Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i haven't felt well over the last few days. i think it might be a sinus infection, but alas, without insurance, i will never really know..........

speaking of health..........i went to the free medical clinic of which i am a member today to reapply for my free meds from the manufacturer. the clinic has always applied for my meds for me so i have never had to be too concerned with them. one of the directors left the clinic awhile back and nothing has run smoothly since. you may remember that a few months ago i did without my meds for 2 months because they screwed up my paperwork. then when the meds did finally come in, they pulled up a dufunct telephone number from who knows where to call me and notify me that the meds were in. i personally had them change all my old numbers to my new numbers back at the first of the year. all i get is abusive excuses as to why things aren't run the way "i want them to be run". i don't need excuses. i need help. i need my meds and in a timely manner. i am constantly told that the clinic is mostly run by "volunteers" and they are not the same ones every day. so things will get confused from time to time. my point is that even if they are volunteers, the job should be closely supervised and done right. someone could die from wrong information. the woman in charge of the office has it in for me ever since i read her the riot act the first time they got my meds all wrong. now when i go in, the whole office automatically treats me like a criminal. you can see them tense up and prepare for battle. all i wanted to know today was how to keep receiving my meds free from the manufacturer. an hour later, covered in battle scars, i left the office almost as confused as when i walked in. no one wants to take any blame, and God forbid that anyone say that the office manager makes mistakes. i think i am going to try to get my meds directly from the manufacturers by myself. i don't want to have to depend on them for them and have to go through this every single time i need a refill.

after i left the clinic, i felt like a whipped puppy. i tucked my tail between my legs and went home, feeling like i not only lost the battle, but the whole war. i haven't recovered yet. i guess being sick doesn't help me any.

i was rather surprised to see i had a wifi signal tonight. i have had one through the local church for a couple of days, but it wouldn't allow me to open mail or do much of anything else. so here i sit, feeling crappy, but having a wifi signal and a lot to say. it is getting late and i need to get into bed so that i might be able to work tomorrow. i left work on monday an hour early because i was sick. i cannot afford to be out of work tomorrow.

one of the men who has been doing community service at the SA told me that he would come do some work around the house for me for free since i had been so nice to him while he was doing his CS. i told him it wasn't necessary, but he insisted. we had set up a time of 9 am this morning (tuesday) to call me and make arrangements to come over. i woke up at 8:30 am to await his call and at 10 am, i hadn't heard a word from him, so i went back to sleep. i thought i heard the landlord come in the downstairs door once, but since i was in bed, i didn't get up to see what was going on. when i did finally get up at 11 am, i went to the kitchen to fix something to eat and looked out my back window and noticed all the boxes that i had stacked on the back porch had disappeared. i guess the man had lost my phone number and decided to come on over. he probably knocked on the door and rang the bell, but you cannot hear anything in my upstairs apartment, so when he saw the trash on the back porch, he must have hauled it off for me. that wasn't all of the job i needed done, but at least some of it was done.

christmas is around the corner and i haven't really prepared myself for it. i have made a few christmas presents, but since i don't have the money to make purchases of nicer items, i haven't been shopping. i assume that our boss will give us gift cards again this year, but not only have we not gotten them yet, we don't know how much they will be for. it depends on how long you have been there and how much you make per hour. i would like to do something really nice for my daughter and her boyfriend. i haven't even done anything for her birthday, which was dec. 1. she is so picky about what she wears i don't know what to get her. and i have already made for her everything possible, most of which she no longer wears (necklaces, scarves, etc).

my kitty has really kept me entertained the last couple of days. when i am feeling my worst, she does something truly inane and i have to laugh. i have a fur hat i gave her to play with and she attacks it like it is another animal, then "bathes" it like it is a kitten. strange furbaby of mine.

well, i am not feeling well, so better go and try to read a few blogs while i can.

NEVER LEAVE A PAGE UNTURNED............................


Paula said...

Wow that is great that you can get your medicine free. I didn't know the makers did that. Maybe the man will come back and do things for you another time. Thats a big help.

Sybil said...

I am pleased that you at least can get your medicines even if it is a battle....We over here in the UK don't appreciate how very lucky we are. With a very few exceptions we can just get whatever medicine a Dr.prescribes for us mosly free or for a very small amount. I can't imagine how we would cope in teh US. What a nice gesture for that man to come and help..and for him to take the inicitive to clear the boxes for you..s for Xmas well so long as we keep the real meaning of the season with us it dosn't really matter how many or few presents we can give. Most of us can write a letter and even if that is all we can give if it is a nice upbeat letter that is as good a present as any...why do we think that we have to buy an expencive pesent for it to be appreciate...if that is what the recipient wants well they have not got ther real reason for the season...give me a home made present any day o the week. Do hope you are feeling better soon.
Much Love Sybil xx

ADB said...

What a dreadful set-up you have for your medicines, Regina. Find it beyond belief that it is allowed to operate like that in the first place.
Get well soon.


Lisa said...

I often wondered if those advertisements from drug manufactureres were real about free medicine. Glad you can utilize the service.

I am never in the christmas spirit ~ seems this year I am and nobody around me is!! My mom said I have to carry the torch. LOL.

Glad work was good to you.

I loved the wooden bowl story ~ it brought tears to my eyes.