Sunday, February 1, 2009


ok, after this post, i am going to shut up about losing readers. i appreciate all that have visited of late and either did or didn't leave comments. but i know it is time to cease the talk when i have a visit from an italian gal. she left her comment in english, and asked me to visit her blog. when i got there, it was in italian. michael is italian, but doesn't speak it. i know ciao, and that is about it, lol. so, to the lovely young lady who commented, i am sorry, but i won't be adding your journal to my list of must reads. but i am glad you visited mine.

i just heard something i haven't heard in the almost 3 years i have lived in this house......A DOG BARKING! most of the houses in this area are boarding or rooming houses or elderly people live here and don't have a fenced in yard for dogs. if anyone has a pooch, it is an indoor one, and probably a yapper. but this was a deep voiced doggy. like maybe a german shephard. it took me by surprise immediately. it may have been a stray runaway and came across one or two of my kitties and that is why it was barking. it is now silent, so i guess it went on its way.

i had a wonderful experience today. as i have mentioned before, i am a member of the yahoo group, freecycle (thanks ne). today i went to pick up some women's clothing that one of the freecyclers offered me after it wasn't picked up by someone else who wanted it. i pulled up directions on mapquest (which is usually a big mistake) and headed that way a little before noon. the directions had stated that parts of the road were dirt/gravel. after getting there, it was ALL dirt/gravel. once, i was almost run over by a bubba redneck in his pickemup truck. as soon as he got off my tail and spun around me, throwing gravel into my grill, he turned into a driveway of what i guess was his house. now why couldn't he have waited 2 seconds more and not have created a dust and gravel screen? i am a born and raised southerner, right here in the state of georgia, but i still can't fathom the mentality of the redneck.

anywho........i eventually found the house where i was to pick up the items. it was a newer home, sitting way back off the dirt road and having much land around it, part woods and part lawn. there was a really big front porch. usually the freecyclers will leave the items to be picked up on their front porch, but there was nothing there, so i rang the bell. a nice looking older man came to the door and when i told him who i was, he said that would be his wifes department. he then invited me into their absolutely beautiful home. now, you have to get a mental grip on this picture........i was wearing my dead rock star black t-shirt, a black scull cap pulled down over my ears to keep the wind out, and looked sorta like a homeless person, lol. and this wonderful man opened his door to me. now that is either faith or stupidity. either way, i met his wife, she got the clothing for me and i shook their hand, talked to them about someone else i knew years ago that lived on their road somewhere, and come to find out, that very woman and her family lived right across the street from this couple. small world. i thanked them for the clothing and their kindness, and went on my way. it was a really good experience for me. especially since the woman came across as sorta snubby in the emails. after meeting her, i think it is because she doesn't type very well, so doesn't type very much, just what is needed to place the ad, or post it has been taken.

i stopped at taco bell on the way home to get a taco salad and when i got home, i thought about the last one i had back when i ate in candlelight and it was so good. it was daylight, so i couldn't darken the room to eat this one. and sure enough, it wasn't as good. but i know why....i have either a sinus infection or a cold. my head was stopped up and i couldn't taste my food. sigh.

i have been blessed with a fairly steady wifi signal for the last few days. i hope it continues. i still have some problems with the screen freezing and other small things, but all in all, it has been great. i used to have to go through hundreds of emails to empty my box, but now, i can answer them as they come online. i have one waiting for me to read right now.....

once again i have typed too much. i need to get into bed as i have another pickup to do tomorrow of some freecycle items. this one is at least on paved roads, lol.



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