Friday, January 30, 2009


i didn't work today, but did go by work and picked up my check. it was for a dollar more than i had anticipated. sigh..........

i got up around 10 am so that i could place the food items on my porch for the lady from freecycle to come pick up. i couldn't make myself get in gear to go run my errands. i finally got myself motivated by thinking about going to mrs. winners and getting fried chicken for lunch. i need it like i need a hole in the head, but hey, i love my fried chicken.

i drove over to work, found AD outside by her old car (she just bought a new one) with the hood up. i asked her why was she driving the old car and what was wrong with it. she said it was the same ole same ole, even though it was supposed to be fixed 2 days ago. she volunteered to go in and get my check for me, but i got out and went in and got it myself. i didn't go into the store part, just into the office. i wasn't in the mood for seeing any customers or co-workers.

as i was preparing to leave, KW and EJ drove up in EJ's suv. now, KW was mad at EJ all day yesterday, and didn't speak to her at all, all day. but who did she call and ask for a ride when her car wouldn't start this am?? and EJ is just sweet enough a girl that she went and picked her up. i spoke to them, hugged AD and left. i had my chicken lunch and headed south to cash my check. while in town, i went to the post office and had some interesting mail. the SA pays into a retirement fund for each employee after they have been there a year. i got my letter telling me mine had been opened. woohoo. retirement fund........with $0 in it, lol. but at least it IS A RETIREMENT FUND! i don't have one with any other company where i have worked. it will help me balance out my social security, if i get any social security. people laugh at me for saying i would like to retire now and draw my SS. it would be about $400 a month less if i did that instead of waiting till i was 65. but heck, with the government giving away our money left and right to people who are not even citizens of this country, there may not be any left in my account if i wait till 65. i could draw the amount i can get for now, and supplement with working part time. sounds like a plan to me, lol.

i went to the library to try to open my turbotax account to see if i needed to print the form for my signature, and make copies of the return itself. instead, i decided to just load it all on my flashdrive and bring it home and make my copies for free. i saved $1.40.

i went to my little bargain place and bought $1 worth of stuff.....2 bracelets. i also went to the other thrift store in mcdonough and bought a little mother's day plate for $1. then i headed home. i stopped by sonic to get my daily fix of a route 44 diet cherry limeade slush, then on home. the food items were gone off the porch, but i never got an email from the lady saying she got the food. so i hope she did.

i had a good supper of barbecued smoked pork chops and mixed veggies. of course, i was extremely full when i was done. i need to get my sink drain fixed so that i can wash dishes in the kitchen sink again. right now i am washing what i need for each meal in the bathroom sink. i know, disgusting. you do what you have to do to survive.

guess i better get into bed. i have to work tomorrow and i never know what i am going to be faced with. i was going to pay my rent today, changed my mind, decided to do it tomorrow, and then changed my mind again and decided to wait till monday. so i might go out to eat lunch tomorrow, by myself.

have a peaceful sleep and a great tomorrow.

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ADB said...

Well done for starting a retirement fund, Regina; so many people forget about that. People are odd, so much is clear - first having a row, then catching a lift. Sigh. Hope you'll have a nice day Friday.