Friday, June 12, 2009


i joined a poetry group online back in december of last year. i only joined because a dear online friend kept sending me invitations, and i gave in to her requests. after landing there, i made friends with almost every member immediately. it was like finding a home, a place to belong. i have even met a couple of the people from the site, and they are even more wonderful in person than online.

mostly the site is about poetry, some prose and even photography. some even write blogs, much like here on blogger. there is a forum, there are numerous groups you can join for different aspects of the poetic world, and the membership keeps growing.

when i joined it seemed that the men were drawn to me like a moth is to a flame. i made a small handful of female friends, but the men almost immediately wanted to give me their personal email addresses, their cell and home phone numbers, etc. no, it isn't what you are thinking. they are not horndogs, just needing to get the perspective of a female on their poetry and prose (you don't have to believe me if you don't want to, lol). i have made some good friends on the site, both male and female. i try to read each entry and make some type of comment. since the membership has grown, i cannot keep up with all the posts, so i read and if i like it or want to comment on it, i do. if i don't understand it, or don't like it, i just don't comment.

one gentleman, who by the way is single (divorced), and has teen daughters living with him in his small apartment in pittsburgh, PA, writes, i guess you would say, mediocre poetry. he has a childlike mentality on life (which really isn't all that bad if you think about it), and he is looking for love. i have never given him any reason to think i am interested in him. i comment on his poetry or prose, but don't get all mushy about it.

in a comment on one of his posts, i made a reference to "wishing someone would write a poem to me, wink wink". of course, i was meaning my significant other, and not this gentleman. but this gentleman, jim, thought i meant i wanted him to write me a poem. so he did. i didn't even realize he had mistakenly thought i wanted him to write it. it all seemed innocent enough. that was back in february of this year.

ok, fast forward to may of this year. i was catching up on reading poetry from may and early june and ran across another poem of jim's...........with my name in it. i panicked. it was another "love" poem. ok, what should i do? i asked a couple of online friends and they said 2 different things. one said i should just ask him. the other said i should just ignore it. i chose to email him and ask him if it was me he was writing about. he admitted it was. he said he liked to write something new for someone every now and again to bring a smile to their face. ok, now this is freaking me out. i thanked him and let it go., i was reading emails from the site, and BOOOOM!!! there was another romantic poem..........with my name in it. OMG..........OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!! i have a stalker!!!! my significant other stated i was a flirt.........and that was why it happened in the first place. but of course, that isn't true (bats eyelashes).

i have enclosed the 3 poems for your "pleasure", lol.

For Regina

Poem By Jimsmith

I was introduced to this
Gal Named Regina
It became some would call
A blind date for us

For we have been set up
By a neutral friend
And some family members
It would be a good Idea for us to meet

We went to the Olive Garden
For a special dinner
She had a rose tuck in her hair
Her eyes shining in the night

Her hair blowing in the wind
I just knew once I heard
Her soft voice
That she was all sugar and spice

On the inside right to the heart
She was all dressed in red
A knee length dress
Lovely earrings and beautiful make up

Not a fault I could find
She was attractive beyond my mind
I would have waited for hours
For this moment in time

The line was long
We had to wait for an hour
To be seated at the restaurant
Therefore, we sat down at the bar

Had ourselves a few drinks
Too, get the conversation started
I ask her for information
About her family relations

Shared our lives tales so far
She told me of her roots
And I told her mine
Of being that steel city Kid

Coming from a big family
Living in the city
I found Regina was a talker
Therefore, I lessoned to every word

She was fascinating to me
So light and warm hearted
That is the way she started
Expressing her love of children

As she told me of her experience
Of working as a fulltime nurse
At a local child care center
That’s when I knew Regina

Was so special
The kind of gal I would
Like to date again
So at the end of the dinner we

Departed she left her number
On a napkin so I could call her
Some time like tomorrow
To extend my hand in friendship

For you know we all need good friends
That is what makes the world go around
And with a smile we departed
She went to her car

I went to mine
For we both had a goodtime
With a hug and a wave of a hand
We said our goodbyes

Tags: friendship, hope, in, love, respect

Wonders of her love

I stand at a distance
No showing my interest
She has a kind heart
In my world she could be apart

Wonders of her love to be
Spending lots of time with me
Walking hand and hand you see
Talking about everything

What the future holds
We do not know
We live for the moment
And I show it

Wonders of her love to me
Could bring me to live so happy
Regina is a wonderful gal
I had made her look good in pearls

If you could of seen her face light up
When I put the pearls around her neck
It took me back to when I was young
And I saved 10 percent of my income

for a day like today
to show her in a way
She will be mine forevermore
It was my plan

Since I could stand
To cherish this special woman
The one that stolen my heart
For years to come we will never part

I just could see it in Regina's eyes
She was taken by surprise
Now she knows what she means to me
She is one of a kind

One that was meant for me
So Regina If your out there
Please give me a call some day

Tags: forevermore, love, regina, special

She is blessed for success

There she was standing
Over at the corner
Dressed for success
In her pants suit

I do believe she looked so cute
With in her smile I was transfixed
Her eyes sparkled oh they shined
I remember the day she became mine

She was waring her beautiful wedding dress
She was blessed for our success
Regina I am glad you came around for me
You became an excellent cook and a good wife

I cherish you in every way
In our modest home I know you will stay
Because you trust in me all the way
Sometimes you only think it's these words

Of choice that brought you to me
It sure was the happy times we shared
In the lonely mountains in the log cabin
Way deep in the woods

Where we explored our love
Oh if I could only dream this dream true
How happy I would become
To have a special lady beside me

Regina I can't begin to tell you
How much you mean to me
Your my love my everything
The glory of the stars and strips

have nothing over you
You just sparkle in my mind
All of the time
I can't get you out of my head

I hope you feel the same way about me
For you know I built us a house in a tree
Thats how modest I can be
So Regina come stay at home with me

Tags: be, come, lady, life, my, of, special, wife



ADB said...

If you're not interested, and you've repeatedly told him so, this chap should leave you in peace.

Paula said...

Thanks for the comment in my blog. Haven't forgotten you. In fact I had read this entry about the guy and just didn't know what to say. Hope he isn't hard to get rid of.

Sybil said...

It wold see m he sure has a facination with you LOL If I were you which I aint !! I would write an e mail to him and tell him straight that you would like hin to stop writing you personal peoms polite but quite firm..afterthat NEVER read anything he writes again and certainly never respond in any way.
Love Sybil x

Anonymous said...

I think you should ignore him and his blog. Why go back there to check it out. Seems you might be encouraging him just the slightest. Don't play with fire.