Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, here I am at the library, again. I wish I could get wifi all the time at home....sigh.

Thanks, Possum, for commenting on my journal. I am eagerly awaiting seeing a new entry from you soon. My kitty sits in front of the screen at home hoping it will come on and go to your journal. She isn't the brightest kitty, just really cute, lol.

I think I successfully transferred my complete aol journal over to Blogger. At least it appears to be complete. Most of the pictures survived and the entries seem to be intact, except for the ones that had a wide picture or wide copy of a document........they only came out in half. But I think I can rectify that when I change my format on my journal. So........if anyone wants to mosey over to the OLD journal, which is now on Blogger, it is as follows:

I will not be posting there any more due to starting a new journal on Blogger. But if you want to read some of my older entries, it is available to you.

I hope everyone is being able to transition easily. I tried to make my private journals public just to transfer them, but there was a problem with the transfer, so I made them private again. I guess I will just have to copy and paste them at a later date. I would hate to lose them.

I have bills to go and pay so will sign off. I don't have any pictures to post since I am at the library and not on my own computer. I will hopefully get wifi soon and will be able to do what I want to do on my journal.


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Possum S. Hemmingway said...

Hiya Coatie - Stopped by to say hello to you and your mom.