Friday, December 26, 2008


i got up out of bed first mistake. sigh.....................

when i asked the Lord to give me a good day today at work, He must have thought i needed some trials to make me meeker...................i KNOW He doesn't make mistakes, so it must be that it wasn't in His plan for me today to have a good day.

we sell used furniture at our store, as well as tons of other things. the furniture had been rearranged so that a really comfy looking chair was sitting right in front of my register, staring at me, beckoning to me to come try it out. i am almost leery about sitting on any of the furniture since the incident a couple of weeks ago where i sat on a chair that was covered in cat pee. but since i was talking to a couple of my elder customers and no one was at the register waiting to check out, i answered the chair's call and went over and sat in it. i was still talking to the 2 customers when one of my co-workers came up front and saw a child's leather jacket lying on the arm of another piece of furniture and asked out loud, to no one in particular, "what is this? is it somebody's or just lying here?" i didn't have a clue, but knew that a customer had put a stack of clothing on that same sofa earlier, so i figured it could possibly be that customer's. she had asked the question rather hateful, but since she wasn't actually directing the question to me by name, i didn't respond. this same co-worker went outside and checked something out front, then came back in and glanced at me, but walked on by. when i finished talking to my 2 customers, i got up from the very comfy chair (where i had been sitting for maybe 5 minutes tops) and i walked over to the register. the head cashier, a younger girl who i really like and treat like a daughter, got really serious and lowered her voice and said that the other co-worker had told her to come tell me to get up out of the chair and get to work. oh my g..........................!!!
no she didn't!! this very same "mean" co-worker has on several occasions that i, myself, have witnessed, sat down on one of the chairs or sofas with another customer, and talked for way over an hour..........i timed her. this same co-worker claims to not take breaks and gets upset with me when i want to take one, but yet she takes a dozen or so "smoke breaks" a day, at 5-10 minutes each, takes her lunch break, and then sits and talks to customers for an hour. i was furious. i shouldn't let it bother me, since she isn't my boss, nor even my supervisor. the head cashier got really wide eyed and i asked her where the b*tch was, and she said she was right behind me. i went over to her, and lowering my voice, told her that i would stop sitting and talking with the customers for 5 minutes when she stopped sitting and talking with them for over an hour. she retorted that she works her a$$ off there. and of course, my mouth took over and not being able to control it, i told her "of course, you are the only one who works around here". i stomped off, asked the head cashier to take over for me for a little while, and i went outside and sat down in the damp weather with the community service guys, and blew off some steam internally. they knew not to ask me anything, lol. they just stood around and smiled at me, lol.

after i cooled off, i went back in and one of the volunteers that i am friends with asked me who pissed in my cornflakes. i told him what happened and he told me that what i should have done was told her that first of all, she wasn't my boss, and that if she would keep her nose in her own business and out of mine, she wouldn't be getting upset at me. i wanted to kick something, lol.

i ignored the b*tch the rest of the day. then..............yes, there is more, lol................the head cashier came up to give me an afternoon break around 4 pm and i went into the cash office where the "resident Christian" and the male volunteer i mentioned earlier were counting the till from the first part of the day. my going in there was my second big mistake of the day. at first we were joking around. something was said jokingly and then i made my third mistake of the day............a really big one. the "resident Christian" thinks she is miss goody 2-shoes. she doesn't make mistakes, she never lies, and she doesn't talk behind people's backs. WATCH OUT FOR THAT LIGHTNING BOLT!!! i mentioned that at least i didn't say what she said about the male volunteer once, in front of children. they both asked me what that was. well, she had actually said "well, he is sleeping with her", meaning that the male volunteer was sleeping with his best friend, whom we both know. i was shocked the day she actually said it, and even called her on it, saying not to say that in front of the 2 kids that were standing right next to her. then she even said "well he is sleeping with her". when i said that today, in the cash office, she got furious with me, telling me she never said that, ever, and she was very angry at me for saying that she did. she called me a liar, and her eyes were black and flashing fire at me. dammit, she DID say those words..............but where i went wrong was actually bringing up the incident at all. i had to dig deep to let go of it because i knew i was right. i am not saying she is lying, but maybe she doesn't remember saying it. but i swear before God and all that is Holy, SHE DID SAY IT.

i guess i should have learned a long time ago that when you are dealing with a bunch of women, some of which think their sh*t doesn't stink, you have to just suck it up and let it go. i really do wish i could learn to keep my mouth shut more often though. there wouldn't have been a problem if i hadn't brought it up. of course, she doesn't talk behind people's backs either, but she just couldn't wait to get the head cashier in the office and tell her the story, after telling me to drop the whole thing. sigh....................i just shouldn't have gotten up this morning.....................

most of my customers were good today. i have noticed that when my customers are good, my co-workers act like butts. and vice versa. i guess that is what makes the world go around.

ok, got that off my chest........................

i have really been surprised that i have had a fairly decent wifi connection for the last 3 days. i will get used to it and BOOM, it will disappear again, lol.

i have a date with my daughter again on sunday. she is taking me up on my offer of going to cracker barrel and eating. i have some things i got at work that i want to give to her as well, like a pair of "uga" earrings (for non georgians, that is university of georgia's bulldog), 2 pillows that match the ones i bought for her for her birthday, and some bracelets and a watch or 2. no, i am not trying to BUY her love, lol, after all, the items were free, lol.

i almost bit the tip of my tongue off today at lunch. but it is amazing how quickly it heals. it is still sore, but already grown back together. God knew we couldn't put a bandaid on our tongues, lol.

guess i better post while i have a wifi signal.



Sybil said...

Oh dear dear dear, your tongue will never save you will it !!!
Never mind thats another day over and you atill survived..LOL
Is there any chance that maybe you coudl find another job in teh new year, one that might be less stressful ? could be worth keeping an eye open...It is nice that the customers seem to appreciate you though. makes work worthwile then dosn't it.
I had a nice christmas spent with the family...we all missed Jacqueline very much but tried to just remember the good times...
Love Sybil xx

Indigo said...

I tend to have a problem holding my tongue. If I bit it to quiet what was going on in my head, I do believe it would of been severed by now. I'm sorry that you had to deal with the ugliness of your co-workers. Some people can't grasp the concept that the world does not evolve around them.Self worth is suppose to relate how you treat others, it's a concept few truly get. Hope today is a better day for you dear one. (Hugs)Indigo