Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Entry from 11-10-08 (7:08 pm)


I have had a wifi signal twice today (Monday), but as soon as I was able to get online and access my mail and blog, it disappeared. So I decided to go ahead and write an entry and if I do get access again, I will have the entry done.

I was off work today (Monday) due to having an appointment. I didn’t want to go out in the cold (well it was cold at 10:30 am when I had to go out, lol). Once I got out it was nice to be out. I even rode over to my old job to see everyone and to see what new items I might be missing. I ran into my ex-manager and ex-assistant-manager. I hugged a few of my ex-coworkers and listened to their tales of what had been happening lately. I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without, though. I left there and came home.

I did something on Sunday (the Salvation Army is closed on Sunday, so I was off work) that doesn’t bother me that I did, but I would like to bounce it off of my readers to see where you stand…………..WHAT WOULD “YOU” HAVE DONE???

I left home early yesterday morning to go to the Ingles grocery store in the next town over. It is only about 7 miles down there, but that is where I enjoy shopping, especially when I can get some really good deals. In the past I have gotten 85% lean hamburger meat for $1 a package (original price usually around $4). I have also gotten New York strip steaks for $2 (original price $5-$7) and chicken strips or boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $2 a package (original price around $7-$8). I also often get gallon jugs of whole or 2% milk for 99 cents. These are items that cannot be sold past that day, but are still edible. Unfortunately, there were no bargains today. At least, so I thought. I went through the entire meat department and there were no “Today’s Specials”, so I went over to the milk section, and no milk was left that was on sale. I made a pass by the eggs and got a dozen (not on sale, of course) and over to the clearance aisle, where I didn’t find much either. Then, as a last effort, I went back to the meat department and took one last look at all the meats, hoping something had been reduced since I last passed by. Well, no specials, but something made me look at the huge package of ribeye steaks. I don’t usually like ribeyes because they have too much fat in them and are very costly. But there was just something about these ribeyes. First, they were HUGE. Almost like small roasts, lol. There were 4 in the package. I glanced at the price and it said 31 cents. At first I thought it was the price per pound, which was still a marvelous discount. But as I looked closer, I noticed it was the PRICE. TOTAL PRICE. 31 CENTS FOR 4 HUGE RIBEYE STEAKS!!! I read the label to see if it was the wrong label, and it said “Ribeye Steaks”. Ok, so I wasn’t seeing things……at least not things that weren’t there, lol. Then I checked out the package underneath that one, and it was marked the same way. 40 CENTS FOR 4 MORE HUGE RIBEYES!!! I put them in my buggy and went up to the meat cutter station and no one was there. So, I decided to take them on up to the register to see if they would ring up for that amount.

I picked up a couple of other items (I only went in for salsa, and forgot it, lol) and went on to the register. I told the cashier to make sure the steaks rang up for the price on the label. When she got to them, she rang the first package and said there was no way she could ring those up at that price. I mentioned that they were premarked, and I didn’t have anything to do with the price being so low. It was down in the meat department. She said she had to call the manager over to the cash register. He came over, looked over the 2 packages and said “Ma’am, these are definitely marked wrong. I cannot sell these to you for this price.” I told him that I work retail and we are constantly having to practically give items away because we either made a mistake in pricing, or someone had switched the tickets. He said he just couldn’t sell them for that price. I looked at him and said “Well, obviously ‘I’ didn’t mark or change the price, so it was an error made in the meat department.” He then asked “Do you want me to sell these to you for this price?” I immediately said “Yes, I do!” And he DID!! I admit, I was going to back down and let them go back to the meat department if he had insisted he couldn’t sell them for the low price. But he asked the question, and I answered it. And I got 8 huge ribeyes for a total of 71 cents. I bet the manager told off the meat manager………..but hey, I have wanted steaks for some time………and now I have them, lol.

I had one for dinner on Sunday and it was wonderfulmous. But my question is……….

I haven’t been feeding any of the outdoor kitties for the last week or so. I hadn’t seen Gray around, so just didn’t put out any food. There is a kitty who looks like Gray’s black kitten, so I DID feed it one day. Yesterday when I got home from the grocery store (with my ribeyes, lol), Gray was sitting up on the roof over the porch, outside one of my upstairs windows. She looked really good. I told her to come on around to the back and I would feed her. So she got some moist cat food and some “juice” from a can of salmon I ate earlier and saved the liquid. She was ecstatic……..I could tell from her purring so loudly while eating, lol. She let me pick her up and love on her till she got a wiff of the salmon juice. She was filled out pretty good and has gotten her winter coat. So I guess she has been eating somewhere for the last week.

The weather is playing havoc with my sinuses. I sneeze all the time and have the sniffles. It isn’t a cold. The news reported that there is something in the air, possibly dust, that is affecting numerous people in the metro Atlanta area. I wish it would stop. I am tired of talking through my nose, lol.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. I think we will have ham this year. Not sure if I will cook one or buy one. The Salvation Army gave us all a gift certificate last year for $25 for a local grocery store to get our Thanksgiving dinner items. If they do that again this year, I will buy a spiral sliced already cooked ham. If not, I will probably just buy a small uncooked ham and glaze it and cook it myself. I am not fond of turkey, especially since my downstairs neighbor undercooked the one last year. I mean, heck, why buy a turkey with a pop-up timer if you are going to take the turkey out of the oven before the timer pops up???? Geeeze………….I was always told to keep it in the oven at least another 20 minutes AFTER the timer pops up. Am I wrong????

I have been crocheting a lot over the last few weeks. I originally planned on selling some items at the fall bazaar at the church across the street, but I missed the bazaar. So I started making a crocheted tam or beret to match each outfit or shirt I wore to work. I have made about 30 hats in the last couple of weeks. I can almost make them in my sleep, lol. I was going to try to post pictures of some of the ones I have made, but I don’t seem to be able to get the wifi signal long enough. Anywho, it is fun to work on them when I am settling down for the night.

I am going to close this out for now. If I get to add it as an entry anytime tonight, I may add more to it then. Otherwise………….have a good night.



Jeannette said...

I would have done exactly the same. If a shop has marked something up incorrectly it is their fault and not the customers. If they are advertising something at that price, they have to sell it at the price and take the loss.

Indigo said...

I would of taken it up and seen if I could of gotten the price. The manager could of been a hard ass and said No. In this case he admitted the mistake was the meat dept. and let you have them. I say good news for you! (Hugs)Indigo

Lisa said...

I believe I would have done the same thing you did. It wasn't your fault they were marked wrong -perhaps he should be more on top of the goings on in his store. You surely got a great deal!!