Thursday, December 25, 2008


no, i am not crying. just spending Christmas day with a box of tissues and a cold, and whining to my loved ones.......not that they are listening, lol.

i worked half a day on wednesday, as we closed for Christmas eve at 1 pm. but before we closed, i had a couple of my good customers bring me a nice little gift bag of Christmas goodies. there were oranges, soft peppermints (my faves), a box of diet peach tea that you put in your water bottles to flavor your water, a bear candle and homemade fruitcake cookies. mmmmmmmm.

another customer brought a big tin of assorted popcorn for everyone to share. then, one of my friends, a guy who volunteers at my salvation army store, came up to the counter and was holding something in his hand. he said that everyone in the back had agreed that this was my Christmas present from all of them. i figured it was a joke of some sort, but when he opened his hands there was a beautiful opalescent glass kitty with a peridot necklace. she was so beautiful. then he told me that it was a collectible, since it was Fenton glass. i had never heard of it, so when i got home i looked it up online. and yes, they are collectibles, and though there is no set value on any one item, they are worth a lot of money. i found several on ebay, 2 just like mine. one seller had a starting bid of $10.99 and another at $35.99. i guess the value depends on how many were made and how rare they are, as well as how much a collector is willing to pay. but either way, i love my kitty. i am enclosing a very bad picture off eBay of one like the one i have. if there are any other Fenton cat figurine collectors out there in blogland, let me know. it would be interesting to see what you collect.

ok, i am going to go blow my nose again, and whine some more............MERRY CHRISTMAS.

NEVER LEAVE A PAGE UNTURNED...................


Sybil said...

What a lovely little gift to get. You will have to keep it safe.
We have had quite a nice Christmas Day..we were all a little sad to be without Jacqueline who was so much part of Christmas....but life goes on. Today I have been at my other sisters for Boxing Day lunch so I am sitting here well and truly stuffed...
Much Love Sybil

Nelishia said...

What a sweet thing for them to do. Finally something nice from the co-workers. As I've read over time, that bunch leave a lot to be desired.

I'm behind so I hope you'll be patient with me while I try to catch up. I hope your cold gets better. My Katie has one and I'm starting one myself.