Friday, November 7, 2008


i realize that it is way past halloween, but i haven't had wifi long enough to really do any blogging. i wanted to relate halloween day at work.

several of my co-workers said they were going to dress up to come to work on halloween. the "resident Christian" was going to come as a witch. go figure. another said she wasn't sure what she would be, but would try to think of something.

i got up a half hour earlier so that i could apply my makeup. i was going to go as a dead rock singer. i have a t-shirt that is black with a skeletal rock star playing a guitar. i was going to wear that and apply makeup that made me look like a skeleton. i also have a biker's leather cap that says "born to be wild" and has the 'born' marked through and 'used' put in its place, making it "used to be wild". there is a silver wig sewn into it making it look like an old person's long silver hair. after putting everything on, i looked into the mirror and who did i see staring back at me???? jerry garcia of the grateful dead. so..........i went as jerry. when my customers saw me, they were amused, shocked and entertained. but only 2 people knew who i was. and they were young people, not old farts like me that were dead heads. most of those that guessed said that i was beetlejuice. oh please........i didn't have on a striped shirt!!!

i frightened one customer who didn't really look up at me till she got right at the counter and she jumped back 3 feet, lol. the few kids we had just sorta stared at me like i was nuts or something. well, heck, i am nuts. you have to be to work there.

it was a fun day even though my face itched under the white "death" makeup. once or twice i forgot i had it on and scratched my face, then had to go and reapply makeup. yep, i had the wherewithal to take it with me.

i was invited to a halloween party on saturday, but just didn't feel like putting on more death makeup and going to a cigarette filled house where everyone but me would be drinking and i would end up being the designated driver. so i didn't go. sorry anne.

i have been trying to transfer all my aol pictures to photoworks, but haven't been successful. thanks again, aol, for making my life more miserable than it has to be. guido made a statement that since so much was going down the toilet, we should be prepared to move our mail to g-mail or elsewhere. i am not sure where aol is going, but i really don't want to see them go completely. after all, they gave me my start in learning how to hate your internet privider..........sigh.........MEMORIES......LIKE THE CORNERS OF.......OOPS, there i go again.........sorry.

gonna try to post this. by the way, i haven't had much traffic on my new journal, "somewhere in time". not sure if people have visited and just not commented. i am going to try to put in some new poetry to add some spice to the journal.

hope to get this in and then try another post in my other journal. see ya!



Jimmy's Journal said...

I gave up years ago with costumes. Some people look cool in costume...I don't. So I just wear all black with a black jacket and a white piece of cardboard under my collar and "Father James" appears from nowhere.


Indigo said...

I haven't dressed up in a few years. Next year I want to go all out for Halloween, decorating the house too! (Hugs)Indigo