Thursday, June 18, 2009


SYBIL!!! i see you on my sidebar. do you have a blog, and if so, how do i find it?

sybil and i talked via skype the other day, and it was wonderful. she is the most adorable, warm, friendly person i have met on here. (and she had the cutest accent)

i cannot wait until i get over this stupid bronchitis so that i might continue talking to sybil and others on skype.

since i have been away from this site (only a few days), i have managed to collect a couple more followers............welcome, and thank you for coming here to read my insanities.

i just came back from going to pick up some clothing items from a fellow freecycler. she said in her email that there was a HUGE bag of women's clothing. when i arrived at the house, she wasn't even close when she used the word huge. it was a silver lawn bag stuffed full of clothing. it was so heavy, i couldn't even pick it up. i had to drag it down her steps and out to the car, then roll it up into my car, lol. i was so hot and tired when i got home, i didn't feel like taking it out of the car. i cannot wait till i can go through it. like i need more clothing, lol.

i came over here to my blog to catch up on other's blogs, but when i saw that i had new followers and one of them was sybil, i was all excited. so now, i will bow out and go read blogs.



Paula said...

Isn't Skype the greatest thing? I don't have it but my daughter does and we were able to talk to my granddaughter who is in Prague to study. Bet you're going to have fun going through all those clothes. I've got to check freecycle out and see if it is in our town.

Sybil said...

Hi It was great having a chat. I got so excited..Sorry no blog from me as yet...don't think there will be either. There seems to be fewer and fewer of the "old AOL gang" around nowadays. So I just hang on to the ones that are by reading their new journals and being amazed at how well they all changed over.. what fun looking through these clothes only hope there is something in there for you say as if you need them !!! Still the charity shop will come off well with what remains. I will sign of as Ialways did on my journal with.
Love Sybil x

Anonymous said...
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