Tuesday, June 9, 2009


not sure if i will be around much for awhile. i discovered something today that has totally devastated me...............i have lost $250 of my rent money. it is gone. disappeared. i have looked in my whole purse, and in areas around my house where i put the envelope that says "rent". nada. nowhere. and i cannot actually remember where i last had the envelope. i got paid on the 4th, cashed my check, divided the money between "rent" and "storage" and kept some out for emergencies. the last time i remember the envelope is when i paid my storage fee. i may have left the envelope there with the money in it. then i bought groceries on sunday, the 7th. i had to get out a five dollar bill to pay for the non-food items, but don't remember taking it out of the "rent" envelope. it could have fallen out, been left on the counter, which i never do, but it could have happened, or someone took it from my purse at work. doesn't really matter how it disappeared, just that it did. i was already a little down due to being a little under the weather (i think jo gave me something via the internet, lol), but now i am really depressed. i get paid again on the 18th, but then my rent will be 3 days late and i will be charged a $50 late fee. sigh............i am going to go and cry for awhile. so if you don't see me on here, this is why.



Nelishia said...

That is such a horrible feeling. I hurt for you just reading this.
I know your landlord is half crazy anyway, (from what you've said), so there's no use trying to talk to him. I am really sorry about all of this.
I hope you find it and write and tell us where.

Hugs, Nelishia

Paula said...

I hope you find it right where you left it. I've done that so I know how it feels. Not good.

ADB said...

That is awful, Regina. Hope it does turn up in the unexpected corner. Sorry to hear about this.