Sunday, February 22, 2009

WHAT THE.................???

I would be remiss if I didn't ocassionally report the atrocities at work. So, briefly, this is what happened on Saturday.

RC, Miss S., and MW were at work with me. RE, a volunteer who comes in later in the day if he doesn't have to work, loves the Georgia Bulldogs and usually gets all the shirts, caps, belts, etc. that come through the store with the Bulldogs logo.

There is a customer who is a bit pushy about "giving" her things for free or at a greatly reduced price. She and RC are usually close buddies, having been to lunch together numerous times, the customer, Mrs. J. usually buying. Mrs. J. doesn't like MW at all, and vice versa.

Well, Mrs. J. came in, and brought a Georgia Bulldogs jersey up to the counter to show me. It was white, with red accents and the GA Bulldogs logo. It looked brand new, but was the regular shirt price instead of "new shirt" price, so Mrs. J. was ecstatic that she found it. She also found a little breath freshening kit in the back of the store in a little bin where we keep lotions, mouthwashes, etc. She said she was going to buy that and give it to DD, our boss, who we all have to admit has really bad breath.

I was working the register and Mrs. J. was talking to me about different things when RC came up to the register and noticed the shirt. She glared at me (black-eyed glare) and asked why on earth did i think it was right for me to sell that shirt or even offer it to anyone. Mrs. J. was standing right there. I told her that I "didn't offer it", that Mrs. J. said it was on the shirt rack with the other shirts. RC took it away from Mrs. J. and told her it wasn't for sale. I was appalled. If I had been Mrs. J., I would have insisted that I be able to purchase the shirt or there would be H to pay. I had several customers after that, so turned my back to the situation between RC and Mrs. J., but after I finished with my customers, I turned around and apologized to Mrs. J. She shook her head and said she didn't realize she was doing anything wrong. I told her she wasn't, that if an item is hung out on the rack and has a colored tag in the neck, IT IS FOR SALE!! Then Mrs. J. told me that RC even took away the little mouth freshener kit. She said it was in her drawer in the back and she didn't know how it got out on the floor. Sheeeesh!

There has been talk about RC and the male volunteer, RE, having a fling. RC is a hoity toity "Christian Lady" who lost her husband several years back and says she will never love or marry again. Now RE is a whole different ball game, lol. He is a sexual deviant (of course, it is mostly kidding around, but he does love his sex) and though he claims to be a Christian, one can sometimes doubt it. He and RC go out to eat alot, and when asked if they are an item, they say they are just friends. But after the way RC reacted to the new GA Bulldogs shirt which she planned on giving to RE, I have to wonder just what is their relationship. Of course, it is none of my business.............even though RE sends me all the really funny and um, dirty, emails. I know, I shouldn't be that way.

Well, back to work tomorrow to see what else is gonna happen. I am over the flu, but there is a little faery sitting in the back of my throat with a feather, constantly tickling the back of my throat. I wish she would move on...............

Hope everyone out there has a great week.



ADB said...

Quite a bunch of shenanigans going on at your place of work, Regina. Get well soon

Sybil said...

You sure get an odd lot where you work, do wish you could get a nicer place to work where all woudl be calm and peaceful...mind you that would probably be a very hard one to find !! keep smiling thats all you can do
Love Sybil xx