Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i have been fighting a bout of depression the last week. i think some of it has to do with being sick. i mentioned i had the flu about a month and a half ago. well, i had forgotten that before the flu, i had walking pneumonia. the flu hurts so badly, and the fever i had of 102.9 for a couple of days, i became delirious.......and forgot all about the pneumonia. it wasn't until one of my co-workers said yesterday that my breathing didn't sound right. i remembered hearing my own labored breathing the day i took the snow videos. you could hear it on the video.

it was then i realized, i still have pneumonia. i have been taking mucinex expectorant, and i think i am beginning to mend now. thank goodness.

i recently got an email from a dear online friend telling me she was giving up her blog and possibly her computer. due to our friendship, and wanting to keep her anonymity, i won't mention specifics. actually, i don't really know specifics. but i do know someone hurt her badly, as well as angered her. so i would like to just say something here. i am usually tough skinned, and often dish out hard truths. but usually only when asked. if you have to comment on someone's blog and feel the need to "set someone straight", first, make sure it is something you wouldn't mind hearing directed at you, and if it isn't necessary, don't say it (or type it). writing on the internet is difficult, for one cannot see facial expressions, body language or hear voice inflections. you might be totally missunderstanding the other person. so be kind to one another. most people can take constructive criticism, but if you offer it up, make sure you do it with a spoonful of sugar. makes it go down so much smoother.

work has been pretty much the same.......the divas running the show. i did something i didn't want to do today, but felt it necessary. i don't like tattling, but when it might eventually affect me or my boss, or even the company, i feel something should be said.

there is a volunteer who has a very dominant personality. i can't say i don't like her, i just don't like the way she takes over. she acts more like the boss than our boss does. i found out today she is a wrestler, lol, so i was admonished to watch my step (by another employee), lol. she seems to think that i think she is stupid, or not bright enough to know how to help out around the store. that isn't it at all. i just don't like her "changing prices" or "making deals" or even "making promises". even i cannot do most of that, and i get paid to work there. anyway, today i had to go and get me something to drink. i knew i wasn't going to get an afternoon break, so i told RC and RE, who were standing next to the counter, that i was going to leave them in charge and i was going to get some more ice water. while i was in the kitchen, the phone kept ringing and ringing. no one picked it up. when i got back to the register, the volunteer was standing up at the register, talking on the phone. yesterday one of the CS boys was getting some twine and scissors from behind the counter, with me standing right there, and he and i both were jumped about him being there. and this volunteer was on the phone, asking RC questions. i realized she had ANSWERED THE PHONE, which is a very very big mistake around there. if you are not a paid employee, or don't have permission from DD to answer the phone, YOU DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE. i mentioned it later to RC and she didn't seem too upset over it. she even commented that RE sometimes answered the phone. and he does, and he is just a volunteer.

well later i mentioned the incident to DD. he was NOT happy at all. but since i asked him not to mention it to RC or the volunteer, he said there wasn't much else he could do about it, but that if the big bosses called and she answered, he could lose his job. he did say that RE sometimes answers the phone, but has his permission. sigh......so i didn't mention the fact that AD had given the same volunteer permission to sit in DD's chair at his desk and use his computer. but i still think he needs to mention something to her, or she will keep overstepping her boundaries.

i know i don't have but a few stragglers left here in blogland, but for those of you who are praying people, i would like to ask for your prayers for a couple of volunteers at work. it is a husband and wife, and they have volunteered for about 8 years there. he recently was diagnosed with colon cancer, which they went in and removed all of, but while testing him, they found that 18 of his 20 lymph nodes were also infected with cancer. they are going to try chemotherapy. we have been taking up money at work because they have become so far behind on their bills while being in the hospital and home recuperating. their water bill alone is over $200. he usually plays santa claus every Christmas at different functions, and for a local photographer.

so please, if you would, keep them in mind. his wife cannot do much without him. she has no skills other than grandmotherly love, and she doesn't drive.

i am going to close this novelette.



It's Just Katie! said...

My prayers will go up along with some positive thoughts as well. I am so sorry to hear that your still not feeling up to par and that that dark cloud seems to be following overhead once again. I agree if you can't say/type something nice ~ Keep it to yourself. I don't think it's productive to be mean and nasty just to make a point. Take care of you,

Sybil said...

I think you were right mentioning the volunteer to the DD if he dosn't take any action that will be his problem... I am sorry that you are still unwell, Hope that the infections goes soon, it has hung on to long...I shall certainly keep your friend at work and her husband in my prayers..arrow one has gone up at once.
Lot sof Love Sybil xx

Nelishia said...

I will certainly keep them lifted up in prayer.
You know you and I talked about that upset journaler and I heard her say that where ever she goes, she's taking you with her.
I hope you don't still have pneumonia. My goodness. Whatever this crud is that hit us all this year has been hard. I am still recovering myself. I hear my own lungs squeak every night. I probably had it too but just didn't know it.

Love you and don't worry,

ADB said...

You touch on a very valid point, Regina: on here, you always miss the non-verbal communication, and therefore cannot properly gauge someone's reaction.

Paula said...

Some good advice at the beginning of your entry. Hope you feel better soon. I know allergies have been hard on me this year.