Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WAITING FOR THE GASMAN (post from 10-25)

October 25, 2008 (12:03 am)

Once again, I sat home all day Friday, the 24th, waiting for the landlord to call and tell me that the gasman was on his way to turn on the gas for the winter and service the heaters. They were supposed to come out between noon and 4, which they did. But the landlord didn’t call me because the gasman didn’t call him. They both arrived around 3 pm, but serviced the downstairs apartment first, then came up and checked out my 3 units. 2 of them required something to be repaired first. But since it was so late in the day, and since the guy who was doing the service call wasn’t the guy who was supposed to do it, I was told they would have to come back tomorrow, Saturday, and do the repairs.

Well, normally, that would be ok, except for the fact that I lock my bedroom door every day when I leave for work due to not wanting the downstairs neighbor to enter my bedroom and because I have a cat I don’t want anyone knowing I have. So…..since I cannot take another day off work, I have to go in tomorrow and tell them that I have to leave at a moment’s notice to come to the house, let them in again, and stay till they finish. Now, if this was any other day but Saturday, that might not be a problem. But it is Saturday, and we are extremely busy on Saturday. Even if they call me I might not be able to drop everything and go to the house. If I left the door unlocked like the landlord suggested, they might either discover my cat, or leave the door open and she would get out, or both. I typed up a note stating I wasn’t comfortable leaving the door unlocked and would be able to be here within 5 minutes if they called me either on my work number or cell number. I actually hope they cannot come out tomorrow. It is short notice for a gas company to respond. That way I can possibly make arrangements to be off next week for them to come.

During the day today, while waiting on the gasman, my computer connected briefly with the city wifi. I was ecstatic. But after getting online and opening my mail and my blog, it stopped transmitting. I waited a while for it to come back on before clicking it off and rebooting the adaptor. It never came back on. So here I am, shortly after midnight, trying to get it to resurface and typing my entry anyway.

The house smells like sulfur from where matches were used to light the pilot, then it went out. I made sure that the gasman turned the gas valve off before leaving. Don’t want to be asphyxiated in my sleep.

While the gasman and the landlord were running in and out of the downstairs neighbors apartment, I was on the computer doing some photo editing for later use. Suddenly the computer, the lights and the alarm clock in the bedroom went out. I called to the neighbor downstairs to see if they had cut power for some reason, and she said SHE had, and then asked if THAT box operated my apartment as well as hers. I told her the box was for the whole house and she had just cut my power off in the bedroom. I had to reset my alarm clock, then realized I set it backwards, am for pm, lol. I would have really been angry with her if I had just gotten a wifi signal again and she cut me off. Crazy woman.

I am going to close out now. I cannot put this entry into my blog, so see no reason to keep babbling on at this late hour.



Jimmy's Journal said...

Other than that how was your day? Hope everything turned out ok.


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Doesn't sound like that day was good to you. Hoping this day is! Take care and enjoy,