Wednesday, December 31, 2008


ok, i have been in a position in the past, when i was divorced and had a small child, that i had to take my daughter to work with me on occasion. i think most people have had to do that at one point in their lives. some workplaces work with the parent/s on this matter. but i think i have to draw the line on this of my co-workers has brought her dog to work on several occasions. i don't know for what reason. but the dog is extremely annoying and it isn't the poor doggy's fault. it is a tiny pomeranian female, and due to a flea infestation, all the hair was shaved off awhile back and the hair is just now growing back out. she looks like a chocolate chihuahua instead of a pom. she yaps and shakes, yaps some more, shakes, trembles, and did i mention yaps? the co-worker (who no one gets along with anyway) put the poor dog (named Baby) in a plastic storage tub tall enough she couldn't jump out. her toys, food, water and sleeping mat were all in the tub with her. i think i was the only person who paid any attention to the poor thing all day. every time i went to the back for something, i would stop and caress the little turd, i mean cute little doggy. then she would yap for 30 minutes wanting me to come back and pet her again. i asked the big boss why she was allowed to bring her, and all he said was that the owner called him and asked him if it would be ok to bring her to work with her and he said ok. sigh..................i should have brought my kitty to work.........she would have eaten the little yapper.

we were really busy at work today. i have been working there since november 8 of 2007 and i have never seen cars and trucks lined up out to the road trying to drop off donations. today is the last day that you can donate your crap, i mean used treasures, and get a receipt for your taxes. i think everyone in town and beyond delivered SOMETHING to our little store. we need a bigger building and a bigger parking lot. we had so much stuff that the salvation army headquarters had to send another huge trailer to house it (the kind of trailer like a truck pulls on the highway, a "big rig"). that makes 3 we have now, all filled with stuff. thank goodness i am off on thursday and friday. but i will catch it on saturday.............

when it was finally time to go to lunch, i had to have one of the community service guys hold back traffic so that i could get out. another employee had parked her car so close to mine, i had to clean out the passenger side seat and scoot over to the driver's seat. when i got back from lunch, i couldn't even get to the back parking lot, so parked on the side of the building. geeeze louise.

i ate at mcdonalds because i had a coupon that expired today for a free hamburger. 2 of my customers were sitting and eating when i walked in. then while in line, another customer came up behind me in line. he was one of the ones i ran into at walmart when my daughter and i were grocery shopping on sunday. when he walked up behind me, he said we were going to have to stop meeting like this, people were going to talk, lol. he is a really nice older man, but he smokes. yuck.

we were ready to go when it was 5:00. i was going to go by one of the elder volunteers apartment and take her the scarf and hat i made with the yarn she gave me. but i was so tired. we made over $300 more than we usually do on SATURDAY! that is a lot of small dollar items. we didn't sell many big priced items, so that meant a continuous stream of customers all day. but one of the other co-workers was really nice about covering for me on breaks and lunch. it was really a pretty good day.

in case my last entry was missed, my kitty, Coatie, has started her own blog. i won't let her have the computer right now, so she only has one entry. but keep an eye out for her writings. susie, paula's kitty (over at paulinescountrytales), has already commented on and started following coatie's blog. we'll see how it goes.

i think i am going to sleep in tomorrow. i have several things to pick up from FREECYCLERS on friday, so tomorrow is my only sleep-in day.

when i was leaving for work this morning, i saw a note on the front door from my downstairs neighbor. it said she needed to talk to me about the leak coming from my bathroom, it was getting worse. i was running late, so didn't knock, but she came to the door and called out to me as i was getting into the car. i told her i would talk to her tonight since i was running late for work. when i got home tonight, the note was gone, she wasn't home and the landlord had left my monthly statement on the stairpost. so i guess i will have to talk to the housemate another day. i don't know what could possibly be causing the leak. since it doesn't appear to be happening but occasionally, i figure it might be the shower/tub. if it were the toilet, it would leak every day, several times a day. i don't need plumbers running in and out of here. i had a flood in my kitchen floor yesterday and discovered it was the drain under the sink in the kitchen. so i guess someone will have to fix that so that i can continue washing dishes.

i have prattled on long enough. i hope everyone has a very happy and safe new year. i was going to buy some beer and sit and watch the peach drop and get fuzzy myself, but changed my mind. my daughter is having an "ugly sweater" party. hope it is successful.

i might be back later.


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ADB said...

Happy new Year, Regina. Your story of the dog made me laugh, actually. A yapping turd? LOL