Friday, November 21, 2008


i was able to get a wifi signal tonight and was elated to find guido has done it again!! those of you who came to my journals by way of guido or guido's journal......thanks for stopping by. after the week i have had, it was really nice to come see i had comments on my journals/blogs. thanks again, guido.

this week started out on monday as a nice, quiet, uneventful day. then tuesday hit like a hailstorm. customers in ill moods, co-workers sick and in ill moods. but tuesday afternoon, all hell broke loose. we usually turn the lights off at 15 minutes till closing. that "warns" the customers that we are getting ready to close. i was at the register waiting on customers when suddenly the lights went out. i assumed it must be 4:45 pm, but when i looked over at the clock, it was only 4:35 pm. the newest girl has turned the lights out this early before when i closed with her, so figured she must have done it since she was in the back room. then the lights came back on. i called to the back on the intercom that someone had turned them back on. the head cashier called me back and said that the yank ogre told them to turn them back on, it was too early. ok, that was fine.

after we finally closed and locked the doors for the day, the head cashier came up and i brought up about the lights again, and she told me that the new girl turned them off, and when the yank ogre told her to cut them back on, the new girl told her "I" told her to cut them off. then, a community service woman spoke up and said that yes, I had told her to cut them off.

when the head cashier told me this, i went ballistic. at first the cashier didn't think i was serious, so she was laughing at me yelling. then she suddenly realized i was seriously angry. i was cursing up a storm and screaming at the top of my lungs. don't ever accuse me of something i truly didn't do, and most definitely, NEVER LIE ON ME TO SAVE YOUR OWN ARSE!! i was screaming and cursing so loudly, the head cashier backed away from me and the assistant director and her daughter and the daughter's boyfriend, all came running out to see what was happening. i was about to stroke out. after i started calming down, we all laughed about it and the others were doing impressions of me, lol. the assistant director has been kidding me about it ever since.

then, on wednesday, i had a meltdown over a community service worker...a different one. last week he was caught drinking at lunch time and was drunk while in the store around the customers. to explain, the community service workers are there either working off fines or they are serving community service time. most offenses are dui or weed charges. mostly we don't have any trouble with the cs workers. but this guy, who is young, kids around a lot, acting like he is bad stuff, pimpin'. he also has a thing for the new girl and hangs around her all the time. well after he came back from lunch that day, he was hanging all over me and the new girl and whoever else was up at the register. i smelled alcohol on his breath, so mentioned it to the woman in charge of the cs workers and she said something to him about it. he admitted he had gone to a local bar for lunch and had some beer and even had some stashed on the property to drink. he wasn't sent home, nor was he disciplined in any way.

well, on wednesday, i passed by him and smelled alcohol on his breath again. but i didn't say anything to anyone. later in the day he started mouthing off to me. i realized it was mostly in jest, but it was louder and louder and meaner and meaner, and it was in front of my customers. when he smarted off the last time, i told him i was going to send him home if he didn't stop. he mouthed off again and said i couldn't do anything to him, and that is when i said i was over him and could send him home. he yelled at me that i wasn't going to do nothing to him (his words, not mine) and i went straight to the director and sat down to tell him what happened. he called the new girl in to ask her what happened, and she sorta tried to make it all sound like he didn't do anything wrong. well of course not. she likes the way he follows her around like a puppy. then the director called in the boy and then called me in, and the boy apologized to me and i told him i didn't appreciate the way he was acting toward me, and that i did smell alcohol on his breath, at which point he swore up and down he didn't drink at lunch (even though i did see him go back to the same bar). i accepted his apology and asked that he not be allowed back up front.

when the director told me that i could go home early wednesday (only an hour early), i jumped at it.

i was off today (thursday) and before i could even leave the house at 10 am to pick up my check and pay bills, a message had been left on my phone from the director. i didn't call back, just went on to the store. the director wanted me to come in to work around 2 or 3 pm since the new girl had to go to the doctor. i told him i couldn't. after all, it would have made me go over 40 hours for this week, and i wouldn't have gotten paid for the amount of time over 40 hours until next payday.

after cashing my check and paying bills, i only have $5 left over. but at least i have left over money..........when i worked at the other store, i never had enough money, let alone left over money. but i did take a $20 bill to the gas station, filled up, and got $10 back. wooo hooo.

i am going to try to enter this entry.

NEVER LEAVE A PAGE UNTURNED.......................


Sybil said...

You do seem to be having a difficult time. It is difficult I know at work but at least it is work and if you want to keep it it seem sto me that you are going to have to try although it is very ignore everyone, just get on with your ob even if others are trying there very best to undermine you ans speak untruths about you. If you don't retaliate and keep mum you can't get into trouble !! keep calm love Syil xx

Jeannette said...

Oh dear, what a week you have had! Things can only get better. Guido is a great help to so many.

Cindi said...

I have nominated you for a Marie Antonette award..congrats!

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