Tuesday, December 2, 2008


this entry is from monday, dec. 1. i lost my wifi signal shortly after i started typing this, so am having to add it to my journal tonight, dec. 2.

Ok, everyone needs a good laugh. So go ahead and have one at MY expense.

After being off work for 2 days, I dreaded going in today. After all, it IS Monday, lol. Things went fairly well most of the morning and into the early afternoon. I was supposed to go on lunch at 2 pm, but my co-worker wasn’t back from her lunch to relieve me. At around 1:55 pm, a customer came in and was talking to me while she looked at a coffee table. I went over to where she was sitting in one of the chairs that were for sale and noticed a glider rocker that had just been brought in and put on the sales floor. I started to sit down in the rocker, but noticed a couple of stains on the seat cushion, so turned the cushion over and sat down and proceeded to “rock” while talking to the customer. Suddenly I got a whiff of something that I knew oh too well. CAT PEE!! I got up and sniffed the seat cushion and there was no odor. Then I smelled my arm and whew, cat pee. Anyone who has ever smelled that odor knows that there is almost nothing on this earth short of a skunk’s odor, that is worse. And almost impossible to get rid of. I knew I had to change clothes, so I went to the bathroom and washed my arm, then ran to the breakroom and proceeded to tell all who were having lunch, including the girl who was supposed to relieve me, that I was going home to change clothes, and that someone needed to cover for me.

I grabbed my purse and ran for the door. I rushed home and as soon as I opened the door my own cat was all over me……..so it wasn’t just me thinking I smelled cat pee. I stripped everything off, sniffed it, and stuck everything in the sink with hot water, soapsuds and some “urine away”. I showered quickly, redressed, fixed some lunch, ate, went to pay my rent and made it back to work in 45 minutes. I surprised myself!

I hope the odor comes out of my clothes, as that outfit was one of my favorites. I have soaked them for 4.5 hours so far. So go ahead, have a great laugh on me..........

Yesterday there was some mail on my stair post that I assume my downstairs neighbor found in the mailbox and left out for me. It was from the government converter box program. Now get a load of this………..I have applied 3 times for 2 of the converter box coupons to save myself $40 on converter boxes to make my older model TV(s) digital capable. My first attempt at getting the coupon mailed to me was sometime in February of this year. I never got the coupons. The second time I went online to acquire the 2 coupons, I never got them. When I emailed them about it, someone emailed me back telling me that they couldn’t be responsible for lost, misdirected or stolen coupons, and they cannot accept more than one request per address. She suggested that I use another address and try again. Now, we don’t usually get mail at the house, but at the P. O. Box. The application for the coupons requires both the residence address and mailing address, if they are different. Since twice giving the P. O. Box address for the coupon and receiving nothing, I used the residence address. That is when I got THE LETTER. I never got the COUPONS, but I got THE LETTER telling me they would not accept any future requests from the same or similar households. SIGH………………

I need those coupons. I am going to attempt to secure them through the FREECYCLE group I am a member of, but am not holding my breath. If that doesn’t work, I hope to bribe my daughter to let me use her address and her boyfriend’s name to send them to. I just hope he doesn’t throw them away if they send them. I hate paying $49 for a converter box when I could get it for $9.

Speaking of my daughter, she turned 23 today. Man am I getting old. Sigh…………. She came by the store today and looked really good. She was sporting a new pair of really rad glasses (do they still use that word? Lol). She said she paid $300 for them. So much for the $99.00 3-year plan at America’s Best Eyeglasses for doctor’s visits and cheaply priced contacts. She told me how she had spent all over her birthday money and more shopping after Thanksgiving. She and her friend shopped from midnight Thursday night till 7 or 8 the next morning. Now that is some shopping. Wish I had had some money……..I would have been with her and her friend.

I had a wifi signal when I started typing this, but as usual, it has flown the coop. Hopefully I will be able to get online soon and post this entry. After all, everyone needs to laugh at me and the pee incident………


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Paula said...

I agree nothing smells as bad as cat pee. The strays use to pee on my porch into the English Ivy growing up the front. I use to get some really good stuff to scrub it with. Never see it anymore. Can't remember the exact name but something like Cat Paws.