

There is a reason


Big Chick is a mom-and-pop owned establishment; sort of a hole-in-the-wall eatery. it isn't a restaurant, for there are no chairs or tables. you order your chicken, and you leave. this woman is part owner of this place, and she is in the flour/milk mixture day in and day out, trying to eek out a small profit and keep the business afloat. she found my envelope of money, marked "RENT" and figured it was mine, since i had been the last customer in the place and no one else had come in since. she took it home, hoping i would return and ask for it. she didn't know me from Eve, and had no way of getting in touch with me. had i not gone to the dental appointment, had i not taken the long way home, had i not remembered that i had stopped there to get supper 2 nights before, i would still be out of my rent money......$250. part of the reason this is such a miracle is that this little chicken place is right in the middle of a shopping plaza that constantly has homeless men, drug dealers, scum bags, gang members hanging out all the time. a friend of mine from church lost her husband to a druggie who killed him for $4 and some change. there is a sort of biker bar about 100 feet from the front door of the chicken place. so there is absolutely no reason why that money should have been still there on the floor when the owner walked around to clean off the soda machine. absolutely no reason that someone hadn't walked in, saw the envelope and picked it up, having themselves a great night out on the town, or a drugged night on the corner. no reason.......except for one................GOD IS IN CONTROL.

thank you to each and every one who held me in their thoughts and prayers during this terrible nightmare. of course, i do not have the money in hand yet. she took the envelope home and kept it for me. she will bring it to work with her tomorrow and i can come pick it up. i asked her for her telephone number so i could call, and she gave me her complete name, her home/work/cell numbers and her address. so i am pretty sure i will be getting the money back.



Tuesday, June 9, 2009


not sure if i will be around much for awhile. i discovered something today that has totally devastated me...............i have lost $250 of my rent money. it is gone. disappeared. i have looked in my whole purse, and in areas around my house where i put the envelope that says "rent". nada. nowhere. and i cannot actually remember where i last had the envelope. i got paid on the 4th, cashed my check, divided the money between "rent" and "storage" and kept some out for emergencies. the last time i remember the envelope is when i paid my storage fee. i may have left the envelope there with the money in it. then i bought groceries on sunday, the 7th. i had to get out a five dollar bill to pay for the non-food items, but don't remember taking it out of the "rent" envelope. it could have fallen out, been left on the counter, which i never do, but it could have happened, or someone took it from my purse at work. doesn't really matter how it disappeared, just that it did. i was already a little down due to being a little under the weather (i think jo gave me something via the internet, lol), but now i am really depressed. i get paid again on the 18th, but then my rent will be 3 days late and i will be charged a $50 late fee. sigh............i am going to go and cry for awhile. so if you don't see me on here, this is why.


Monday, June 8, 2009


hello everyone............i have wifi, at least for now.

well, i got a nice little typed letter from our landlord right before he left for vacation through the 15th. in this little letter he tells me that he is going to have the fire marshall out when he comes back from vacation to inspect the whole house. he is doing this to try to evict me, for i had some things stacked up against the wall near the window with the air conditioner unit (craft tubs with craft supplies inside) and he said that had to be moved, it was a fire hazard. i plan on mentioning to the fire marshall that every single window in this house but one in my bedroom, is painted shut, which is a definite fire hazard.

he also stated that i could, under no circumstances, store belongings or food in the house. ok, so i guess we have to starve and go naked and sleep on the floor, right? he stated that i could not store anything in my car as he took very seriously the view of the community on his property. i work at a place where people are always giving me things, and i bring home those items as well as items i purchase. i cannot afford to have ALL my furniture moved into the house, thus i have nowhere to store these items. they are in boxes in my car, and in the house, neatly placed. i cannot believe this man is the local mayor. he is an idiot. he has no idea how poor people live, nor does he care. he was born with a pewter spoon in his mouth and doesn't realize there are people in this world that have little to nothing and live paycheck to paycheck. but i cannot afford to move out. it is cheap, as long as you can put up with the sh*t. and believe me, he can dish it out. i had mentioned to him that i had bought a freezer that was on the side porch, and to not unplug it. he said the power bill was huge and he was checking with the power company about the amount of increase. duh, freezers do up the power, but not THAT much. it is just summer hours, and summer rates. plus, the air conditioner runs 24/7.

i forgot to mention that a day before i got the above mentioned letter, i got a post-it note on the outside of the front door asking me why there were horse flies in the downstairs common area. hell if i know! i don't have any in my apartment, so i have no clue why they are gathering in the downstairs. maybe because something died in the ceiling of the downstairs (my floor) and the flies are finishing it off. geeeze louise............

i want another vacation............i had so much fun on my last one.........

i have lost most of my kitties. they are either dead or have moved on to greener pastures since i was gone for almost a week. there is still Tommy, the tom cat, and Whitey, the, um, white cat, lol. i am so original, aren't i.

my daughter will kill me for printing this in here, but she recently bought a house, at age 23. i am very proud of her and wanted to show it off.

i have lots to say, but am tired and sleepy. i guess i better go to bed. so sorry i haven't been a good friend and blogger. i will never get caught up with everything until i get a full time wifi signal. keep your fingers crossed.