Saturday, December 27, 2008


the drama continued at work today. i was angry at first, then realized that they have to answer to God for the wrongs they do, as do i, and why should i allow them to cause me to lower myself to their level?

i got another Christmas present from one of my customers. he is a musician, producer, etc. and made his own cd of Christmas music. i cannot wait to hear it. i thought it was a truly wonderful gift.

i found a large picture of a magnolia in the store, so called my daughter to tell her that she might like it for her office at work. i knew she had gone out last night partying, so figured she was still asleep when i called her and left a message. she came in later in the day, sunglasses on (and it was cloudy, drizzly and foggy outside, lol), looked at the picture and decided she wanted it for her apartment instead. so she gave me five dollars for it, even though i told her that it would be $1.99 plus tax. she took the picture and went home.

i am still sniffling, sneezing, and whining. the weather here is so stupid. for several days it will be highs in the 60's and lows in the 50's, then the next few days will be highs 40's and lows 20's. no wonder i am sick. i wish it would either get cold or stay mild.

my downstairs housemate has been smoking heavily lately. i can smell it upstairs, as well as the incense she burns to hide the odor of whatever she smokes (which includes the mary jo wanner ciggies she smokes).

i haven't been grocery shopping in over a month, so i am going to get up really early and do so. that is when you get the best deals. then i have a lunch date with my daughter. i hope her hangover is better by then, lol.

being sick, i haven't really felt much like writing lately. i feel my creativity is all dried up. i only have a couple of readers left that comment, so i wonder if maybe i should take the same route that jeannette is up public journalling. i love reading the numerous blogs i follow, but my wifi connection doesn't let me make comments sometimes, and i feel badly that i read the blogs, but cannot comment. i guess i am just in the dumps because i am sick.

i was going through my old journal, seduction of life, and found several short stories and mini novels that i had started and never finished. maybe i will post some here to see if anyone can help me finish them. i had a thought recently, while perusing the old journal, that maybe we could have a short story contest. or maybe let each person who would like to participate add a chapter to a short story, and then we would have a very interesting story. but it is just a thought. if anyone out there thinks maybe it would be a good idea, just let me know via blog comment or by email.

i have also tossed around the idea of letting my cat do a blog. possum got me thinking about that one. i could post pictures of my cat doing her fun things throughout the day and night.

well, once again, i am at a loss of words. so i better sign off and try to post.



Sybil said...

Good Morning from a very cold frosty Box (my village is called Box !) Sorry that you are feeling a bit low...however I think it is much the same for a lot of people at this time of the year so just you hang on in there...2009 is just round the corner and we never know what a new year will bring. I enjoy reading your journal and you certainly don't need to leave a mrssage on mine....I don't have one now LOL but I still enjoy keeping up with old AOL I miss it though...Hoipe you had a good meal with your daughter and that you got some bargains when you were shopping.
Love Sybil x

ADB said...

Like you, I'm at a bit of a blogging loss for varying reasons. I hope you'll continue to write, but I'm sorry to note that not many are commenting. Keep us posted - keep posting. Hope you feel better soon.