Tuesday, February 24, 2009


well, i guess this ole blog will soon be non-existent. i have noticed that i have LOST another follower. and i am like the skinny person who cannot afford to lose another pound..........i cannot afford to lose another follower. sigh...........

i worked today, but nothing major happened as far as drama. but something bad did happen.

i went to lunch around 2:15 pm. i brought my lunch so didn't need to go out to eat. i sat in the breakroom the whole time, 45 minutes. not once did i hear of anything happening out front. but when i started back to the register, there was something going on out in front of the door. i rushed up to see, and was told that an elderly woman was coming into the building with a younger woman, and the younger woman had opened the door and held it for the older woman, but the older woman tripped on the curb and hit head first into the door. she went down and stayed down. they called 911 immediately and they didn't arrive until 25 minutes later. there were 2 people trying to keep the woman calm, comfortable, and down on her back. an independent ambulance service must have heard the call and rode by to see if a county ambulance had arrived yet, and when they hadn't, she stopped to offer assistance until they did. DD asked me to go and get a bag of ice, so i did. RC asked me to have all customers go out the side door, as well as enter there. i had a volunteer brace open the side door for entrance into the store. the ambulance finally came and took her to the hospital. i tried to get a look at her, but she didn't look familiar to me. poor thing. i just hope she doesn't sue. sigh. but as long as she is ok, i guess that is all that matters.

DD was pacing the floor, not knowing what to do. you could tell he was afraid that someone was going to sue. we got through it all. and the big wigs came today, i guess without warning. they had the CS guys move all the hanging signs from the ceiling to an even line. i call it busy work, lol.

AD's daughter, L'il K. brought her little 8 month old chihuahua today. i don't usually like chihuahuas, but i really bonded with this little one. she is a little pudgy thing, and when i took her in my arms, she snuggled up into my hair and tried to go to sleep. i carried her around like that while i worked, for a little while. she followed me when i put her back into her box. i had to put her back again and close the inner office door. every time she saw me, she would run up to me and beg me to take her. i couldn't resist.

then, one of the CS guys finished his time there, so went home, got his pomeranian, and brought her up there. of course, i had to hold her too, lol. she smelled like a dog, though, l0l. she wasn't as friendly either.

so i guess i dog sat today, l0l. it was fun.

well, i am not feeling well. i have a horrible headache, and for the last 2 days, every time i get a horrible headache, i have a nose bleed. so i am going to go and lay down. the presidente is talking, but i ain't listening.



Dirk said...

Hi Regina,
I hope the elderly woman who fell is OK. I also hope you get to feeling better.

Don't give up on blogging - readers will come & go, those who really care will stay.


Paula said...

Awww Regina don't get upset 'cause you lost a follower. You will get one to take that one's place soon. Hope the lady is okay.

Lisa said...

Poor old lady who took the fall - I hope she is doing okay.

Don't worry about losing a follower - Dirk is right, they come and go and you shouldn't concern yourself with numbers. It isn't important, it's quality over quantity anyway.

Sounds like fun with the pups!

Sybil said...

You sure have an interesting time at work...never a dull moment one way or another !! do hope the old lady will be ok... Dont think she will sue your work place, you all seemed to be very kind. Hiw nice to have the wee dogs to keep you amused must have been fun...
Never mind about readers They come and go..I will always be here !! for what it is worth. As you know I don't have a journal now so don't have a single reader but I still find it intereting to read all the news..
Keep smiling,
Love Sybil xx
PS I woke around 2am. and heard your presidents speach it was very good...