Saturday, October 4, 2008


A friend from work sent me an email with the picture above included. There were 5 other "musical cats", but when I opened this one, I just couldn't stop laughing. I hope that the animation shows up on my journal. If not, you will not get the enjoyment out of it that I did.

Now, on to something with a bittersweet ending.

Last night I found out that our local food pantry was robbed 3 weeks ago. This food pantry services the entire Henry County area and about a year ago they moved to a huge warehouse facility that was donated to them. They have received enough donations from wealthy benefactors to purchase a large freezer and a huge truck to both haul and store foods until time for distribution. Some hooligans broke into the fenced in yard in back of the warehouse and tried to break into the building, but couldn't, so they managed to break into the truck, hot wire it, and proceed to steal it and all the food within. The theft was reported on the local news stations, the Atlanta area stations, local papers and the Atlanta Journal/Constitution. Not only did hundreds of people offer donations in way of money, but food as well. The amount that was in the truck was multiplied threefold so there was plenty for the next week's recipients. Then, the insurance company paid out enough on the stolen truck to purchase a bigger, brand new truck.....with refrigeration. AIN'T GOD GREAT???!!!

I mentioned last entry that my crown came off my tooth. I was so afraid it would be hurting by now, but so far I am in no pain. I called my free clinic today and asked for an appointment to get it fixed. Of course, since it is all on a volunteer basis, I had trouble convincing the lady on the other end of the line that I AM a dental patient already, even though she kept telling me they were not accepting new dental patients. I left a name and number and hope someone will contact me soon. I am planning on going to the drugstore tomorrow to see if there is any over the counter fixatives I can purchase and use until I can get it put back on properly.

I was perusing the blogs list over at Scream Quietly and came across a new Blogger blog titled Possum's Journal. It is a blog written from a cat's perspective. I think cat lovers or animal lovers of any kind would enjoy reading this journal.

I had to work today and since the weather has been so beautiful, people came out in droves to shop. We made over $1200 again today. For a thrift store, that is really good. After the rest of the staff went home and the newest employee and I were left by ourselves, I made another $300+ that will go toward tomorrow. The goings-on in the financial community as well as the gas crisis have caused people to be very careful about spending their money. But today it appeared they didn't care. The parking lot was full all day.

I had a run-in with a couple of my co-workers today before lunch, but when I came back from lunch they all acted like nothing had happened. One even invited me to come in tomorrow on my off day and have some birthday cake. I might..........

I better sign off here while I still have wifi and hope this will save. If the picture above doesn't have animation, enjoy the still pic until I can figure out how to make it work.



Possum S. Hemmingway said...

Your a very kind lady to mention my journal. I've tried to explain that I am a very special kitty to my dad, Jimmy, but he's a bit obtuse. Don't worry if he sees this, he doesn't know what obtuse means.

The last ime I called him obtuse, he went on a diet.

Possum S. Hemmingway

Indigo said...

Possum's a hoot! I sometimes wonder how ugly someone has to be to steal from those in needs, heartless. I hope they get back to you, so your able to get your crown taken care of. Have a grand weekend dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

wordmstrys said...

I might have a solution for your problem, when you saved the pic, did you save it as .jpg or .gif?; most of your moving images are .gif's, (for example)hiphopcat.gif then save. Of course this is not 100% workable with all images, some work on e-mail but not on the journals. Good luck.