Tuesday, February 10, 2009


(i'm feeling well enough for a date!!)

slowly but surely i am beginning to feel human again. today i took a chair out on my little back porch and sat in the sun for about an hour. my wild kitty, gray, came up and graced me with her presence, in need of something to eat. she had been in a fight lately, for the scars were showing on her side. she is such a loving little thing, i wish i could tame her and afford to take her to the vet and have everything done to make her a housecat. but i am sure miss coatie wouldn't care much for that. so, hopefully, gray will be smart enough to avoid fights in the future.

sitting in the sun made me feel better. my temps still ran in the 100 range, but i didn't have the really achy feeling i had been having. and i am starving, which is a good sign. all i could think about today was getting some of those almost orgasmic onion rings my friend brought me at work that day. but i knew greasy food wasn't what i needed. and i am still not strong enough to get in the car and go get them.

i called my boss on his cell today and got his voicemail. but he never called back. i found out later that he still wasn't back from his vacation and didn't have a signal. i then tried to call RC around 7 to see what she thought i should do about tomorrow. i need to work, and i know they need me, but if i am running a fever and still have the flu, i am endangering everyone around me, and we have a lot of elderly customers. RC wasn't home. so i tried calling my boss again and got him. he wasn't even aware i was out of work on saturday with the flu, lol. he said not to come in if i was still sick. a little while later, RC called me back and told me the same thing. she also told me that MW was going to go and sit down with the boss tomorrow and tell him that KW, the newest employee, wasn't worth a dang, and she needed to go. see what i miss when i am not there?? all i know is that she didn't seem the least bit concerned about me being sick when i called in that saturday. just miffed she would have to pull more than her share of the load. RC said that she went home early today saying she had gone to the dentist and things didn't go well so she wasn't coming back in today.

so, i guess i better get my act together before wednesday, for i will have to work 4 days in a row to make up for time off.

i think i am going to actually try to drive to sonic tomorrow and get me something to eat and drink. i might even go over to uncle sam's and get some of those orgasmic onion rings, lol.

thanks to all who have offered me words of encouragement during my illness. you just don't know how much it means.



Sybil said...

So glad to read your up and about..next step to get some of your stengh back..it seem sto take so much out of you I know the feeling. I myslef am feeling a liitl ebetter this mroning after sleepng for what seems days !! I am taking Mary into Bath early appointment at hodp 9am. so will lave in about 20mins. had to smile at you sitting out !! we had another blizzard..thankfully it has gone overnight..
Keep smiling Love Sybil xx

ADB said...

That sounds like a very nasty bug, Regina. Take it easy, and be careful out in the car.

Nelishia said...

I'm loving the almost 70 degree temperatures. Sitting outside and getting some fresh air couldn't hurt at all. I'm glad you're feeling some better at least.

I don't know why but at lousy jobs I've worked at where I was mistreated and underappreciated and for the most part used by slackers and smokers who liked to take many long breaks, the time I was REALLY sick and needed to be out, they'd huff and puff and whine that they'd have to pull more than their share. THe truth is they never bothered to pull their share of the weight when I was there so they'd feel a REAL days work and must've been afraid of that. Places like that do not care who they hire all they want is a warm body. USUALLY. Just in my experience anyway. Not everyone has the work ethic that you and I do.

Hugs to you and wishing you orgasmic onion rings,