Friday, December 12, 2008


i am terribly saddened by the news of the possible locating of Caylee's remains. i was so hoping that possibly her mother had sold her to someone and she would show up one day, safe and unharmed. if the mother did have something to do with her disappearance and/or death, i cannot fathom how she could possibly do something like that. instead of pointing the finger at Caylee's mother, i offer up fervent prayers for her, hoping her soul will be touched, and she will be saved from eternal death.

work went fairly well today. we were not extremely busy, but busy enough for the day to go rather quickly. yesterday i had stopped by a local dollar general store and one of my new customers who works there called out my name. i went over to her and she told me she had taken me some "gifts" over to my job, but i wasn't there. when i checked out, she told me what she had taken me. all of their halloween items were marked down to one cent each and she bought the rest of the stuff for me. so when i got to work today i looked for the items and found them. she brought me all kinds of really cool stuff. skulls, clings with rats and skeletons and monsters and ghouls, lol. latex dripping blood, eye balls, spiderwebs, lots and lots of cool stuff. she wouldn't let me pay her for them, but i figure even though there were gobs of items, at one cent each it would still be less than a quarter, lol. it was really sweet of her, especially since we have just recently met.

when i was going on break, my boss called me into his office. i knew i hadn't done anything wrong, but it was still like being called into the principal's office, lol. he gave me a bonus check from the SA, which, AFTER taxes, was $53. then he gave me a wal-mart gift card from him personally worth $55. so, i did get my $100 i was hoping for, just in two different ways. i was very appreciative. that means i can do a little something special for my daughter for christmas.

while i was off work yesterday i stopped by my daughter's workplace and she said she was quite busy and couldn't spend much time with me. i told her i had a bad stomach-ache and was headed home, but had some kandy korn left over from halloween i wanted to bring her since i know she loves it so much. then she asked if i had anything for a sinus headache. i had just purchased some antihistamines from the dollar general, so went to the car and got her some. i ended up sitting there in her office talking to her for some time, mostly due to her boss leaving for the day and she relaxed a little and said she could talk then.

she broke some news to me that really surprised me. she and her boyfriend have been together over 3 years and 7 months ago they got an apartment together. i have always liked this bf, but my daughter seemed to be trying to "make him what she wanted him to be". and i knew that wasn't going to work. i found out that her old bf's mother paid for everything for him, and gave him money to live on during the week. he had a job, but it was never enough to support a wife if that is where they were going. i also found out that he couldn't father children, and my daughter would love to have at least 2. they were fighting alot, and not speaking alot. she met someone new a couple of weeks ago and has been "seeing" him while still living with her bf. she finally told the bf that he had till the 15th to move out, that they were over and done. my daughter says he has done nothing but cry and call her begging her to change her mind. i told my daughter to just make sure that this is what she wants to do before she burns any bridges. i will be taking her out on sunday for her birthday dinner and hopefully we will talk more about this. she seems really smitten by the new guy, but they have only been seeing each other for 2 weeks. the old bf doesn't know about him..............sigh.

well, i am going to try to post this entry before i lose my wifi signal. if i think of anything else, i will repost.

NEVER LEAVE A PAGE UNTURNED.....................

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