Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There is a reason
That the sun comes up every day
(Even if it hides behind the rainclouds)

There is a reason
That we awaken from deep sleep
(Even if it is from a bad dream)

There is a reason
That though we feel depressed and devastated
(And would rather give up, and die)

There is a reason
We stand up and move forward

Just as there is a reason
I got up from the computer and dressed

There is a reason
I went to my car and cranked it up

There is a reason
I stopped at the General Storage office
(Asking if they had found an envelope of money)

There is a reason
I didn't cry and give up when they said "No".

There is a reason
I went to my dental appointment at 5:00 pm
(Even though I knew they would tell me my two
teeth would have to be pulled instead of fixed)

There is a reason
I stopped at the Dollar General on the way home
(To ask if they had found an envelope of money)

There is a reason
I didn't scream and throw myself onto the floor
(When they, too, said "No")

There is a reason
I took the long way home
(Even though the traffic was horrendous)

There is a reason
I remembered I had stopped at Big Chick
(Two nights ago to get some good fried chicken fingers)

There is a reason
I walked to the counter and spoke to the nice lady
(Who is the same one who waited on me two nights ago)

There is a reason
I asked if they had found an envelope with...............

There is a reason
She nodded her head "Yes" even before I could finish my sentence

There is a reason
God gave us tears and the ability to thank others

There is a reason
For honest, hard-working people

There is a reason


Big Chick is a mom-and-pop owned establishment; sort of a hole-in-the-wall eatery. it isn't a restaurant, for there are no chairs or tables. you order your chicken, and you leave. this woman is part owner of this place, and she is in the flour/milk mixture day in and day out, trying to eek out a small profit and keep the business afloat. she found my envelope of money, marked "RENT" and figured it was mine, since i had been the last customer in the place and no one else had come in since. she took it home, hoping i would return and ask for it. she didn't know me from Eve, and had no way of getting in touch with me. had i not gone to the dental appointment, had i not taken the long way home, had i not remembered that i had stopped there to get supper 2 nights before, i would still be out of my rent money......$250. part of the reason this is such a miracle is that this little chicken place is right in the middle of a shopping plaza that constantly has homeless men, drug dealers, scum bags, gang members hanging out all the time. a friend of mine from church lost her husband to a druggie who killed him for $4 and some change. there is a sort of biker bar about 100 feet from the front door of the chicken place. so there is absolutely no reason why that money should have been still there on the floor when the owner walked around to clean off the soda machine. absolutely no reason that someone hadn't walked in, saw the envelope and picked it up, having themselves a great night out on the town, or a drugged night on the corner. no reason.......except for one................GOD IS IN CONTROL.

thank you to each and every one who held me in their thoughts and prayers during this terrible nightmare. of course, i do not have the money in hand yet. she took the envelope home and kept it for me. she will bring it to work with her tomorrow and i can come pick it up. i asked her for her telephone number so i could call, and she gave me her complete name, her home/work/cell numbers and her address. so i am pretty sure i will be getting the money back.




Sybil said...

Thank God that there are still some good people in our poor old world. In fact I am sure there are more good people than bad. we jst have to praise and tell everyone about the good and not the bad. It is strange how folks are so quick to tell the world about bad things that happen but rarely about all the good. I am so happy for you.
Much Love Sybil xx

Nelishia said...

I am so relieved and happy to hear this. I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. I dropped my purse while stepping onto a bus and a good person retrieved it for me. I'm so happy for you I can't stand it.