Monday, June 15, 2009


I wanted to straighten something out for my anonymous commenter on my entry "It's Official....I Have a Stalker". In the comment "anonymous" made it sound like I was leading this stalker on. The poetry site where I am a member isn't set up like Blogspot. Every single post that is made, whether it be poetry, prose or just chatter, is sent via email to every single member of the site. Before opening the email you have no idea whose post it is. You have to open it to see whose work it is. So I am not going back to HIS blog. I am simply opening emails. And the courteous thing to do is for every post, make a nice comment about their work. I have even refrained from doing that, so that HE cannot mistake what I am saying for a sign that I like HIM.

So, my little anonymous "friend", you are very much off course in stating I might be leading HIM on. If he has any ideas that I like him in any way, shape or fashion, those ideas are all in HIS head.

Sometimes in this ole world people who are lonely, depressed and down on their luck hang on the words of others. I think this man has just misunderstood my writings, and the comments that I made back when I WAS commenting on his work.

Hope that straightens it out for you, "ANONYMOUS". (since you didn't reveal who you are, are you a stalker of mine as well?????)



Nelishia said...

I've had an anonymous before that I let make me sit down and cry and feel very bad for awhile.

Sometimes people just make me mad and are aggravating. At least you're patient and understanding about your 'stalker' and his misunderstood motives.

My anonymous was just plain ole hateful, bitter, and judgemental.

Jeannette said...

Well said Regina. He might just have got hold of the wrong end of the stick. Some stalkers are just downright hurtful as Nelishia has just said. Hope you get no further bother.

Sybil said...

sorry missed this last edition of the stalker saga !! Glad that you are just blanking him best way I think. Thankls for the other evenings call...
Love Sybil xx

Greg said...

Nothing like a little bit of internet drama to soil something so pure as poetry. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. I hope he gets the picture and leaves you alone....applies to both "stalkers".