Sunday, October 19, 2008


i have decided to have a journal dedicated to just poetry and short stories. i don't know how successful it will be, but i needed somewhere public to post these "visions of my soul" for others to read, consider, and comment. they have been sitting in a private, offline journal for over 2 years and i figured it was time for them to "come out of the journal closet".

be forewarned that a lot of these poems are from dark moments in my life. hopefully i will find some that reflect happier times. i am now happy in my life and feel that these poems of my emotions and feelings of yesteryear cannot hurt me. they do, of course, bring a tear or two, reflecting on sadder times in my life.

please take your time, read, reread, and take what you want or need from each.


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Your chosen title of this blog (being on the same page) intrigued me, I love to write and would be happy to follow. Looking forward to your words and hard work as well as your new reads. Hope your week ahead is good to you,

Nelishia said...

I am dropping by to let you know I found you and am making an effort to keep up even though blogger doesn't make it very easy. You haven't lost me in the transistion. I will follow you.

I like your new title. Mine is FIRE AND REIGN. Praying and Believing has been permently archived to private.