Monday, June 8, 2009


hello everyone............i have wifi, at least for now.

well, i got a nice little typed letter from our landlord right before he left for vacation through the 15th. in this little letter he tells me that he is going to have the fire marshall out when he comes back from vacation to inspect the whole house. he is doing this to try to evict me, for i had some things stacked up against the wall near the window with the air conditioner unit (craft tubs with craft supplies inside) and he said that had to be moved, it was a fire hazard. i plan on mentioning to the fire marshall that every single window in this house but one in my bedroom, is painted shut, which is a definite fire hazard.

he also stated that i could, under no circumstances, store belongings or food in the house. ok, so i guess we have to starve and go naked and sleep on the floor, right? he stated that i could not store anything in my car as he took very seriously the view of the community on his property. i work at a place where people are always giving me things, and i bring home those items as well as items i purchase. i cannot afford to have ALL my furniture moved into the house, thus i have nowhere to store these items. they are in boxes in my car, and in the house, neatly placed. i cannot believe this man is the local mayor. he is an idiot. he has no idea how poor people live, nor does he care. he was born with a pewter spoon in his mouth and doesn't realize there are people in this world that have little to nothing and live paycheck to paycheck. but i cannot afford to move out. it is cheap, as long as you can put up with the sh*t. and believe me, he can dish it out. i had mentioned to him that i had bought a freezer that was on the side porch, and to not unplug it. he said the power bill was huge and he was checking with the power company about the amount of increase. duh, freezers do up the power, but not THAT much. it is just summer hours, and summer rates. plus, the air conditioner runs 24/7.

i forgot to mention that a day before i got the above mentioned letter, i got a post-it note on the outside of the front door asking me why there were horse flies in the downstairs common area. hell if i know! i don't have any in my apartment, so i have no clue why they are gathering in the downstairs. maybe because something died in the ceiling of the downstairs (my floor) and the flies are finishing it off. geeeze louise............

i want another vacation............i had so much fun on my last one.........

i have lost most of my kitties. they are either dead or have moved on to greener pastures since i was gone for almost a week. there is still Tommy, the tom cat, and Whitey, the, um, white cat, lol. i am so original, aren't i.

my daughter will kill me for printing this in here, but she recently bought a house, at age 23. i am very proud of her and wanted to show it off.

i have lots to say, but am tired and sleepy. i guess i better go to bed. so sorry i haven't been a good friend and blogger. i will never get caught up with everything until i get a full time wifi signal. keep your fingers crossed.

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