Tuesday, February 3, 2009


it is late, i am tired and sleepy, but before i forget, i have, i HAVE to relate this story.

as most of you know, my kitty Coatie is treated like a princess. if i see something at work that i think she will like, or even in the retail stores, if i have the money i will buy it for her.

recently a little foam bed with a sheepskin cover was up for sale at work. i grabbed it, thinking my baby girl would love to curl up in it due to it being small and would surround her nicely, making her feel secure. ok, i found out that MW from work had purchased (yeah, likely story) the bed, took it home for her dog, a pompom, who wouldn't have anything to do with it, so she brought it back to the store and put it out. she claims to have washed it before bringing it back, but it still smelled terribly of cigarettes.

when coatie wouldn't have anything to do with the bed on her own, i tried putting her in it. ok, i should have known better. she really hates it now, since i tried to force her into it. so, i figured i would trick her into liking it. i put all her really cool toys into the bed. mice, feathered critters, balls, etc. then i placed the bed on the foot of my bed, right next to the heating pad covered in a sweater and pillow shams where coatie now sleeps. i turned my back to her and the bed, got online to check mail and other things, turned around about 5 minutes later and all the toys were missing out of the little bed. they weren't on the bed or surrounding the little bed and they weren't on the floor. i got up to go over and look for them and noticed the little purple sweater i put over the heating pad was rolled up. i pulled back the sweater and voila......there were all the toys. i didn't believe that coatie had done this on purpose, that it was just a fluke, so i put all the toys back into the little bed and turned away, sneaking a peek out of the corner of my eye. sure enough, coatie reached over with a paw, swiped at a toy, clawing it over onto the sweater. then another toy, then another, until they were all out and on the sweater. then she took her paw and rolled the sweater back over the toys. i didn't have enough battery power in my digital camera to make a little video of this, but took some pics. i haven't downloaded them to my computer yet, but i do have proof that she did this. it was so hilarious. little sneak.

it is cold and windy here in my neck of the woods. it is going to be in the teens tonight and even lower with the wind chill factor. brrrrrrrrrrr. glad i have lots of cover on the bed.

work was usual today..........drama drama drama. MW wasn't even at work today, but managed to come in and stir things up. she was going to meet a real estate lady to look at a house and came by there to "visit". while she was there, AD confronted her about something that was said that pointed to AD being a thief. of course, even though "I" heard MW say it, she denied it to AD.

then, when it was time to leave today, KW, who is always ready to leave right at or right before 5 pm, allowed one of her friends to hang out in the store and call his wife on his cell and have her come up and look at a piece of furniture we had. i had to go and visit MM, a little older woman who volunteers and i had to take her some things that she had to leave yesterday due to walking home. so i told KW i was going to have to leave, and i talked RE in to staying with her. so now, i am sure that KW will not be nice to me anymore due to me having to leave.

RC bought Miss S and me a fish sandwich today. she went to long john silver's. it was good, but made my tummy hurt.

well, i cannot see to type anymore, since i am so sleepy. so better post and run to the bed.



Sybil said...

What a cutie that wee kitty is and so clever...so much for your idea...you wil just have to take it back to the shop..some other not so clever cat might like it !!
Love Sybil x

Jeannette said...

What a joy animals are and when they make up their minds, they make up their minds. We spent a lot on a cat bed for Leo when we first had him, he would have nothing to do with it. He will not go on humans beds either nor on a chair. He prefers to sleep on the floor in a corner.

Lisa said...

Awwww...Coaties antics sound adorable. They are clever little things aren't they!