Thursday, February 5, 2009


hello are going to hear something i have never said before (well, maybe only once or twice in my lifetime, lol)..........I AM COLD!!!

i always brag about never turning on my heat because i like the cold AND i like to save money. so, last night it was going to be a very cold night. the forecast was temps in the middle teens, with very high velocity winds making it a wind chill factor of near zero. i like cold, but i am no fool. we went to bed with the gas furnace set on low (i usually just use the pilot light for heat) and curled up under the bunches of cover. coatie was on her heating pad and wouldn't budge from that spot. i fell asleep quickly (i sleep better cold) and awoke near dawn. i rolled over and went back to sleep and when the alarm went off at 8 am, i bounced out from under the covers and my naked feet hit the hardwood floor and MAMA MIA!!!!!!!!!! i thought my feet were going to freeze to the floorboards. i jumped up and grabbed some warm clothing and house shoes and ran to the bathroom. now i only thought it was cold in my bedroom. the bathroom was worse. my fanny froze to the toilet seat. when i went back into the bedroom i felt something wasn't right. usually the pilot light on the furnace keeps it a decent temp in the room, even on cold nights. an example: if it is 15 outside, it is usually 28 inside. so if i want it to be around freezing or higher, i have to turn the furnace from pilot to 1 or 2.

i went to the furnace and reached around back and turned it up.........nothing happened. so i looked at the front and there was no pilot light. ok, how long had this been out?? obviously after going to bed. it was on when i went to bed. i don't know how it would do it, but since the wind was so high last night, maybe it caused it to blow out or sucked it back through the line. not sure, but either way, it was out. i didn't have time to relight it (a feat i haven't mastered). so i tried to shut it off completely and wasn't able to do so. so i cut it down to off so that it wouldn't feed gas into the furnace.

i worried all day that my cat would be asphyxiated while i was at work. when i got home i was glad to see she was fine and the place hadn't burned down or exploded.

i was going to relight the furnace after i ate supper, but got out another electric space heater and set it up in the room in front of the furnace, so with the 2 heaters going, it is fine in here (around 48 degrees). when i go to bed i will shut off the 1 in front of the furnace and keep the 1 next to the bed.

i worked today and there was some drama, but not enough to worry about. i did have a couple of customers that came in and wanted me to put a sold sign on a piece of furniture and when i told them i couldn't do that unless it was paid for, the mother (around 70) said ok, she would do that, but her daughter (around 45) said i was being rude and they shouldn't buy anything. it was too high priced anyway. i just ignored everything the daughter said and kept being nice to the mother and other customers.

there was a rocking cradle for sale and the daughter and the mother asked me about it. they wanted me to come down on the price since the daughter said that piece of furniture had been there for months. i told her it had just come in the day before because i helped put it together. she started to argue with me so L'il K went over and looked at the date on it, and it was the 3rd, yesterday (hahahaha). they bought it and i called community service guy R up to help them put it in their car. i was telling him how to dismantle it, and then i thought he was one of the ones who helped put it together yesterday, and when i asked him if he had helped put it together, the daughter haughtily and loudly said "i thought you said YOU put it together!" i looked her in the eye and told her "no, i said i HELPED put it together". B*TCH!

i found out later that she had asked L'il K if i was the manager. and she had asked R who i was and that she didn't like me at all. ok, sweety, the feeling is definitely mutual. my favorite part was when she came up to the counter and asked me where i was from. i told her i was born and raised in georgia and lived there all my life. she just humphed. grrrrrrrrrrrrr. she thought she was going to get to say "oh you are from the north, no wonder i don't like you" lol.

community service guys, R and S, hung out up front with me most of the afternoon because MW left to go see a house she wants to buy (second time she had left the premises for over an hour) and EJ left for lunch, leaving me there by myself except for the 2 cs guys. 2 suspicious men came into the store so i asked the guys to stick around. R would have taken them both out if i had asked him to. S might have run, lol. i ended up not having any trouble out of either of the men.

i had something really interesting happen to me online tonight. the poetry group that i have been talking about sends out emails for every time someone makes a blog entry or comments on someone's poetry/prose. i had an email marked "FOR REGINA". i was sure it was meaning me, but i opened it to see. a guy from the group who lives in pennsylvania had written me a poem. it was really sweet, but very inventive, since he doesn't know anything about me, lol. i asked him why he had chosen to write ME a poem and he said he thought i had wanted him to. not sure where he got that idea, other than i comment on how well he writes poetry. it was still nice, though.

i must go and catch up on blog reading. i am not really sleepy, so might get it all caught up with tonight. keep warm my friends.
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Sybil said...

That was sure a strange thing to hapen to your heater. you MUST get it seen to is not safe that it went off like that and please do be careful with the electric is so so easy for a blanket or sheet to fall on it...
Glad that on the whole work went ok. today. We have had a lot of snow last night and i hasn't moved much today and more forecast for tonight !
Love Sybil x

Lisa said...

You really have to watch those electric space heaters....PLEASE...don't use them over night or unattended. They are extremely dangerous and the cause of many house fires.

Get your furnace repaired asap - don't let this go. Seriously, you need to get that looked at.

Oy, you worry me!