Wednesday, October 15, 2008


not sure how i am going to handle the situation because i cannot keep quiet when i am angry or hurt. but i think i am just going to try the silent please, keep me in your thoughts as i try this endeavor.

of course, i am talking about work. with every single workday comes another chapter in the drama. and i am sick of it. sick to the bone. i work my butt off and get chastised, shunned, and talked about behind my back like i am some kind of common criminal, and all i do is come in on time, do my job to the best of my ability, ask for my breaks as allowed by law, and go home when it is time. i just don't get it. today i was having lunch and suddenly i was verbally attacked by the "resident Christian" co-worker for only God knows what. of course, after she attacked, i couldn't keep my mouth shut and had to make a comment. i said "well the diva's are at it again". then the real battle began and she hurt my feelings and angered me by saying the only reason she and the others were going out to eat under the tree at the picnic table was because i was in the breakroom and she didn't want to eat in the same room with me. WTH??!! where did that come from??? yesterday she was all smiles and jokes and happiness, and today she came in with a frown............or at least that is what the boss implied. he actually started the whole thing by asking her if she was ok, that she had looked unhappy all day. that is when she made the nasty comment that started me off. anywho.........her loss. i am a good person with a lot to offer in the way of friendship, and she is missing out on that. oh well, i am going to just ignore everyone at work except the community service workers who all flock to me because i don't treat them like dirt or dogs.

i like my job, mostly, and the benefits are fantastic, so i guess i will just shut up and let them all hang themselves, one by one.

i worked with a community service worker today that was really nice. she is in her 30's and has children, and is very smart. we got along fine, and she was also witness to the event between me and the other co-worker. so at least there were witnesses on all sides.

i work tomorrow, my third day in a row, and then i am off thursday and friday. i can't wait. i hope to have wifi access or i will have to go to the library to try to copy over my other 4 private journals to blogger. i hope to catch up on some reading of other journals tonight, but it all depends on how long i have the wifi signal.

oh, saturday i brought home a new computer monitor. my old one works fine, but it is a small screen. this is a much larger NEC monitor and i almost have to sit across the room to see it. it makes a great nightlight.........actually, a great reading light, lol. the monitor was supposed to be $9.99 plus tax, but i asked if i could bring it home to try it out first, and when i tried to pay for it yesterday, the very same co-worker who jumped me today told me i didn't have to pay for it. so i didn't, lol.

the shoulder i hurt back when i helped the downstairs housemate change her tire is really hurting tonight. i don't know what i did to it, unless it is because i slept wrong on it last night. i had lots of nightmares last night and barely remember any of them. something about ghosts in one of them. guess i am trying to get ready for halloween, lol. michael's birthday is coming up as well. one of my friends from when my daughter was a little girl is having a halloween party, but not sure if i want to go. everyone will be drinking heavily and i don't want to be the only sober one there. i REFUSE to be everyone's designated driver, lol.

i guess i better try to save this entry and publish it to the journal before i lose my wifi. hope it goes through................


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Lisa said...

I think it would be best if you just steer clear of that woman and ignore her. I would be polite if she spoke to me but not go out of my way to make conversation with her. Stay true to you and don't let other people get to you, they aren't worth the stress.