Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In an earlier entry I mentioned the fiasco that happened between myself and my “Christian” co-worker. Even though we have worked together since that day, she has said little to me. We have been cordial, but nothing like it used to be when I first started working there.

Yesterday (Monday), when all of us were leaving after work, another co-worker asked me not to drive off yet, the “Christian” co-worker had something for me, a card. I waited and she came out and handed me a small greeting card, in a small envelope, addressed to me. She had put a return address label on the back as if she were going to mail it. I waited till I got home to read it. It was an apology for hurting my feelings that day. She said it was totally uncalled for and she was sorry. It was signed, Love, *****. It meant a lot to me for her to do that. I wasn’t sure what the whole thing was about in the first place. I wrote her a note in response, saying I accepted her apology and that if we had any problems in the future with each other that we should stick to the agreement we made awhile back to sit down and discuss the problem, together, in private, and try to work it out. I gave her the note today. She hasn't made any comment about it, but before I gave it to her, she hugged me and told me again that she was sorry and that it would never happen again. I guess if you just let truth and goodness prevail, it will all work out.

I was sleeping in this am because I wasn't scheduled to come into work till noon. Around 9:15 am, my cell phone rang. It was my boss and I answered it. He wanted me to come in early, or, as soon as I could get there. So much for sleeping in. I ate breakfast, then went to work. I was only 30 minutes later than I usually am when I am scheduled at 10 am. Sigh.

My day went fairly well. Several of my favorite customers came in and we had good conversation. I was even treated with respect by the other co-workers. It felt really good. When I went to lunch, one of the community service girls was having her lunch as well. She is a sweet 18 year old who was caught fighting in high school with another girl and ended up having to do community service. She and I chatted while we ate and then she suddenly looked down at her phone, put her head in her hands and started crying. She said she had gotten some bad news. I asked what happened, did someone pass away, or something like that and she wouldn't tell me, just cried harder. I got up and hugged her and told her that if she wanted to talk to me, I would be glad to listen. She cried for some time, then said she wished she could talk to her mother, but they didn't have a good relationship. After a few minutes she stopped crying and asked could she really talk to me about what it was. I told her she could and I would keep it private and try to help her work whatever it was out.

She then told me that she had gone to her doctor and had gotten a letter from them telling her she had Chlamydia (sp) but it was treatable. She was upset with her boyfriend for giving it to her, since she had not been with anyone else. But then the nurse had called from the doctor's office to tell her that the tests also showed she had genital Herpes. She started crying hard again, like her life was over. I told her that the world wasn't going to end. The condition was not curable, but it was treatable and she could live a fairly normal life. I tried really hard to reassure her that her life was not over. I did tell her that she needed to have a real heart to heart with the boyfriend, and then either put him on "probation" to regain trust in him, or dump him. I would have loved to get my hands on him, and I don't even know him. Cheating jerk!!

She seemed to feel better after our talk, but I gave her my cell number and told her if she ever needed to talk, please call me.

I felt so badly for her. But God put me there to counsel her and to hug her and assure her that her life was still worth living. I just hope she makes better decisions in the future.

When I got home on Monday from work, there was a letter on my stair post. It was too early for the electric bill from the landlord, so I had no clue what he would be writing me about. Our rent is paid up, as well as the power bill, so WTH? When I opened it, he was telling us that the gas company was going to come on Friday between 12 noon and 4 pm to turn on the gas and light the furnaces. I didn't have the gas turned on last year and did just fine, but he is insisting it be turned on this year, AND has gotten a 15% lower rate by going with a 6 month contract. SIX MONTHS??!! I don't even use it during the winter, so why would I want to use it during the spring?? Sheesh. So I have to pay an extremely high gas bill even though I won't be using it that much. Electric space heaters while I am at home work fine for me. I was scheduled to work on Friday, but now I have to be home. I am not letting my landlord into my place without me there. So much for me getting extra hours this week. Now I will have to be off Thursday AND Friday.

I have only had wifi tonight for about 2 hours, so am trying to catch up on blogs. It appears that almost all of the blogs I have listed on my sidebar have updated today some time, so I have a lot of reading and commenting to do. But I wanted to get this entry in while I still had a wifi signal.

The sweet older lady who sometimes volunteers at the Salvation Army, who recently lost her husband and was in a rehab center for a skin disease, came by today, walking with her walker and looking really good. I feel bad I haven't been by to see her lately. Her granddaughter-in-law brought her over. I guess I will have to go and visit her this coming Sunday. I made her a lap afghan for Christmas, but I guess I can take it over to her now, since it is beginning to get cooler outside.

Since it has gotten cooler, well, colder, outside, my cat has been sleeping on the heating pad. Spoiled brat, lol. Last night she couldn't decide whether to sleep on it, or push me off the bed by laying right on top of me.

I guess I better try to save this and post it before I can't. I have more to post, but will do so in another entry.


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Lisa said...

I'm happy you got the apology, hopefully the situation will be better now for you.

How awful for the poor girl with the herpes. You were so kind to her with your words, I'm sure she felt better.